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  1. The Helmet flags guy and the guy in the green body suit with the license plate try, but some corporate A hole keeps playing music, even when they are on the video boards.  It is really annoying having to listen to crappy music and IMO is destrying the game day experience.  Those two never get the changes to properly execute the chant.  

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  2. I heard Marbles Mouth this morning talking about the coaches with loose lips and could not understand his answer as it was inaudible.  Why are the Jets always the butt end of the jokes?  Just can get it right.  At this point I would rather lose and be entertained with Rex, then listen to Marbles try to convey a point.  I could only imagine what it must be like to play for him, his locker room speeches have the opposite effect, puts the team to sleep at halftime.... 

  3. 14 minutes ago, Cornfed said:

    Holy sh*t, how was I never made aware of this?  I chuckled reading your post, but then was compelled to google.  Yikes!


    PS - I saw the frisbee dogs a million times at Giants stadium.  They remain, IMO, pretty awesome.

    Yes it was a very surreal experience. That lawnmower did the circle of death around the stadium and had people panicked before crashing. 

  4. 18 minutes ago, Cornfed said:

    Here is a shot of the visitor side take from 210 with 6 min to go from Sunday, which I share for anyone interested in eyeballing attendance.

    The crowd was very subdued.  Given the circumstances, I kind of liked that.  Meaningless game...just a nice, relaxing day at the stadium.


    It was an enjoyable game, Jets looking decent and nice weather.  Only thing better would have been seeing Bowles fired.  

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  5. 52 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

    I'm all for hating on the team right about now for just about everything.  Excluding the stadium though.  That's the only thing I think we have going well for us at the moment other than Leonard Williams.

    For every functional aspect of what I want a stadium to do, MetLife does it great.  Nothing else (pretty pictures, sophisticated architecture, insanely large video boards that actually ruin the experience) means squat to me.

    Good views?  Check.

    Good customer service and security?  Check.

    Plenty of different price options?  Check.

    - In the higher priced options, great luxury amenities?  Check × 100.

    Beer and food?  Check.

    No more "Midgets Stadium"?  Check.

    Transportation options?  Check.  They added a darn train stop and still have a massive parking lot.

    Tailgates?  Check.

    More and larger bathrooms?  Check.

    WiFi?  Check.

    Nothing else matters to me.  In fact I woulda been ticked if more was added and then ticket prices had to be even higher.  It's a football stadium.  Not sure what others want from it.

    Good points, except access in and out, which is a clusterFXXX  They close the crossovers between the esculators trying to get in and getting out gate off certain sections so IMO major design flaw there.  Plus it looks boring and feel vanilla inside. 

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    45 minutes ago, Cornfed said:

    I still plan on going, though I have to admit I am questioning myself a little about why.  From a football perspective, I really don't need to see any more of Fitz.  And I am as close to not caring if they win or lose as I've ever been.  This season has been rough.

    That said, if not for Sunday, we don't get to go again until August.  So, I'll make one more trip to the stadium I love to watch the team I irrationally fanatically follow.  I hope they decide to show up this week to end on a high note.  But I'm not expecting it.

    Same here, I have never been this disappointed in this team and management. Need some "Fire Bowles" towels. 

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