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  1. You are right. Having this conversation is important on all levels with different people with different perspectives. However, I do understand the fact that these conversations are very sensitive and emotional to some. Some people here can't control their emotions and I understand why Max wouldn't want that apart of this board. If we want to have the conversation we can do it privately with the people who want to.
  2. I'll be apart of it. I'm not sure how much I want to contribute but would like to hear others ideas.
  3. I get it and also want to clarify when I say culture is that I mean the social aspect of life. For example in a neighborhood with poverty, it may be more acceptable to be on welfare, drop out of school, be a drug dealer etc. Not sure if those are bad examples but you get what I'm saying.
  4. Here's what I will say about this. I want to start off by letting everyone know that i am a 32 year old black male. There's a video that's going around recently that tried to show how white privilege is a real thing. I will post the link below. What I will say to this video is myself, I grew up what I would describe as upper middle class. My mother was a postal worker by my dad made a good amount of money as a general manager for a large fastener/tool distribution company in NYC. In all honesty, most of the questions in the video I would have stepped forward to. I myself have experienced racism but I deal with it different from others. I don't complain about it or let it bring me down, I push past it and move forward while chalking it up to ignorance. I do think it's more of a culture problem than a race problem but the fact of the matter is the proportion of minorities living in poverty is much higher than the proportion of white people but like I said even as a black man, I don't know if I have proper perspective on this because I feel I grew up with every opportunity as the white classmates I went to school with. My question to you is what do you think of the idea of it being a cultural problem rather than a race problem? I don't want to cause an argument with anyone here just want to hear another perspective on the issue.
  5. I also think if Max will allow a heavily moderated thread on the subject it would be up to us to refrain from personal attacks. There are some people I don't trust to do that. However, I do remember Max saying that he can ban certain people from threads only now so that may be a good thing if anyone starts going off the rails.
  6. I think it can be important for people to have a civilized discussion on politics but unfortunately it never ends up that way so I understand the strict no politics rule. It's tough because what's going on in the world transcends all aspects of our lives to a certain extent along with the fact that there's no sports to talk about, I can understand why a lot of threads end up with people fighting each other. We live in a world right now where people are the least tolerant of other ideas that I can remember in my lifetime.
  7. The contract issues come with having the season delayed by COVID no? That was my point.
  8. If the Jets were a "commercial real estate" company they would be WeWork.
  9. It is to my understanding that most NFL starting QBs can throw a seemingly perfect deep ball every so often. I can point out perfect deep balls Sam threw to Robby also. We can agree to disagree though but as Jets fans we can only hope Sam does actually take that next step this season.
  10. watched the video. There was alot of running in that video. No truly impressive throws to speak of. I seen him throw into tight single coverage where the receiver made a good play. A couple of completed passes on the slant. The two throws I was really impressed from Darnold here was at time stamps 4:20 and 7:20. Those were the throws I was speaking of making when you are bring dragged down by a defender and still making an accurate on time throw. Not sure how many QBs can do that.
  11. Here comes my defense. He deserves to be the highest paid safety in the league and he can just point to the fact that he was 1st team All Pro last year. Whether the Jets want to give him that money is another argument but I have no problem with him asking to paid higher than any safety in the league. It would be foolish of him not to ask for that.

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