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  1. Another career loser on the market.
  2. McCoy to AZ Cards as OC

    Jets can’t hire a proven OC. That would mess up the 2nd and 9 run up the middle play.
  3. Josh McCown on NFLN now

    Great post
  4. No, got a back up already with McCown.
  5. F*ck the NFL!

    Yes interesting idea throwing it down field and see what happens... Seems to get better results than a run up the middle on 2nd and 9.
  6. 397-479-8

    Interesting take on the lack of division titles. Just shows how bad they are.
  7. 397-479-8

    And for a 16 game season it’s a whopping 6.9 wins per season Seasons: 58 (1960 to 2017) Record (W-L-T): 397-479-8
  8. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    Don't drop the soap Robbie. Waiting for Chris Johnson to comment...
  9. Allen is the Johnny Bravo in this draft. looks good in the suit but can't sing.
  10. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    Loser, too bad he has skills but not brain. that will cost him millions....
  11. 397-479-8

    Since the new stadium has opened I have spent $96,000, including PSL fees that are now worthless without a home playoff game. So yes the acceptance of losing, being happy to the public with a 5-11 record and really what is the foundation going forward? Old man at QB Running back old Top WR is soon to be suspended No corners Def line has age Best LB just turned 29
  12. 397-479-8

    Todd Bowles is our Chuck Noll.... Think not...
  13. 397-479-8

    Looking at it from day 1. Can’t exclude bad years.
  14. 397-479-8

    Just calling balls and strikes. Kind of stands out to me... hence the loser mentality with ownership. Arizona - 550-740-40 Seattle - 334-325-1
  15. 397-479-8

    Wow did not realize they were this bad over their history. Kind of sad how much losing has taken place. Seasons: 58 (1960 to 2017) Record (W-L-T): 397-479-8 Playoff Record: 12-13 Super Bowls Won: 1 (1 Appearance) Comparison to some other losers Detriot - 553-648-32 Jaksonville - 165-203-0 Buffalo - 409-467-8 Tampa Bay - 255-404-1. Found one worse than the Jets