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  1. My 12 year old daughter thinks that is a cool uniform and now wants a new jersey to wear to school so she is the first to get one.
  2. Those who stay at home and watch on TV are fans too. Many have “man caves” and buy a lot of crap to decorate their viewing room with wall to wall Jets stuff that those that go to every game will never need. They may actually spend more than STH do. Why do you think they are changing things up? It’s to sell more stuff. People like you and me and the 10,000’s of thousands that go to every game will need new stuff to wear at the game. I also will need to get some new flags and other new things for the tailgate with the new color scheme. It’s all about the mighty dollar and we all contri
  3. Crap, I am going to have to get new flags with this change.
  4. We would no have fan forums if we did not question how they run things! Would have been good to do it before Free Agency so some people can get their Bell jerseys.
  5. Because they are the Jets and when have they done something right?
  6. In real life fantasy football we got the guy taken in most drafts last year with the 2nd pick
  7. Mac is a loser and the fact the he is trying to sign LBer's show how pathetic he is at drafting players. He needs to go.....
  8. Exactly, having career losers in charge does not create a positive outlook.
  9. I want the guy to succeed, but after investing $50k in tickets the last 4 years, I am looking for some ROI in year 5!!
  10. I will give it to Week 4 before breaking out the new flag
  11. LOL, Actually they were sized wrong so that may have been why.
  12. I picked up two Darnold white kids jerseys on Monday at Models for $20 each, marked down from $75
  13. He should have been shown the door with Bowles. This guy is a failure whose drafts have had some of the worst overall player retention wise for all of pro sports in North America. Hackenberg, AirDarius, Hansen, Nathan Shepard (small college reach in 3rd but still on the team), Devin Smith, Petty and Mauldin, all failures in the NFL and picked in the rounds 2-4. Not a good track record so far and Mac still has the keys. Great that he now can spend on Free Agents. Not happy I contribute $10K a year to that fund.....
  14. One of the worst snappers ever and that was even before the finger injury.
  15. Totally, perhaps adding a hit to the head replay or something like that.
  16. Awesome, polar opposite of the garbage on the sidelines the last 4 years.
  17. When two stooges are running the show, what do you expect. Announce it on a Saturday when no one is paying attention, which is something they do in government. I just can't believe we have a Off Coordinator named Dowell Loggains, can't make this stuff up....
  18. He looks like the type of guy who got picked last for dodge ball and still gets bullied by people from grade school.
  19. Now that’s the kiss of death. Jury is out but I hope no towels and flags are needed any time soon.
  20. This is a tough decision for two men who have not had to ever make a decision like this. I am sure the entire process has their heads spinning and Mac prob favors someone who he can control to a degree. As names drop off, it leads me to believe they favor McCarthy and hopefully they are talking about who the assistants will be.
  21. They are just looking for another career loser they can manhandle at practice...
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