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  1. 14 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

    I've crapped on Sam's QB Rating just as bad as anyone else has; but he's now 3 years developed and never once had an offense full of weapons. 

    I'm willing to watch another Jets season with Sam next year, as long as he's surrounded by weapons; in order to truly evaluate the kid (before just throwing him away). 

    QB: Sam Darnold. 

    LT: Penei Sewell (Rookie, Oregon). 

    WR 1: Kenny Golladay. 

    WR 2: Denzel Mims. 

    Slot: Jamison Crowder. 

    WR 4: Terrace Marshall Jr (Rookie, LSU).

    WR 5: Corey Davis. 

    RB: Najee Harris (Rookie, Alabama). 

    RT: Mekhi Becton. 

    That's an absolutely stacked offense that's fully loaded with younger fire power. 

    • Two amazing A++ bookend Tackles @ both LT & RT (Sewell/Becton). 

    • A true #1 WR on the outside in Galloday followed by 4 other playmaking WRs in Mims/Crowder/Davis and a rookie Terrace Marshall Jr (immediately becomes the deepest WR unit we've ever featured). 

    • A potentially dominant workhorse with freakish athleticism in Najee Harris @ RB. 

    Now that. Is an offense ready to compete (around their QB position). 

    Stop force feeding our QBs with crap @ WR/RB/O-Line and maybe (just maybe) we'll have a QB who can light up the scoreboards one day. 

    Fk Justin Fields and Zach Wilson. 

    Build an awesome offense around the QB position, and maybe our QB can one day play awesome (Sam). 

    And the beautiful thing about this scenario is that, even if Sam Darnold somehow manages to fail? I bet our future QB come 2022 (regardless who he is) will be placed within a situation to win; immediately. 

    We've all been hard on Sam. Out of years of frustration. But can any of us say that he's ever had a fighting chance to play good? 


    Flacco would look good with that supporting cast.  

  2. 2 hours ago, Maxman said:

    I have some fears there myself.  They better not try to roll out 3 hour tailgates.

    Hoping for the best and the only reason I would get the vaccine is to get the "card" showing I was so I can do the stuff I want.  I would go even if I did not go into the game if Tix are scarce, but I am sure they will be at 50% capacity and not because of the virus.  

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  3. On 1/10/2021 at 3:23 PM, Maxman said:

    Originally I felt like it would have been a no for me. But as it played out it would have been a yes. September was good in NJ (warm weather) and the way this season went, social distancing would have been easy.

    This season would have been the same in the stands as the last two minutes of the first preseason game. Can’t wait to tailgate agin. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Losmeister said:

    which is why its so goddam criminal Watson hasnt been a Jet for the last 4 years

    That was the draft that set the franchise back many years.  You take a QB that is a winner when you don’t have one at the time.  Mac was such an idiot. How the hell he was a GM is beyond comprehension 

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