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  1. Good update. Nice to hear Bell active today.  I would think on day 1 he would be "resting".  Webb is a goner so no worries there and Maye already on the side does not sound promising.  The punt return is def a area of concern.  Hoping that small guy from Wake can step in.  

  2. Giants just drafted the next Christian Hackenberg!!!  look at the stats


    Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
    Career Penn State         693 1235 56.1 8457 6.8 6.5 48 31 121.4
    2013 Penn State Big Ten FR QB 12 231 392 58.9 2955 7.5 7.4 20 10 134.0
    *2014 Penn State Big Ten SO QB 13 270 484 55.8 2977 6.2 5.3 12 15 109.4
    *2015 Penn State Big Ten JR QB 13 192 359 53.5 2525 7.0 7.2 16 6 123.9


    Daniel Jones

    Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
    Career Duke         764 1275 59.9 8201 6.4 6.2 52 29 122.9
    *2015 Duke ACC FR QB                    
    2016 Duke ACC FR QB 12 270 430 62.8 2836 6.6 6.4 16 9 126.3
    *2017 Duke ACC SO QB 13 257 453 56.7 2691 5.9 5.5 14 11 112.0
    *2018 Duke ACC JR QB 11 237 392 60.5 2674 6.8 6.9 22 9 131.7
  3. 11 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    So I spoke with the Jets and unfortunately it is looking extremely unlikely that we will be able to get group tickets for the Cowboys game.

    So I think our choices are:

    1. Do the group outing for the Cowboys game, we throw a JetNation tailgate and everyone would have to get tickets on their own


    2. Do it for another game, maybe the Bills for the opener? The Cowboys and Giants games definitely won't be options

    Let me know what you think, thanks.

    Where are you tailgating? 

  4. 3 hours ago, Dcat said:

    That's been argued with them since the absurd "rewards" program was launched.

    The program is an abject failure.  It should be scrapped. Instead, just give STH big discounts when they purchase something at the stadium (little trinkets or autographed jerseys).  A 20% concessions/Jets Shop discount using the swipe card would be very appealing.  Instead we are offered bobble head dolls of Adrian Murell at the cost 14,000 "points" (takes a third of a season to get that).

    The rewards program has an occasional big reward auctioned off or raffled off, but only a tiny fraction ever get anything worth a damn.  The structure and mechanics of the program are so bad and the Jets think it's great.  Shows you how clueless they are in Florham Park with respect to what STH's really want.

    Yes, although the wine opener is a great deal for 20k points... LOL

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  5. 18 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

    There are people in this thread complaining about the jerseys being too much of a departure, not enough of a departure, getting the colors right but the font wrong, not incorporating a jet, not keeping the old logo and then there are people that love the uniform. 

    No one would be happy.

    We are all Jets fans, no one will ever be happy until Super Bowl #2 is won.  Personally I like the black jersey as it is a change, but nothing beats the white on white with the current uniform.  If anything we should start a tradition of wearing the White on White for home game where the temp is over 40 degrees.  

  6. 26 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

    If this is legit...the Helmet sucks big time but at least the Jersey's are cool.

    I like going back to green and only an all green helmet would work with an all black alternate.  (I thought they were white?  Didn't someone call up Riddle and confirm this?)

    But that's just a sh*tty sh*tty logo.  Seriously, it's a microsoft clip art football.  I would expect more from Nike.

    agree on the logo on the helmet.  Looks like a 3rd grader made it.  

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