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  1. Christian Hackenberg gets an endorsement

    If he is number 3 in the depth chart behind McCown and Petty, then he might as well be cut.
  2. PFF Mock Draft

    Hell no!
  3. Hack Lee Leo Anderson Draft picks
  4. Report: Revis set to re-join Patriots

    They will move him to safety, win another SB and have a pro bowl year. Why? Because that's the most Jets thing that can and will probably happen.
  5. Pre-Draft Smokescreens -or- legit interest?

    This would be ideal. If they do draft a QB they better not punk out and carry 4 on the roster again, make a damn decision and cut one.
  6. Jets - 2nd highest dead money in league

    Big Mac!!
  7. I wonder what Chad's ball velocity was, my guess it was in the 30s.
  8. NJ.com top remaining free agents

    Claiborne is the only interesting one on the list, not sure what type of money he will demand.
  9. What Could Excite You For 2017?

    Lose every game by 3-7 points while getting the young guys a lot of playing time.
  10. Brett Kollman Vid on OJ Howard

    I think I rather get David Njoku with our second round pick.
  11. Say not to Cutler! If you want someone to throw INTS we can have Petty and Hack give it a real shot.
  12. Get Perry done, that would be a huge upgrade.
  13. Good move for the Giants. He was the second best receiver in NY last year and still is. OBJ and Marshall? Im sure Eli is happy.
  14. Actually the fact that Hoyer has played 10 years means that you should know exactly what he is, a total scrub that would've lost that playoff game for sure. Anyways, it doesn't matter. We are not making a playoff run next year and we have cut almost all our vets. If one of the young guys gets hurt or sucks it up, then you put in the next young guy. You dont bring in Hoyer.