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  1. Include Brandon Scherff whose going into his 5th year and will be due big contract, and can make it work with 1st, 2nd this year and 1st next year...
  2. Darnold/Gase win 7 Super Bowls topping Brady/Belichick and becoming known as the greatest qb/coach combo ever!
  3. Hakeem Butler looks like he could develop into that stud #1 - won't be there in rd #3, too early rd #1. Trade back candidate?
  4. A creative GM (Mac is not one!) would explore different ways to bring in higher end talent (I hate to say this because I think there are other reasons why he is doing it, but similar to Brodie Van Wagenens approach). He needs to leave no stone unturned and that includes trying to package players and picks for different players and picks. There is unfortunately not much offesnive talent out there in FA or the draft (one of the Jetsiest things possible - no offense when they need offense) How about trading their #1 to Arizona for David Johnson and their #2. Arizona would have two of the top 5 picks to try to help their franchise.Same idea for Mike Evans, etc. trading down a little to get a higher end talent. worked for the Rams, last year sent their 1st (23 overall) and a sixth for Brandin Cooks and a 4th. Need creativity t get players that aren't otherwise available to surround Sam with talent.

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