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  1. Just being a smart ass. Been through the ringer with this team since the 80’s. Tailgating is what keeps me going.
  2. It hit extra hard after going to that disaster on Sunday.
  3. Third worst since 2011, worst since 2016. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/trends/win_trends/?range=yearly_since_2011
  4. It’s does start at the top and the selection of those responsible for player drafting and of course coaching. JD is whiffing on way too many draft picks.
  5. Being a Jet fan right now sucks…. As I watch the Red Zone channel and see all the playmakers out there and we have none. Pathetic how many draft misses this team makes.
  6. Today was different. Just so good to be back.
  7. The helmet is childish. Amazing someone actually got paid to design that.
  8. Once again the tailgate was the highlight of the day. Lots were buzzing. Too bad our franchise QB is XFL caliber if that….
  9. Agree. Wilson looked unprepared. Locked in on receivers and play calling was predictable. Total joke of a performance.
  10. Yes, team is a mess once again and the lack of replays in game sucked. Too many BS penalties. Boos were not loud enough. Too many left early.
  11. Yes. Planning to do a regular tailgate. As with others, some of the regulars will not be there, but still expect a decent crowd. Waiting on my “SELL THE TEAM” flag to arrive.
  12. Going to practice tailgating. Light one but better than nothing.
  13. Yes, can’t go into training camp without the rookie QB. That would be so stupid.
  14. Just donated and hoping for a speedy recovery.
  15. Congrats. Great site that continues with great comments and insights.
  16. Finally time to wipe the dust off the tailgate gear and get back in the lot!! Can't wait!!
  17. If this is true at all, then JD is a total jerk and this team will go no where with him at the helm.
  18. Real Deal, not a clown like Gase. looking forward to see if it translates to the field.
  19. Hoping for the best and the only reason I would get the vaccine is to get the "card" showing I was so I can do the stuff I want. I would go even if I did not go into the game if Tix are scarce, but I am sure they will be at 50% capacity and not because of the virus.
  20. Lot L11 on a island. Who knows what the new rules will be.
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