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  1. 2 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

    So does this mean they have given up trying to win. 

    @SAR I

    Image result for sonar gifs


    So other MEZZ seats will still be PSL's?   What about lowering parking fees. 

    The Jets also will offer more seats that don't require PSLs. When the stadium opened, only upper level seats didn't require PSLs. This year, Glat said, in some mezzanine sections "fans will have the ability to buy at the new price without a PSL. They can get in as a season ticket holder, but they would not have the benefits of a season ticket holder with a PSL."

    Benefits for a PSL holder?  Please let me know what they are other than rewards points to get fidget spinners.... 

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  2. 12 hours ago, SAR I said:

    1.  Quality drafting during their 'suck' period.

    2.  Tom Coughlin instilling an old-school culture and work ethic that is tops in the league.

    3.  Non-rookie head coach who cut his teeth, made his mistakes, and learned his lessons elsewhere.

    The Jets perhaps have #1.  No #2's available, it's the rarest of the rare.  #3 we can do something about and need to.

    SAR I

    #1 has set the Jets back. Hackenberg is a waste. So let’s wait for the next QB. Plus there is no depth. 

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  3. 42 minutes ago, southtown24th said:


    All these are showing up in the 2nd half. 

  4. 34 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Statement from Chris Johnson:


    “We are very happy to have extended both Mike and Todd. During their time here, they have worked together to help the organization build a foundation on which to grow,” Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said. “They are identifying, developing, and getting productivity out of our players. I believe we are headed in the right direction. This provides us continuity and stability as we continue to move this team towards sustained success. We still have a lot of work to do and I am excited to work closely with both of them as we move forward.”


    Get a clue silver Spoon Johnson.... Drafted a worthless QB with a wasted 2nd round pick.  Will end up drafting a Def player in the first round this year.  Still can't score on a consistent basis and is one of the worst time managers in the NFL.  Good luck selling tickets!  

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  5. 6 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:


    Aren’t you fed up with the loud vocal minority too jaded to see that the Jets are finally doing the right thing? Aren’t you annoyed by the same, old tired rants from a segment of Jets fans wallowing in misery? Aren’t you irritated by the defeatist outlook?

    It’s exhausting being subjected to this gloomy babble by a group of people too worn-down to appreciate what is happening with their team now.

    The first three seasons under Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles have been far from perfect, but these guys are headed in the right direction. Smart and sensible fans understand the importance of stability when setting a proper foundation for sustainable success. So, here’s a matter-of-fact message to the perpetually fatalistic non-believers unwilling to let go of past failures:

    Shut up.

    You’re being counterproductive with your woe-is-me world view. Nobody wants to hear any more about the agony you felt three decades ago over Richard Todd’s five-interception mess in The Mud Bowl. Nobody gives a rat’s derriere about the Rich Kotite Era or the blown double-digit lead in Denver with a Super Bowl berth at stake once upon a time. Doug Brien’s pair of missed field goals in Pittsburgh registers a perfect 10.0 on the Things-That-Don’t-Matter-Today scale.

    None of that means a damn thing for the present or future of this franchise. And while we’re at it, can we please grab a shovel, dig a hole to the center of the Earth and finally bury this stupid “Same Old Jets” nonsense that oddly provides comfort for some older fans unwilling to break free of past heartache?

    “I understand the frustration at the organization as far as not seeing change quick, but it’s going to take time,” rookie safety Jamal Adams told the Daily News. “Maybe it could come quicker than what’s expected, but all we can do is go out there, work hard, gel as a group and continue to make change. We can’t really focus on how fans are feeling about us. All we can do is put our head down and keep working.”

    The gloom-and-doom outlook seemingly cuts along generational lines. Younger fans appear to be on board with a team that includes some promising young pieces such as Marcus Maye, Leonard Williams, Jordan Jenkins, Adams and others. They know that talent upgrades at several key positions and better depth are needed, but they aren’t blinded by mistakes from different decision makers. They understand that a franchise that has gone sideways for so long won’t magically transform into a dynasty. So, they’ve appreciated the steps taken so far by the guys in charge now. 

    Playing hard and being competitive are invaluable components that the clueless contingent has actually mocked.

    “That’s the first thing you got to accomplish if you want to change the culture,” second-year outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins told the News. “To change the identity of the team, you need to let (other teams) know it’s going to be a long, physical game. This team is going to be a team that never quits. In my mind, that should be the first steps toward changing the direction of the program.”

