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  1. BallinPB

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    TB never faced adversity as a team during the regular season. When it came to the playoffs, they werent ready for it. I think that's part of the problem why they were swept. CBJ had to play playoff hockey going down the stretch just to get into the playoffs while TB knew they were going to be in for months now. As for our series, I think we stack up particularly well against high end offensive talent. Teams like Tampa, Toronto and Pitt we've done well with this year while bigger teams we will have the problems with i.e. Bruins. All in all great goaltending and defense prevails again.
  2. BallinPB


    This thread was an excellent read. Kudos to the OP for sacrificing himself in butt fumble heaven for this gem.
  3. BallinPB

    2018-2019 Islanders Thread

    Played a great game. The only player I have a problem with is Beau. He seems to get knocked off the puck all the time and turns it over a lot. I wanted to see MDC play but with the way Kuhn played yesterday I'm happy the way it is.
  4. BallinPB

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    He won't be assaulted in jail. Especially since he's going to the feds. Unfortunately I know people who are doing time in the feds and supposedly it's 10x better than doing state time. Some of them even post on social media from the inside which I don't understand at all.
  5. BallinPB

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I’m guessing he won’t get more than 5 years.
  6. BallinPB

    AAF Already Folding?

    The question is what does the XFL have or is going to do for their outcome to differ and be successful?
  7. BallinPB

    Number 3 pick

    I'll take Nelson everyday of the week. Nelson is all pro in his first year while we don't genuinely know what Bosa will be at the NFL level.
  8. Hey friend. You will be happy playing for coach Gase. What's your favorite play? Coach Gase will make sure he has that play ready for you to run. I know this from personal experience.
  9. BallinPB

    Number 3 pick

    I would do it in a heartbeat but the Colts arent going to trade their all pro guard for someone we havent seen play in the league yet.
  10. BallinPB

    Number 3 pick

    Why would they trade their pro bowler and first team all pro guard for the unknown at #3?
  11. BallinPB

    What is Jeremy Bates doing?

    Wikipedia does say QB coach of Redskins but I can't find any articles on it.
  12. Who the hell cares! Let this old man get jacked off in peace for the most likely little remainder he has of his life.
  13. BallinPB

    Jason Myers

    Myers was shaky at the end of the year and very shaky on extra points. He vastly outperformed his value I believe last year.
  14. BallinPB

    Teddy B meeting with Miami now

    I was just going to say I thought he was signing back with the Saints. Nothing should get leaked during the tampering period. Just bombard us with the info the day of free agency.

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