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  1. FlagmanL11

    Would you start Sam Darnold from Game 1?

    If he is totally ready yes, if not he can sit for a while and watch from the sidelines. We don't need another Sanchez situation. Plus if Bridgewater wins the job then we have a marketable 25 year old QB that can possibly fetch some draft picks before the trade deadline. O line needs to show they can protect as I am sure Darnold will be holding the ball for a split second longer as he gets used to the speed of the game.
  2. Bowles sucks and so does Hackenberg. Guess there is two sides to every story...
  3. FlagmanL11

    Grade the Jets Draft

    Overall a C. Too many small school picks. See how many do not make the team.
  4. FlagmanL11

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Type of pick that makes or brakes a GM. Div II pick in the 3rd round?
  5. FlagmanL11

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

    More like is emotionless Bowles the right coach. We all forget what a clueless moron he is in game and now he is charge of Darrnod's growth.
  6. FlagmanL11

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    From wikipedia His grandfather, Dick Hammer, is a former Marlboro Man actor and USC athlete
  7. Yes, he is a decent listen on the weekend mornings.
  8. FlagmanL11

    Schedule release tmrw

    Totally agree. It’s nice to have time in the morning to get ready for the tailgate and night games always bring out a unique bunch to the tailgate.
  9. FlagmanL11

    ~ ~ ~ 2018 schedule ~ ~ ~

    Yes it does. And screw up family plans or works out just fine. Hope no Thanksgiving or other holiday home games.
  10. Just think of is as two 2nd rd picks and Sheldon Richardson for Kearse and his future QB.
  11. Chris Johnson believes in them.
  12. Losers attract losers. Funny how we signed McCown to lead this team into the future. At 39 he has a lot left in the tank.... think not.
  13. Just what the Jets need, another injury prone loser that they will over pay for.
  14. Another career loser on the market.