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  1. 6 hours ago, SAR I said:

    The Jets PA people are completely and utterly tone deaf.  It's like they're not even watching the games they are attending.

    1.  MAKE NOISE! doesn't work by the 3rd quarter in a game in which the offense has 1 first down achieved by non-penalty.  And it upsets fans to be told how to behave at a football game, like we haven't known to make noise on 3rd down to disrupt the opposition offense since 1979.  Like we're idiots.

    2.  WAVE YOUR TOWELS! doesn't work by the 3rd quarter, considering no one has been waving towels all game anyway. 

    3.  THE CHANT doesn't work if the PA is playing some annoying media and you aren't looking at the screen to see the chant is about to start.  Used to be they would shut off the PA to let the chant leader be noticed.

    4.  FIRST RESPONDERS are being promoted all game long, just a money grab by NYC recruiting offices just like the Armed Forces did for years, it's a turn-off.  We owe them respect, but having us stand up 5x a game to applaud is excessive, it's just another ask that they put us through.

    5.  AIR RAID SIREN should only be used when the Jets are playing well and the stadium is excited.  Otherwise every time it comes on it's completely annoying, another phony prop, it's a signal that says here come the Jets who aren't doing any work on the field asking their fans to do work instead.  F-them.

    It's bad enough that we're at a game we are going to lose after not having seen a home win in a year.  To have the PA barking orders at us to make noise and stand up and wave towels makes the experience even worse.  Joe Nolan needs to shut up and the Jets need to realize that they work for us, not the other way around.

    SAR I

    The black towels were such a stupid idea.  Impossible to see in person and I am sure it was even worse on TV.  Good points on crap they do that has been annoying for years.  

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  2. 5 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    The team is bad, but they know it’s bad and are willing to eat sh*t until the talent improves. It sucks losing this time to develop Darnold, but what can you do? The plus is that failed draft picks like Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams are being exposed as non-entities we don’t need to pay, and even though the talent is putrid, they’re not getting their doors blown off because the coaches are hardos. Good on them for holding guys accountable and trying different things. Benching Trumaine Johnson and giving Tarell Basham a lot of run shows you that they’re not coaching to win these meaningless ******* games, which rules. They’re establishing a culture. If you’re mad that Luke Falk didn’t beat the Browns tonight, then call up the ticket office in the morning and demand the Jets trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick, because you’re a short-sighted fraud fan that wants to be jerked off into a sock instead of holding out for the sustained orgy that is a legitimate title run after a legitimate rebuild. 

    Failed picks for most of the last decade.  No off lineman picked since Ducasse. That crap catches up over time. 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    I am going to pin the thread because the Jets are in the forums every day. I want them to see the feedback and what fans are going through.

    One of the guys I took, spent 1/2 hr (11-11:30) trying to get the app to load.  Total joke and yet another thing they cant get right.  

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  4. 3 hours ago, JiF said:

    His only 2 moves have been atrocious and cost us the game in addition to Gase and Darnold sucking donkey dick.

    Yes, signing retired players in their mid 30's and taking kickers who could not hit the side of a barn usually does not work out too well.  

  5. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:


    It depends on where you sit.  Those in a high row of the lower level have it tough because they have to walk down to get to an exit and then walk up again.  Those in the mezzanine have it easy because there are fewer seats and therefore far more exits, we breeze down a staircase and are out of the stadium and in the parking lot in about 3 minutes.

    It was much worse at Giants Stadium because its open concourses allowed people to run around inside the stadium to get to the corner exit that was closest to their cars, I used to have people crashing into me all the time and it was scary to bring a child there, they'd get trampled.  MetLife is like 4 individual stadiums in that regard, each quarter of the stadium comes/goes from their own exits and thus each quarter has the same amount of people.  Not perfect, but Verizon would be overcrowded for all the people heading over there, Bud Light a ghost town since there is so little parking near it.

    SAR I

    Where I sit in the Mezz they block off the lanes for the escalators and create a complete mess.  Its always been a complete joke.  

  6. The stadium sucks, always has and always will.  Not a good place for sound as it is too open with very few over hangs.  The entering and exiting process is a mess as they have to create exit lanes and close off walkways when entering.  One would think that the stadium would have been designed for easy in and out.  Not this one.


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  7. 1 hour ago, kevinc855 said:

    So guess we are Gona gloss over that missed FG as well 🙄

    And its not like he just missed the field goal, that kick was so far off to the right, with no height, that the only thing you can come it is that he crapped his pants on that attempt.  

  8. 9 hours ago, Maxman said:

    Joe Douglas decided to let Jason Myers walk when the team had 100 million to spend?

    No he didn’t let him walk. Not having a vet in camp after Catanzaro retired and having guys who can’t make a XP is where he failed. The Jets moved  quick to get Vedvik like they outsmarted the rest of the league.  Too bad today they look like fools.  Big miss for him that played a big role in yesterday’s loss.  

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