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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Or winners....
  2. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Well written. Been tough the last few years with the journeymen at QB.
  3. Give him away for a bag of balls
  4. Stephen Hill, Vlad Ducasse, Kellen Clemons
  5. A TON OF CRITICISM! Watson was winner in college, had the stats to match and we are a QB starved team. If the selection was not made due to seeing what they have in Hackenberg, he should be fired immediately. Also, with Bowles playing the vets, the young guys are not getting experience, so where is the evaluation there? Total disconnect from top to bottom.
  6. Fire Bowles Now!

    Neither is marble mouth Bowles
  7. The Oilers game that set a record for no shows.
  8. Bowles has no emotion and sucks with time management. Can’t stand listening to him speak. Where is the fire? Anyone notice that he never seems to be talking to anyone on the sielines?
  9. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    When a career loser is leading your team, you lose. McCown once again found a way to lose.
  10. The wasted time outs started in the preseason. Amazing how they burn through their timeouts, only to run a play that goes nowhere.
  11. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    Because Gronk is a cover boy people watch and he is allowed to hold and then push off to make a catch for the highlight shows
  12. Game Observations (NE)

    That call against ASJ is the worst call I have ever seen. To reverse the TD is beyond anything you can make up. My phone lit up after that with everyone watching on TV saying WTF just happened.
  13. POLL: Number of Wins Remaining in 2017

    On the Hopeful side - 7 WINS Pats - W Fish - W Falcons - L Bills - W Bucs - W Car - L KC - L Den - L NO - W LAC - W NE - W Realistic - 3 WINS Pats - L Fish - W Falcons - L Bills - W Bucs - L Car - L KC - L Den - L NO - L LAC - W NE - L
  14. Yeah, let’s take a Penn State QB. Sackenburg can show him the best set on the bench.
  15. Add players acting like peeing dogs to the list