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  1. BallinPB

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    I didn't vote because I think the jury is still out. If he has the same success next year then I'll say genius but two good seasons doesn't put you in a genius category. Being able to adjust consistently in an ever changing league does.
  2. Playoffs or it's the same old sh*t.
  3. 100% the problem is sharing the stadium. The stadium is fine excepts that it lacks personality which could've been corrected if their was only one team playing in the stadium. Roof would've been great but not a necessity. The only drag on not having a roof is when you have those really really cold games. Like 10 degree or less games. Those suck. Food sucks. They need to correct that. This is football. We go to the stadium to watch games. MetLife is probably one of the best stadiums in the league when you just actually want to watch the game. I don't go to the games to marvel at some assholes architecture and engineering.
  4. BallinPB

    Kristaps Porzingas traded to Dallas Mavericks

    I think it was a good trade. KP hasn't shown he can stay healthy and they clear up cap space for next year where they can sign two max contracts. Also, they get a future 1st along with a high draft pick in the upcoming draft. They can turn this around very quickly.
  5. 1 super bowl victory. Playoffs 8 out of 12 years combined with the fact that the Steelers have only had 3 head coaches in the last 50 years. Something tells me his job is not as in jeopardy as some make it out to be.
  6. What movie are we referring to here?
  7. I rooted for the Giants against them so the simple answer is NEVER!
  8. I have such a love/hate relationship with Jamal.
  9. I kind of respect Manish here. He comes with at least some points on why he critized McCarthy but Benigno and Evans just yell over him when he’s trying to make it.
  10. BallinPB

    Pres wants AB

    Jamal making his thought known on the head coaching search also
  11. I know he is a fierce competitor and I know now wouldn’t be his time to step up and say anything but his personality just doesnt strike me as that type of guy. He reminds me of Eli Manning with his personality. Never going to say much but just do his talking on the field.
  12. Sam doesn’t strike as the guy to voice his opinion other than to say the usual we need to do better and we need to execute better etc.
  13. BallinPB

    Is Mac gone?

    Record can be out on coach and not GM. There are a few games I can think of that Bowles lost based on bad coaching decisions alone.

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