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  1. I feel bad of the people who bought the new Leonard Williams Jerseys in all three colors.
  2. The Fire Gase towels will be available at lot L11 for the Giant game.
  3. Didn't they draft one in the 4th round?
  4. At least we have something to look forward to. The stadium will be over run with disappointed Dallas fans. Got to make a quick strike to keep them quiet. That's up to Gase and that clown looking Loggins to come up with something other than 1 yard run on 1st down.
  5. The Jets always find the loser. Meanwhile another Wash St QB is doing some good things down south....
  6. At least Tebow contributed elsewhere, barely but he at least played special teams. That 4th and 1 pass looked like a 8 year old pee wee QB throw, kind of like a high arc softball pitch....
  7. And leaders in no shows. Way too many empty seats to hit that number.
  8. Wash rinse repeat with this team. Far from fake. Amazed at the different ways they can screw up all these years. Is it time for a new flag?
  9. The amazing thing is how Mac got another draft to mess up. This team does the dumbest things from the field to the fans in the stands with the crappy in game experience and joke of a rewards program.
  10. There goes the pregame ceremony. Now if they can ban annoying music and stupid product plugs, we are progressing towards a better in game experience.
  11. That guy looks like a tool. Must need a lot of booze to dress like a clown.
  12. Took the survey and listed this as a source for Jet News. Hammered them on the crowd crap and product on the field.
  13. The black towels were such a stupid idea. Impossible to see in person and I am sure it was even worse on TV. Good points on crap they do that has been annoying for years.
  14. Yes he did not finish the game and sucked when he was in.
  15. Failed picks for most of the last decade. No off lineman picked since Ducasse. That crap catches up over time.
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