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  1. Yes, and I plan to tailgate. With everyone staying home, it should be fine in the stadium.
  2. these draft guessers are always wrong. The big question is who is the best player available that will slip to 11? That is who the Jets will pick regardless of need....
  3. Don't leave out Aaron Rodgers, who would have been available if the Jets did not trade their 1st rd pick for Doug Jolley. Sad to think of the losers they took at times when they need a QB. JD better not continue the pathetic draft record the Jets have had.....
  4. Good Idea, just make sure you get a parking pass with that.
  5. Classic, unfortunately it will not do a damn thing, but appreciate the effort to send the message that the losing culture sucks.
  6. Just looking for something to draw readers in. It's easy to speculate on moves, but at the end of day you need to see what the overall market looks like before saying who stays and who goes. Joe D gets to step up to the plate this off season and we will see if he is able to fill the holes. So far he has done a good job at acquiring some depth guys. Adams, Bell and Anderson all stay IMO unless Anderson get a ridiculous deal elsewhere.
  7. PSL'S cost less than a decent vacation, and they were bought over 10 years ago. I am amazed people are still fussing about that. The real problem is once the Jets actually get good, (and yes it will happen) then people will be scrambling to get tickets. A good Jets team stops the reselling and when you think that the Jets won their last 5 home games, perhaps things are looking up. May be a good time to invest in season tickets while they are available before the door shuts.
  8. Fact is the people for the most part are front runners and don’t want to waste their time going to see a team that is out of the running for a playoff spot. yesterday was a great day and a fun one to be a loyal Jets fan.
  9. Nothing you can do about that, NFL travel is a industry and with easy access to tickets,and NY being a destination, we will always have 10-20% opposing fans in the stadium, and the teams on this years schedule there were more as they are "National" teams. Next year we have the below home schedule so much the same with higher % of visitors and prob will also be hosting Cleveland again. Should be another good year to sell your tickets if that is what you do. Home Buffalo Bills - TRAVEL WELL Miami Dolphins - TRAVEL WELL New England Patriots - TRAVEL WELL Denver Broncos - TRAVEL WELL Oakland Raiders - TRAVEL WELL Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers - TRAVEL WELL AFC North* - ????????
  10. Not a big deal, just frustrated fans sending a message that the continued losing sucks and that we, as fans are sick and tired of the inept management that runs this team. At least they have the balls to do it... And yes, I contributed to the funds. Nevertheless, will be another fun tailgate and weather looks good for attending Sunday.
  11. But I just received a Joe Klecko autographed football yesterday as a thank you for being a STH. Also got two Anthony Becht signed footballs and four Eric Coleman signed footballs. That knocks the $800 overpay down to $700.
  12. Not worried about saving a few hundred dollars a year when they are bad. Like most on this forum, I am looking forward to better days. Otherwise why waste time here....

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