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  1. I also cringe whenever I see Eric Allen talking about anything. I like the guy but don't think he should be in front of the camera. He's boring and lacks the ability to be interesting when discussing the team.
  2. I picked Leveon Bell because I think how he plays will be the difference to whether this is an average offense or an elite one.
  3. 18 game season, 2 bye weeks, 2-3 preseason games.
  4. Finally after weeks some quality content on this board.
  5. The guys brilliant yet, he has a losing record over three seasons. Give me a break. Until the guy proves he's worth it he's just another coach in the cycle that is this joke of a franchise.
  6. I wouldnt say zero percent but I don't know what someone here can point to with Gase resume to tell me that he will be a success.
  7. Not an equal or fair comparison and so what it has been done before. We are the Jets and we find ways to screw everything up.
  8. No its not the best move because if this roster and team is good this year which I think is a good chance, you just let go the guy that built that roster. It was just stupid timing.
  9. My statement still stands because without the trade, even with the Giants passing on Darnold we probably wouldnt have gotten him so he deserves credit for that.
  10. Mac made the trade to get up to the spot to give us a chance. He deserves credit.
  11. So what happens if we do well this year and in particular, the draft picks and FA signings Mac had come up big? Is it still a good decision that we fired him? This is why I feel it was a bad idea to do it now. Just my opinion but you shouldve just kept him to see how everything panned out this season. These are his players we are going to play with this season.
  12. Thought this was hilarious. Live reaction as it happened from Joe and Evan.
  13. Lets not forget the most important part and that is we are talking about the New York Jets organization here. Im sure we will be just fine as we have a stellar history of making competent decisions in this league.
  14. Think about it, at this point if the team is successful this season it would be a good part because of Macc and we just fired him. This is his team for the upcoming season and we fire him now? Sad day for the franchise.
  15. Well its been nice for the last two months talking sh*t about the Giants organization to people. Ill keep my mouth shut now.
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