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  1. detectivekimble

    Revis officially retires

    sh*tty person? Really? Enough of this nonsense. Take a walk around Livingston, NJ and ask people if Revis is a sh*tty person. I've seen the way he treats people when the camera isn't running. He's a good guy. Oh, and his teammates liked him. They understood that this is a business and Revis knew how to play the game. And this is why no one wants to play for the Jets. Instead of celebrating our HoF players, we're busy tearing them down and trying to explain why they're actually not HoF players. No, this dude was an amazing player and played in a time where the rules favored the WRs. The more great HoF players the Jets have, the better. And I hope like hell that Sam Darnold follows Revis into the HoF.
  2. The Bills passed up a guy who was the best QB prospect coming out of HS and who throws a beautiful football for a guy who was an unknown out of HS and who can't hit the broad side of a barn. And they did this because the former has interests other than football and is a bit awkward/douchey.
  3. I was being sarcastic. When it comes down to it, the QB's job is to throw the football. Rosen is good at that. Allen sucks at it. I love when these teams overthink things.
  4. He doesn't have a slow release. And even if he did, he's got a strong arm (which I'm surprised we don't hear more about) that makes up for it.
  5. There wasn't much of a talent disparity for Josh Allen each week. Crappy conference, crappy teams. The guy is a bum.
  6. Which defensive players who Josh Allen was throwing against are we going to watch on Sundays?
  7. Because he eats, sleeps and sh*ts football. Josh Rosen, on the other hand, likes tennis.
  8. detectivekimble

    Jets risky plan giving Darron Lee more responsibility

    Please. Look at him BEFORE Bowles got to him and after. He's probably still recovering from the damage Bowles did to his career. Todd and KC are AWFUL. Also, I know people like copying and pasting stats, and according to PFF, he was above average last year. Richardson, who was acquired from the New York Jets prior to Week 1 of the 2017 season, enjoyed a productive first year with the team and has publicly expressed his desire to remain with the Seahawks going forward. However, If the Seahawks do decide to let Richardson walk, several teams could pursue the 27-year-old, as he was a force in both the run game and in the pass-rush this year. Through 17 weeks of the 2017 season, Richardson racked up 36 total quarterback pressures and 22 run stops, which ranked ninth and 17th among defensive tackles this year, respectively. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-key-stats-on-pffs-top-15-impending-free-agents
  9. detectivekimble

    Jets risky plan giving Darron Lee more responsibility

    This isn't fan talk. There are real professionals who think that Bowles doesn't know how to use Leonard Williams or Darron Lee. Not hard to believe, considering what he did with Sheldon Richardson.
  10. He is absolutely not low ceiling. He's 6'4" and can haul ass. He needs to get healthy, though. Also, Jordan Leggett can be big time.
  11. EVERY team in the league would take Enunwa on their roster.
  12. detectivekimble

    Brandon Browner Charged with Attempted Murder

    I don't know if it's just that there's a lot more of them, but man, NFL players seem like the biggest neanderthals out of all the professional athletes. Beating animals to death, knocking out women cold, throwing women onto a pile of guns, driving the wrong way in the Lincoln Tunnel, etc.
  13. detectivekimble

    Jets risky plan giving Darron Lee more responsibility

    I really doubt it's all that "risky." While he may be a little unhinged, intelligence is not his issue. He scored higher than Josh Rosen on the wonderlic.
  14. I'm not buying these rankings. Enunwa, Anderson, Pryor and Kearse can all play and the first are great athletes. We're a long ways away from the Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill days.
  15. You've got that right. That said, if Bryce Petty had started all year, the Jets probably would have been picking second overall.