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  1. Root for wins. Best players come from the 4th pick on. Draft position does not matter. Just need to pick the right players who can stay on the field (as Becton is a miss).
  2. Will be flying my “sell the team” flag next week. 41 point loss makes it so.
  3. Crap. I did not hear that in the mezz. Great chant.
  4. Good fit for the def they are running. He was sideline to sideline yesterday and you can see form the stands he is the vocal leader. Good to see…
  5. Good crowd for those that were there. In the 2nd half the noise level def picked up. It’s the COVID hangover that is hitting a lot of teams. Best way to get more people at the game is too get off your couch and go. Tix are affordable and the tailgating is great.
  6. Because the Jets are poorly managed at the top and that filters down.
  7. Building the O line was his motto. Well it sucks…. Drafting builds the team. Noting nchanged there and in the big WR from the WR rich 2020 draft does not even dress. Too many wasted draft picks. Morgan in the 4th, a complete waste. Time to really put this guy under the microscope. Can’t draft is death in the NFL. May be time for a fan protest ….
  8. Just being a smart ass. Been through the ringer with this team since the 80’s. Tailgating is what keeps me going.
  9. It hit extra hard after going to that disaster on Sunday.
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