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  1. But I just received a Joe Klecko autographed football yesterday as a thank you for being a STH. Also got two Anthony Becht signed footballs and four Eric Coleman signed footballs. That knocks the $800 overpay down to $700.
  2. Not worried about saving a few hundred dollars a year when they are bad. Like most on this forum, I am looking forward to better days. Otherwise why waste time here....
  3. yes guarantee is a better word. and BTW the price of vacations is ridiculous these days, but got to do them.
  4. Most sections in the Mezz no longer have PSL's so that excuse is gone and I think what many forget is that I started this to try to get more Jet fans to actually attend the game to get more green in the stadium, but it appears that many want the green in their wallets....
  5. Yes, very simple math and convenience. Mezz Yankee tickets are more expensive that Jets Mezz tix. Good thing if you could afford the upfront hit and def was a good way to improve your view.
  6. Seat location investment, upper deck in GS to 2nd row MEZZ. Good move and the funds came from some dude I never met before from Egypt. Go to a lot of games yourself?
  7. PSL’s were a investment in prime seat location. I am sure there are many out there that have so much Jet junk at their house or man cave as many like to call it, that what they spent equals my PSL’s. I don’t collect junk. My avg cost of the PSL spread out over all the games I have attended at Met Life is around $50 at this point, plus I get access to get tickets to all events before the public. I have seen some great concerts in prime locations.
  8. A decent vacation costs what I paid for my PSL’s. As a fan who enjoys going to the games not matter what, the PSL’s were the best thing to happen as I got much better seats in the new Air Conditioner looking stadium vs Giants Stadium.
  9. Who cares, lower in the draft keep them form picking the best def player available.
  10. In Queens for 24 Years and 35 in New Jersey. I would say they are more Jersey than Queens at this point.
  11. Come one, come all, for grand finale of the 2019 season home slate, a location where the Jets have won three in a row. Early forecast is high in the 40's and partly cloudy.
  12. Totally. Hence the call to get Jet fans there.
  13. Tickets were cheap, missed your chance! only thing cheaper would be free.
  14. One of the guys at my tailgate yesterday got three tickets for $30. Not quite $500+

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