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  1. I kind of respect Manish here. He comes with at least some points on why he critized McCarthy but Benigno and Evans just yell over him when he’s trying to make it.
  2. BallinPB

    Pres wants AB

    Jamal making his thought known on the head coaching search also
  3. I know he is a fierce competitor and I know now wouldn’t be his time to step up and say anything but his personality just doesnt strike me as that type of guy. He reminds me of Eli Manning with his personality. Never going to say much but just do his talking on the field.
  4. Sam doesn’t strike as the guy to voice his opinion other than to say the usual we need to do better and we need to execute better etc.
  5. BallinPB

    Is Mac gone?

    Record can be out on coach and not GM. There are a few games I can think of that Bowles lost based on bad coaching decisions alone.
  6. BallinPB

    Is Mac gone?

    He’s going to get a pass for making the move to get Darnold. My unpopular opinion says to give him 1 more season.
  7. So by your logic I should just sit down and shut up instead of complain about the team I’ve loved since birth through no fault of my own except for my pops?
  8. Nah I can’t do that because I know someone close to me that’s dealing with that and I don’t want to confuse those real life situations with this.
  9. We’ve set the bar so low for the Jets smh
  10. Yes I am and I understand everyone who is older than me dealing with the same frustrations.
  11. No calls for pass interference. Thanks refs
  12. At the age of 31, I would like to see the Jets be good throughout an entire season. I’m so tired of this sh*t. The Patriots have dominated the division my entire adult life and I’m just sick of it already. Even the Rex years we went to conference championship, we never dominated any of those years. It gets tiring year in and year out rooting for a team that can never get it done. I’m literally praying that Sam can change this in the next few years to come.
  13. More than half of their team starters will not make the NFL and even if they do they will not be quality starters in the NFL. Stop making this stupid comparison.
  14. I agree our current team is a joke for NFL standards but to say they would lose to a college team in which most of the team will not even make the NFL is ridiculous.
  15. Tell me how many players on Alabama will be in the NFL?
  16. Well Deion Sanders was great though so idk about this comparison.
  17. Stop with college teams against pro team comparisons. Alabama would have no chance against the Jets realistically.
  18. Im not even mad at Sam trying to make something happen for this sorry ass team.
  19. This photo is all around hilarious. Bowles looks like he’s going to throw a temper tantrum and cry. The ref has a huge pimple in his mustache area. Im not good with faces. Who is that to the left of the ref because he looks like Luis Severino.
  20. BallinPB

    Why does our D suck so badly?

    I didnt. You said ranking doesnt tell the story and I just told you it does.
  21. BallinPB

    Why does our D suck so badly?

    Ranking doesnt tell the full story but it definitely tells a story. You cant tell me anyone ranked 21st in the league is a good defense just like you cant tell me anyone ranked top 10 is a bad defense. Lets not get cute when stats are right in front of us. Im not saying they suck but they certainly arent good.

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