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  1. BallinPB

    One Jets Drive: Tone Setters (Ep. 8)

    They should keep this going throughout the entire season and why not? It's only 15 minute episodes.
  2. BallinPB

    Stephan A Smith: Don’t Jinx Sam Darnold

    I like Stephen A Smith but he should definitely stick to Basketball. Skip Bayless is the worst though.
  3. If I lose, OJ wants to see whoever voted against us.
  4. BallinPB

    OT: Sunday Night Baseball Crew

    Forget the announcers. The Yankees can't win one game out of four in Boston. Wild Card here we come!
  5. wow this matchup is really close now.
  6. BallinPB

    Draft Elimination Rnd 1: nyjunc vs. BallinPB

    I'm not. When I looked at our matchup not to toot my own horn but I knew I was going to win (even though there is still time left). Most of us don't want to take the time to research vintage players who we will have very limited knowledge on. Even if you do happen to research them, all you have to go off is stats which doesn't speak volumes for players in that era.
  7. BallinPB

    Draft Elimination Rnd 1: nyjunc vs. BallinPB

    I understand what you're saying also but at the same time people can't just look past that fact. He may have dominated that era but we all know the competition was not as great.
  8. BallinPB

    Draft Elimination Rnd 1: nyjunc vs. BallinPB

    I like how you tried to spin this your way here. The problem with this is alot of your guys are old school football players before modern era. They werent as athletic back then and the league didnt have as many teams. So you trying to justify your team is better by mostly naming 1st team all pros is null and void. My offense is superior. I'm killing you at the skill positions. Our defenses are closer but my linebackers are filled with great all around players I think I have the edge there.