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  1. I’m here on the sh*tter. Super busy at work. I’m trying to read back now.
  2. Damn I forgot about this.
  3. Wake me up when this game gets going!
  4. Coaches can grow and get better as time passes. It's clear as day the Schotty is a better coach now than when he was OC here. While he wouldn't be my first choice, I don't think it would be terrible to take a look.
  5. As of right now it doesn't look too good but they have only been on air for a month and I think they are still feeling each other out. If you don't like their personalities then that's a different story but as far as camaraderie it may take a little more time.
  6. There's no way Gase is back after the season. Especially if they go 0-16. It would be a blunder of epic proportions to retain him as coach after a win less season and a slap to the face of this fan base.
  7. Sam is broken. As long as he's under center we will not win another game this season. They simply can't score enough.
  8. No way you can keep Gase especially if they go 0-16.
  9. It's way too close at this point. If we had one win we move from 1st pick to 6th based on strength of schedule. The Jets will find a way to screw this up. I have 0 faith.

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