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  1. Congrats. Great site that continues with great comments and insights.
  2. Finally time to wipe the dust off the tailgate gear and get back in the lot!! Can't wait!!
  3. If this is true at all, then JD is a total jerk and this team will go no where with him at the helm.
  4. Real Deal, not a clown like Gase. looking forward to see if it translates to the field.
  5. Hoping for the best and the only reason I would get the vaccine is to get the "card" showing I was so I can do the stuff I want. I would go even if I did not go into the game if Tix are scarce, but I am sure they will be at 50% capacity and not because of the virus.
  6. Lot L11 on a island. Who knows what the new rules will be.
  7. This season would have been the same in the stands as the last two minutes of the first preseason game. Can’t wait to tailgate agin.
  8. No way. Just think, those morons could have just selected him.
  9. That was the draft that set the franchise back many years. You take a QB that is a winner when you don’t have one at the time. Mac was such an idiot. How the hell he was a GM is beyond comprehension
  10. Would have gone this year if it was allowed. So answer is def yes for next season
  11. It sure was. Right about the same time Covid was starting
  12. Joe Douglas gets a big fat "F" so far. Worst roster in the NFL and at this point the Jets would be in the middle of the pack in the XFL, if that was still around.
  13. If Gase had half a brain they would run behind Becton
  14. Gase sucks and needs to find another job. Give your QB the chance to run the game. Total jerk off move by Gase
  15. Give him a full year, but so far his transactions have sucked
  16. He looked totally unprepared and so far he sucks and time is ticking on whether or not he should be leading this team. Getting close to being a bust.
  17. Most likely the roster will be expanded like baseball did.
  18. Murphy sucks, you can protest be not sit apart in a stadium. 15 days to stop the spread is now on Day 126. I wonder if we can tailgate outside the stadium in groups?
  19. Going for it as any games that get cancelled will be refunded.
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