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  1. "Decline meaningfully"? Yeah, that ambiguity will not end well. And no, don't buy them. I can post them later.
  2. TeddyEY will be posting them shortly. Maybe you can help him out and do it, since you also made the same (bullsh*t) claim.
  3. I love the backtracking. Here's your actual statement: "His PFF numbers were greatly inflated by week 1." That's a statement of fact, not opinion. But, you the reality is that have no idea and got called out on your bullsh*t. For you to make that statement, you would have had to seen his weekly coverage grades. That's why I'm asking YOU to post them, so you can show us how us all how his 2018 coverage grade was so inflated by his week one performance. Don't try to turn it around on me. I've seen them. I even posted a few weeks ago that he was one of the top three LBs in coverage for the season: How would I have known that? And NFL teams actually use PFF. PFF > TeddEY
  4. Jamal IS good in coverage. He's just not going to get his hands on as many balls as Derwin James because he's not as physically long or as rangey.
  5. I do. But why do you need me to provide them if you've already seen them? Why don't you do the board a favor and show us his weekly PFF coverage grades so we can see how his coverage grade was inflated by week one?
  6. You said his coverage grade was greatly inflated by week one. Surely, you must have them, considering you made that statement.
  7. I have them and one week is not going to get you to #3 for the season if you "suck" in coverage.
  8. You also said he was suspended for PEDs, which is outright false. Again, you have no idea what you're talking about.
  9. So your logic is that if a player doesn't get an interception in a given week, he couldn't have done a good job in coverage? I want you to think about that for a few minutes. And think really hard. Now do this. List every TD he gave up in coverage this year.
  10. Responding to you is actually making me dumber. There is nothing to back up your claim that Lee is not good in coverage. Just because you say something 100 times doesn't make it true. And yes, you make things up. That's what people do when they've got nothing.
  11. Apparently, you're too dumb to realize that being in good in coverage doesn't just mean getting interceptions (although three in 12 games is good for a LB). Here are some more facts: all of his interceptions were against Pro Bowl QBs.
  12. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and are just making things up at this point. PFF grades individual games and Lee was consistently good in coverage from game to game. He also was not suspended for PEDs. You should actually be banned for posting false and defamatory statements about players.
  13. Are you crazy? If Leonard Williams has one strength, it's his strength.
  14. 20. NEW YORK JETS We couldn’t technically include Jamal Adams in this, as that would be double counting from the secondary rankings, but he obviously plays a big role within his team’s front seven. This unit saw former first-rounder Darron Lee take a huge step forward after a disappointing start to his career. His 84.8 coverage grade was third-best at the position. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-nfl-front-seven-rankings-all-32-teams-after-17-weeks
  15. When you get called out on making something up and have no response, always revert back to "but . . . but . . . he sucks!" That's not my coverage grade or opinion, son. That's PFF's.
  16. Why? PFF had him rated as the second or third best LB in coverage this season.
  17. The reason he didn't reach his potential is because of the knee injury. He clearly isn't nearly as athletic as he was coming out of school.
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