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  1. In Queens for 24 Years and 35 in New Jersey. I would say they are more Jersey than Queens at this point.
  2. Come one, come all, for grand finale of the 2019 season home slate, a location where the Jets have won three in a row. Early forecast is high in the 40's and partly cloudy.
  3. Totally. Hence the call to get Jet fans there.
  4. Tickets were cheap, missed your chance! only thing cheaper would be free.
  5. One of the guys at my tailgate yesterday got three tickets for $30. Not quite $500+
  6. Yes, if you are a fan at this team, you are seeing them actually get some future depth guys being developed, which is what this team needs and makes it fun to watch in person.
  7. Year Lg Tm W L T Div. Finish Playoffs PF AVG points PA PD Coaches AV Passer Rusher Receiver 2019 NFL New York Jets 5 8 0 3rd of 4 226 17 301 -75 Gase Darnold Bell Anderson 2018
  8. Same here, you make the time to go to the game, esp when tickets are cheap if you are not a PSL or STH. People should have been all over that yesterday. Shame there were so many empty seats. Pitt game is going to be the all time worst if Jet fans don't go.
  9. Just having a fun time and making it a complete day from 8AM until post game. Not a foolish way to spend the day.
  10. Still a great day for a tailgate and they won. Better than sitting at home.
  11. Hence the call for so called Jet fans to actually show up and stop with the excuses "I don't have time to go to the game, but I had a 100 post day yesterday talking about it" or its too expensive, when tickets are at all time lows. Rise up off the couch and go to the game! Its going to be like that movie "300" fan wise if we don't get more Jet fans in the stands.
  12. Got to say very poor showing by Jets fans overall, far too many fish fans. Tickets were cheap, perfect tailgate and football weather and entire rows in the upper deck were empty with many open seats in the Mezz and lower level. We need the so called fans to get off their couch and get to the stadium. Its embarrassing when you bring new people to the game and they say it looks like a preseason crowd. Let have a better showing for the Steeler game. No excuses Jet fans...... Tickets we will be cheap and last time this decade you can you go to the stadium.
  13. Taking the job. This guy has set the franchise back a decade.
  14. It’s still there, just a ghost town with the last post on 11/25.
  15. Going early as usual to get my spot, and got my Off shore foul weather gear in case there is some rain. Hopefully it is not too bad. We will get to see if Darnold is able to play in bad weather.
  16. Hoarder of Jet junk, but def could relate to a lot of the video, esp the line to get in the lot. Miss the old days of showing up at 530am.
  17. Roberts should find another team, he sucks and could not cover a bed with a blanket yesterday.
  18. Sucks, but yet another example of the Jets drafting a injury prone college player. STRENGTHS —Squares up ball-carriers in space and is able to drive through contact. —Competitive toughness and energy stand out on film, particularly when dealing with contact in limited space. —Solid recognition when zone-dropping to use body as redirect tool while keeping eyes on the QB. —Try-hard attitude that wins when others take plays off. WEAKNESSES —Wasn't a starter until his senior season and has limited experience. —Underwent multiple should
  19. Too many what ifs selection a safety with the 6th over pick... What if they drafted Watson? Would have had an extra three 2nd rd picks. Mahones, would have been regarded as a reach at the time, so no fault there, but Watson was a blown chance to start the rebuild a year early, and to boot Mac and Bowles might still have jobs.
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