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  1. FlagmanL11

    The one week we should’ve lost

    The draft screw ups alone are grounds for firing. Taking Hack should have resulted in an immediate firing at the end of the 2016 season. The below form ESPN can be applied to most of Macs picks and it is scary what was written at the time of the pick. Round 2, Pick No. 51: Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State| Highlights My take: The Jets have three backup quarterbacks and no starter: Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Hackenberg, with Ryan Fitzpatrick still floating in free-agent limbo. This was an unnecessary pick by the Jets, who could've filled another need at 51. Hackenberg will probably ride the bench as a rookie, so this means no production from their second-round selection. It's a curious choice because Hackenberg is hardly a sure thing. Truth be told, he's one of the most polarizing prospects in the draft. Clearly, general manager Mike Maccagnan fell in love with Hackenberg, who looks the part (6-foot-4, 223 pounds) and possesses a big arm. Problem is, he's not accurate and he didn't play well enough in college to justify a high selection. Just add him to the Jets' list of quarterback projects. Lots of homework: The Jets studied three years of tape, went to Penn State for a private workout and brought Hackenberg to One Jets Drive for a pre-draft visit. Conclusion: "There's a lot of upside and potential," Maccagnan said. "We vetted him thoroughly." In fact, Maccagnan, Gailey, Todd Bowles, quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo and a couple of scouts attended the private workout. Aside from Hackenberg's physical talent, they were impressed by his smarts, work ethic and leadership. One opposing scout said Hackenberg "didn't see eye to eye" with Penn State coach James Franklin, which may have contributed to a tense environment. The Jets hope they can rehabilitate the quarterback, making it 2013 all over again.
  2. Prob cost $.50 or less per sticker depending on be size but I agree that the stickers would really piss off the workers.
  3. FlagmanL11

    Lee Suspended

    Yet another reason to....
  4. Of course, unfortunately I am across the lot from where you guys are.
  5. I did it in yellow so it stands out.
  6. qualitysigndesigner.com
  7. I ordered a new flag for the next tailgate
  8. FlagmanL11

    Franchise is a joke

    Jokes on us stooges for watching and thinking they have a chance to win.
  9. FlagmanL11

    FIRE TODD BOWLES - With Towels!

    Only if it is used to decorate their practice facility trees.
  10. FlagmanL11

    FIRE TODD BOWLES - With Towels!

  11. FlagmanL11

    FIRE TODD BOWLES - With Towels!

    Ok Fire Mac and Bowles towels
  12. FlagmanL11

    FIRE TODD BOWLES - With Towels!

    That’s beyond my scope. I might get a flag made up.

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