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  1. They were drafted by Idzik, so not a chance of them producing.
  2. Yes, saw today its a 4th at best. Just wish Idzik rolled the dice on a playmaker and spent $$ in June, not October at 1-6. Of course I hope Harvin plays his butt off.
  3. Not really.... At 1-6 is a bit late to do a deal for this season and banking on a player with Harvins injury history is a reach. We will see how this plays out, but it smells like Holmes part 2. Also I will add Seattle Got rid of him for a reason. Perhaps a draft pick as high as 35 overall I hope it works, but too little to late.
  4. Agreed, the turkey thinks he is running the show. We all have heard the "who plays" is a group decision, not the head coaches. May just have to get a "Fire Idzik" flag for the Steeler home game if we lose the next two.
  5. Forgot to add that Idzik also chose Patterson, who went AWOL over Cro in the off season.... good talent evaluation there, a journeyman with 7 teams in his career who can't stay on the field and ended up a mental midget to boot....
  6. Ok, so defend him and the moves/draft picks that are contributing.....
  7. Agreed, although a good product sells tix, food and other Jets related stuff, which when you are a sliver spoon inheritor, you do not know how to make it on your own as Woody is.
  8. I like going to games and sitting in the same seats. Point is that Woody this year is cheap and not giving us the value in team salary.
  9. Doubt it, it is so true that there is a serious lack of skilled talent. Last night's game had a great game plan by Rex, just the execution was not there, and that is where the lack of skill comes in.
  10. Do you watch the games? The CB's get beat and the WR's can't get open. Mike Westoff said the exact same thing today on the Lupica show.
  11. Totally fed up with this Joker of a GM. He drafts players who were either injured in College (Milliner and McDougle) or those that just do not have the stats to warrant their draft position (all the WRs in this past draft). Virtually none of his picks are playing, so the "building for the future" line of BS will not work. As a Season Ticket PSL holder I want to hear what this plan is. Prob won't because there is none. Rex, while he calls time outs at the wrong times, is going into battle with inferior talent at WR and CB (yes we all know) and we stink in the Red Zone as a result. Also
  12. Woody needs to first get that silver spoon removed from his A$$ before his head. This offseason has shown to be a disaster... $20 MM under the cap is a joke. This owner is just padding the bottom line. Idzik has had one of the worst 12 pick drafts in recent memory as only couple of players drafted actually made the team. We will see where this goes, but I doubt at this point that 5-11 is even attainable. Time to clen house, starting with the GM......
  13. I will be in green myself unless I get the urge to go out and buy a white jersey. Should be a green out!
  14. The wear white thing is dumb, should be green yes all season tix holders got the recorded call.
  15. The flags mark the tailgate spot. We usually get a decent size crowd each game.
  16. Coming here as that Scout.com site sucks. Tailgate in Lot L11 with a bunch of flags, been going to games since the 80's and like to have a great time game day. Live in Western Bergen County.
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