    Bowles is changing the culture. The lazy loud-mouths and keyboard warriors on social media quick to fire everybody and start all over because — well, the Jets have stunk in the past! — deserve our pity. They certainly don’t deserve a championship.

    “It’s my seventh year in the NFL and third with the Jets,” cornerback Buster Skrine said. “This is my favorite team by far just because of the positive attitude. ... We’re having fun at practice even though we now know we’re not going to the playoffs. You don’t get that on other teams. Usually teams crumble by now. Everybody has their guard up because they don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of the year. But this team is a family.”

    There is no Easy button to move in the right direction.

    “You got to get guys with similar mindsets,” said Super Bowl champion wide receiver Jermaine Kearse about how to get the right players in your locker room. “You can’t have a group of people thinking this way and then a group of people feeling that way. Because then you’re not going to get anywhere. You got to have everybody thinking the same thing. … So, you get a core set of guys and have them set the standard. Then everyone else will follow.”

    Shockingly, this doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is required. It’s ludicrous to blast the 5-9 Jets entering Sunday’s game against the Chargers when every objective person knew this team would endure growing pains this season.

    Kearse appreciates the support from fans, but he isn’t impacted by some irrational voices.

    “Fans don’t know what they’re talking about,” Kearse told the News. “I’m mostly talking about the fans, who base their opinions off what they see on TV and the announcers. Now if there’s a person who watches the All-22 (tape) and then comes out and makes valid points, then you give credit. But for the most part, they have no idea what’s going on. ... That’s why I don’t listen to them. You have the option to give that attention or not. Some people take it to heart. Some people can block it out and keep pushing.”

    The loud dispirited minority shouldn’t ruin it for everyone else. Believe it or not, some long-time diehards have the right perspective despite past disappointments.

    “The pain fully goes away when you win a championship,” said 54-year-old season ticket holder Kenny Scarabaggio, who attends virtually every road game too. “Look at the Red Sox. Hopefully, the Jets do the same thing down the road. Get off the schneid and win three out of nine years. That would be great. But all I want is one. That’s all I want… They’re headed in the right direction. Hopefully, sooner or later, we’re in the Promised Land.”

    There’s nothing worse than being paralyzed by the past.

    Jets were 1-15 with Kotite then 9-7 with Parcells. It’s about coaching.  Bowles is not that type of coach. 

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  6. On 12/14/2017 at 1:02 AM, Maxman said:

    Anyone else think the Jets can make the playoffs next year?

    Kirk Cousins. A new center. Quincy comes back. Help at CB and this is a playoff team.


    Not a chance if Bowles is still here.  He is a lousy in game coach, as evidenced by the blown 4th Quarter leads this season and he has the emotion of a corpse. 

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  7. We have two 2nd round picks this year to start with and since we can never pick a player in the 2nd round who contributes (Maye the exception) the package starts with this years 1st, the two 2nd's this year and next years 2nd.  

    So if we wanted to trade up to the 3rd pick and have this years 10th pick the math works as follows.

    3rd overall pick Value - 2,200

    Jets Picks:

    10th pick Value - 1,300

    42th pick Value - 480

    57th pick Value (Seattle estimate) - 330

    and throw in next years 2nd at 350 estimated value for a total of 2,460

    This would be the starting point and negotiate from there.  San Fran and Indy are sitting 3rd and 4th right now and they both have a QB (unless Indy deals Luck, who is taking a red-shirt year since the team stinks). 


  8. 14 hours ago, Villain The Foe said:

    This is the first season where I've pretty much dismissed NY Jets football. I've rarely even been on the forum, which for some understandably, this made for a euphoric experience . And you know what? This is the best I've felt during this time of the year since Rex first 2 seasons. And before those years I would say the year of "The Favre". I began to pull for the Jets since 1990 at around 10 years old during those annual Giant/Jets preseason games. I noticed that I was actually becoming fan of the team after seeing how upset I was during the infamous Marino fake-spike game. I followed this team yearly since then. 

    Many of us thought that from the 1998 on that this franchise could be going in the right direction in comparison to what we did in the 90's. From 1998 to 2010 the jets made the Playoffs 7 times, won 7 playoff games and won the AFC East division twice. 

