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  1. First you need a Derrick Henry then let's talk.
  2. "You know son, this league will have it's ups and downs but you'll persevere through it all with hard work." -James Morgan
  3. I think the opposite. The pressure is on Sam going into his 4th year. Wilson is the rookie and if he loses no big deal. If Sam loses it's the same questions marks all over again. Nobody should be screaming Wilson is a bust after one game unless that game is abysmal. Like "ghosts" game abysmal.
  4. Thank you for deadline extension. Been away all weekend and would like a chance to catch up tonight.
  5. yeah I had it and someone called me from my county government. I hung up on them.
  6. Sounds fun but I'm in the process of moving. The one thing I hate most in this world is moving. Have fun!
  7. I’m here on the sh*tter. Super busy at work. I’m trying to read back now.
  8. Wake me up when this game gets going!
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