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  1. Ryan Tannehill thriving without Gase by the way for all of you wondering.
  2. 1st team in history to lose to two teams 0-7 or worse should be grounds for firing.
  3. Losing to the Dolphins and Bengals should be grounds for Gase being fired no?
  4. I’m the jackass that benched Russell Wilson for Darnold this week in fantasy.
  5. I find that hard to believe on a team that's mostly black and in a league that's mostly black that the word would ever be used by him at that point of time. In his own home it's very possible but not on the field with all the player there. Also, political leanings mean nothing.
  6. Sam's floor is Andy Dalton and his ceiling is Aaron Rodgers.
  7. Peer pressure is one thing. Broadcasting other people's money situations is another. I'm a firm believer in what's going on in my pockets is between myself and my employer. No one else. The amount of people pocket watching on here is disgusting also. All I see is people talking about he's making millions blah blah blah. So the hell what? What does that have to do with it? That's a contract that was signed by both parties and have nothing to do with the situation.
  8. Did he deserve to get fined. Yes he did. However, the Jets could've gave him a break if he actually took his veteran wife out for lunch on Veterans day. Also I'm not sure the protocol with broadcasting everyone's business for the whole team to see but that also seems a little distasteful.
  9. Todd Bowles was a better coach with this team and sh*ttier players. Gase and his coaching staff are trash.
  10. Nobody is blaming this entirely on Gase. There's still a trail of stench that Macc leftover this franchise that will be felt for the next 1-2 years. Chris Johnson is also getting blame for his timing on firing Mac and his hiring of Gase. Gase is getting the blame for seemingly losing the locker room already, not having the players prepared to play on a week in and out basis and most of all our QB showing signs of regression. His time management last game was very Bowlesesque. Most of you know there was no grace period for this coach being that he was not a first time coach and his losing track record over the previous years. So does Gase deserve most of the blame. I'd say yes. Darnold is the biggest piece to this. He was brought in primarily to help Darnold take his game to the next level and that he is failing at miserably.

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