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  1. I was completely caught off guard with this move. What the hell is Lou thinking here?
  2. Hey Mike- wondering what you think the Yankees chances of finishing the season 156-6? I'll hang up and listen.
  3. Woody Johnson the comedian:
  4. I knew this was going to happen when he declined to join the board. Says he would reconsider his stake in twitter also if it doesn't go through. Puts twitter in a hardball position.
  5. I'm up in the air. If the product is good I'll watch.
  6. Wish I can but definitely don't have the time for it.
  7. I was probably way too drunk at a local bar to even remember half the game. That halftime show however was great! The only one that rivals imo was Bruno Mars.
  8. Where's Jetsfanshawn to bring life back to this forum?
  9. Special teams we excel at though. However one day.....
  10. 26th ranked offense and 32nd ranked defense in yards. The whole team needs weapons!
  11. Sheesh. Did the the organization commit murder?
  12. I have a couple years to think about whether I want to pay $15K a year to send my daughter to a much better but not great private school then to send her to public school in a sh*tty district. I live in a nice neighborhood also it's just the school district borders suck ass. There has to be a better way.
  13. Imagine is Flores has a text from Ross: "Yo bro. Brady just landed. Meet you at the boat. -SR P.S. 100K on the table"
  14. I can get behind that. Like I said this thread has gone off-topic which is bound to happen whenever race is brought up because of the differing opinions everyone has. But I can get behind the time will tell whether he is right or not.
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