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  1. Schedule release tmrw

    Totally agree. It’s nice to have time in the morning to get ready for the tailgate and night games always bring out a unique bunch to the tailgate.
  2. ~ ~ ~ 2018 schedule ~ ~ ~

    Yes it does. And screw up family plans or works out just fine. Hope no Thanksgiving or other holiday home games.
  3. Just think of is as two 2nd rd picks and Sheldon Richardson for Kearse and his future QB.
  4. Chris Johnson believes in them.
  5. Losers attract losers. Funny how we signed McCown to lead this team into the future. At 39 he has a lot left in the tank.... think not.
  6. Just what the Jets need, another injury prone loser that they will over pay for.
  7. Another career loser on the market.
  8. McCoy to AZ Cards as OC

    Jets can’t hire a proven OC. That would mess up the 2nd and 9 run up the middle play.
  9. Josh McCown on NFLN now

    Great post
  10. No, got a back up already with McCown.
  11. F*ck the NFL!

    Yes interesting idea throwing it down field and see what happens... Seems to get better results than a run up the middle on 2nd and 9.
  12. 397-479-8

    Interesting take on the lack of division titles. Just shows how bad they are.
  13. 397-479-8

    And for a 16 game season it’s a whopping 6.9 wins per season Seasons: 58 (1960 to 2017) Record (W-L-T): 397-479-8
  14. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    Don't drop the soap Robbie. Waiting for Chris Johnson to comment...
  15. Allen is the Johnny Bravo in this draft. looks good in the suit but can't sing.