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  1. Darnold is obviously the player of the game. Without him we would have 7 points on the board at most
  2. It’s ok. He gets a pass for the way he’s performed so far this game..
  3. He spent 28 days in a Boulder CO jail over 5 years ago? They really need more things to write about.
  4. Sam is about to turn this thing around! That's not padding running down his leg.
  5. delete didn't realize same image posted earlier in thread
  6. Throw away the whole offensive line. Good job by Alex Smith not to let the stench next to him make him play poorly.
  7. The only reason I want him to come back because I need to see the progression in his game. We aren't going to the playoffs with this roster but we need to know for sure if Darnold is the guy for the future. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him sit out another few weeks just to make sure his spleen is 100% and then have him come back for the last 9-10 games.
  8. Falk was just bitched out this play. Not only do you hold the ball too long but he almost literally just handed Scandrick the ball. It's like Scandrick was coming in and said "Give me the ball you little pussy" and Falk got scared and gave it up.
  9. Sheesh. We were beat down on the field and in the stands. This year couldn't get any worse.
  10. Ray and Bart blaming the OL more than Falk and they are right. These guys are terrible but I also wonder if the scheme is terrible also.
  11. Keep him out against Dallas also. Hes going to get killed behind that OL.
  12. This is the worst pass defense in the league we are facing. They need to air it out I don't care if he's a 3rd string QB or not.
  13. I legit said this when Darnold was diagnosed. The OP and I in another thread suggested trading for a legitimate back up QB in case Siemian stunk up the place and we were killed for it. Well Siemian stunk it up and had his season ended and we are stuck trotting out Falk like some sort of JV NFL squad.

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