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  1. Good way to verify the actual people who attended that game.
  2. Yes, although the wine opener is a great deal for 20k points... LOL
  3. Leaks were right the helmet sucks.
  4. Painfull. CJ must have failed public speaking 101
  5. LOL. Guess X5 is not good enough....
  6. Makes sense. When you talk to your insiders get them to allow PSL holders to combine rewards points for all seats the have.
  7. Are they letting anyone go to this event tonight or was it only for PSL holders? I saw some emails on it but deleted them. With the excitement in this thread I prob should have gone. Anyone going that can give live reports?
  8. Are those men's shoes? Looks like something a Dolphin fan would wear.
  9. Got to wonder who will be the first to post the actual uniform tonight. My $$$ is on "JoeWilly12"
  10. We are all Jets fans, no one will ever be happy until Super Bowl #2 is won. Personally I like the black jersey as it is a change, but nothing beats the white on white with the current uniform. If anything we should start a tradition of wearing the White on White for home game where the temp is over 40 degrees.
  11. They have had a variation of the helmet logo for years, along with a flag that had black in it.
  12. agree on the logo on the helmet. Looks like a 3rd grader made it.
  13. Super Bowl, with this signing Christopher Johnson will be dancing the the Lombardi....
  14. FlagmanL11

    Draft Party

    Is this worth going to? As a STH, I get tix every year for this but have never bothered to go. Going to be a quick night for the Jets if they keep the 3rd pick.
  15. That's where they came from before that site went the way of the dinosaurs.

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