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  1. Is this worth going to?  As a STH, I get tix every year for this but have never bothered to go.  Going to be a quick night for the Jets if they keep the 3rd pick. 

  2. 11 hours ago, SAR I said:

    This is what happens when a so-called diehard fan from the Giants Stadium era gives up his season tickets the minute Victor Cruz goes 99 yards ending the back-to-back AFC Finalist runs and sending us back to the dark ages.

    Not only do they give up their season tickets (putting them in the hands of enemy fans) but they also refuse to buy tickets for a measly $25 to see the Sam Darnold Jets in the middle of a 2-0 run at home (putting them in the hands of enemy fans) on a beautiful October day against the Vikings.

    The people complaining about what they see on TV are the problem.  They are what's missing.  Their voices aren't heard.  Their colors aren't seen.  But they blame the good season ticket holders who actually spend the money and buy tickets and show up to 8 games a year.  Blame the good Jets fans and pretend the rest of us won't see their bandwagon cheapskate ways.  Pathetic.

    Show up or shut up.

    SAR I

    Those who stay at home and watch on TV are fans too.  Many have “man caves” and buy a lot of crap to decorate their viewing room with wall to wall Jets stuff that those that go to every game will never need. They may actually spend more than STH do. 

    Why do you think they are changing things up?  It’s to sell more stuff. People like you and me and the 10,000’s of thousands that go to every game will need new stuff to wear at the game.  I also will need to get some new flags and other new things for the tailgate with the new color scheme.  It’s all about the mighty dollar and we all contribute one way or another. 

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  3. On 3/15/2019 at 8:34 AM, Jet Nut said:

    You mean when was the last time some fans didn't question anything they do? 

    Cant believe people are now whining about the release date of the uniform.  Too funny.  FA, draft, hey why didn't they release them for Christmas?  LOL


    We would no have fan forums if we did not question how they run things! Would have been good to do it before Free Agency so some people can get their Bell jerseys.  

  4. 11 hours ago, ChuckkieB said:

    Knowing that the team was heavy in cap space and likely to make a big splash in free agency in 2019, why wouldn't the team get together with the marketing folks, the league, or whoever the decision makers are on such things and coordinate to reveal their new jerseys BEFORE the free agency period so they could have their shiny new players pose at their press conferences with the new jerseys?  Just saying. 


    Or am I being ignorant about this and there's a specific reason for the timing of the jerseys being revealed on 4/4?  Inquiring minds want to know. 


    Because they are the Jets and when have they done something right?  

  5. 19 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    No.  There are literally zero people who have posted in this thread that WANTED Mike Maccagnan to fail at his job.  Other than perhaps fans of other teams.

    Holy sh*t with this.  This guy actually believes there are people out there who want the GM to not pick the good players. 

    I want the guy to succeed, but after investing $50k in tickets the last 4 years, I am looking for some ROI in year 5!! 

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  6. He should have been shown the door with Bowles.  This guy is a failure whose drafts have had some of the worst overall player retention wise for all of pro sports in North America.  Hackenberg, AirDarius, Hansen, Nathan Shepard (small college reach in 3rd but still on the team), Devin Smith, Petty and Mauldin, all failures in the NFL and picked in the rounds 2-4.  Not a good track record so far and Mac still has the keys.  Great that he now can spend on Free Agents.  Not happy I contribute $10K a year to that fund..... 

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  7. 36 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    @Philc1 let’s chat for a second... why the hell do you think Josh Allen is so good? He hasn’t shown a single pass rush move during his time at Kentucky. Not a single one. He runs thru tackles or there is an open lane..every..single..time. 

    He hasn’t had to display any kind of technique that he’ll clearly need in the NFL, because he can easily run through players that aren’t as fast, strong or big as him. He can’t get away with that on the NFL level. Everyone is fast, big and strong. 

    What do you see that is so special it warrants a #3 draft pick?

    Vernon Gholston Part 2?  

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  8. When two stooges are running the show, what do you expect.  Announce it on a Saturday when no one is paying attention, which is something they do in government.  I just can't believe we have a Off Coordinator named Dowell Loggains, can't make this stuff up....  

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