    Since 2011 the Jets have done.....well, nothing. This decade is as bad 90's decade in many ways. The 90's was the absolute worst decade, but this decade is most definitely making a case right now. We've already tied the 90's decade for the most consecutive seasons without a playoff birth (6) and this season will surely break that tie and make it 7 years without a playoff birth. We hold claim to having some of the worst quarterback play from numerous quarterbacks this decade. We've had a decades worth of 1st and 2nd round picks that are no longer in the NFL, let alone not with the NY Jets. We've had numerous seasons of losing 10 or more games. Literally, every year since 2013 has been considered a "Rebuilding Year", yet we've seen them build nothing. 


    This year was the first year that I was actually fed up with the NY Jets decision making. When they signed Josh McCown after parting ways with Fitz and Geno and refusing to let Petty or Hack play, that was the first time that in my mind I said "F*** this team" and really meant it. I've watched most of the games, but not with such anticipation like is years past. I have not gotten upset at losses, I've smiled during the wins because of course, the team is in my heart. But as a fan that dedicates their most precious asset which is time, I've literally not invested myself into this football season as I typically would do...and I have to say that it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I've been a NY Jets fan for almost 30 years of my life, and I know some folks here who seen Namath live with their own eyes. We deserve better than what we're getting. I know that some folks will criticize what im saying as if im somehow not a "real fan", and that's cool. I think that I deserve better as a fan that what im getting. The thread about Morton wanting McCown back next year is what prompted me to even write this. I deserve better than what this team has done this decade, and so do you. We are currently in a position where Im watching a front office and coaching staff who inherited a team that was fully blown up and had damn near 200 million in cap space, and 3 years later we're in the exact same position. These guys never even left the station. This decade has been an absolute abomination and has proven not to be worth my time, or yours. WTF is ownership or this front office doing that even gives hope for the future? Though it's not translating to wins, I can see that the Cleveland Browns are trying everything they absolutely can to bring winning football to their fans. You can actually see the effort. The NY Jets are such a lukewarm team because it's suck a lukewarm organization with no clear direction. That's proven true given that we've been in rebuilding mode since we drafted Geno Smith in 2013. Every single year, EVERY has been a rebuilding year. It's past comical at this point and im tired of it. I love the Jets, but what is occurring here is bullsh*t, and deep down we all know it. I've been more interested in watching Oklahoma football the past 2 years than I have watching NY Jets football...and im not even a college football fan. However, what I am seeing is how these college guys are out there and leaving it all on the field. Pro guys like Wilkerson get paid and cant even make meetings on time. 

    Im disappointed in this organization, and I've never felt that way until this season. This isnt even about the wins or losses, but how this team is being handled. This team is going nowhere until ownership changes, or ownership lucks up and gets either a front office or a coach that knows what the hell they are doing. It would also be nice to see an offensive-minded head coach someday in my lifetime. 


    I love this team, but they simply dont deserve that level of dedication from me until they show something other than a rebuilding year. Hopefully that will be addressing this offensive line, drafting a talented QB, stop preaching this nonsense of bridge QB's when it's a bridge to nowhere and get some offensive minded coaching in this building. The 49ers may have just changed their fortunes with their new QB and their new HC... and the Jets are still stuck in the station. 



    Well written. Been tough the last few years with the journeymen at QB. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    Bowles consistently plays the over the hill vets over young talent, hes done it simce day one here. Its become a problem. Other teams draft young, fast, dynamic players and PLAY them. Bowles? He keeps McGuire on the bench and trots out Old Man Forte. For "Stability". You didnt say it, Bowles does. 


    Why can every other team field young players and trust them to do their jobs or at least learn the game, but Bowles needs to have his 38 year old QB in the backfield with a RB 2 years past his prime that looks like he has cement shoes?

    They arent going to the playoffs, they never were this year. They need to play the young guys and see what they have to build with. Forte is not part of the Future, neither is McCown. 


    Whatever. Its all pointless. The Jets aren't ever winning a Superbowl. Ever.

    Im not rebutting you, Im just tired of backing a loser.

    Neither is marble mouth Bowles 

  10. 17 hours ago, Lot K Tailgaters said:

    Down to $9.50.  I sat through the Oilers game in 1996 but I know we didn’t tailgate that day.  Actually the last time we played the Falcons in 2009 we had 18 inches of snow and the lots weren’t able to open on time.  

    The Oilers game that set a record for no shows. 

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