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  1. Best thing tonight besides the tailgate was that I beat the traffic home
  2. Weather looks good. Looking forward to it and have a good crew coming.
  3. Great, a 70% kicker in college. Another career loser coming to town, but I guess that is all that is left on the scrap heap.
  4. PED's and he still sucks. Mac will go down as one of the biggest idiots in sports.
  5. signing Captain Hook as a kicker lights up the forum. Congrats!
  6. Was looking at new flag designs after the successful protest last year, but will give it until Halloween or so. Leaning towards a "Sell the team Johnson Family" flag when I do it.
  7. One of the guys I took, spent 1/2 hr (11-11:30) trying to get the app to load. Total joke and yet another thing they cant get right.
  8. and Mac is fired, and we know the timing of that was really bad....
  9. Yes, signing retired players in their mid 30's and taking kickers who could not hit the side of a barn usually does not work out too well.
  10. Where I sit in the Mezz they block off the lanes for the escalators and create a complete mess. Its always been a complete joke.
  11. Add the mobile ticketing to the list of things the Jets screw up for the overall game experience.
  12. The stadium sucks, always has and always will. Not a good place for sound as it is too open with very few over hangs. The entering and exiting process is a mess as they have to create exit lanes and close off walkways when entering. One would think that the stadium would have been designed for easy in and out. Not this one.
  13. Is Vedvik really a punter and that Jets had him mistaken for the PK? That could explain a lot regarding their ability to evaluate personnel. LOL
  14. And its not like he just missed the field goal, that kick was so far off to the right, with no height, that the only thing you can come it is that he crapped his pants on that attempt.
  15. No he didn’t let him walk. Not having a vet in camp after Catanzaro retired and having guys who can’t make a XP is where he failed. The Jets moved quick to get Vedvik like they outsmarted the rest of the league. Too bad today they look like fools. Big miss for him that played a big role in yesterday’s loss.
  16. It was good to drop the flag they gave out today in the port a john after the game. Sums up the day.
  17. Please. That kicker sucked before he got signed
  18. Taking someone else’s trash and hoping it is treasure cost this team and fan base a win. The field goal was one of the worst kicks I have ever seen. Thanks Joe
  19. Keep this thread open for the war stories we will have after the opener. I have complained to the front office already with no real response other than this is what it is and deal with it.
  20. It’s a joke. Transferred tix to a friend who cancelled and could not get them transferred back.
  21. Best: spending the Money on the Fire Bowles and Mac flag and towel campaign last season Worst: investing in Sec 203A PSL’s
  22. Look at his history. RB's do not do much in the preseason. It was good to see he was active.
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