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    Can we trade back for Darnold and sit him for the next 4 years and try this 9 year development thing?
  2. He lost me at he doesn't blame anything on the coach.
  3. Well it’s not like any of the receivers were lighting it up when the game was in reach.
  4. I would give him more time if he wasn't terrible last year. However when you have the worst QB rating in the league, I'm not sure if I would call it "unfair" to move on quickly.
  5. I get some of the defensive players pointing to some of the success they had today. Saleh is inexcusable.
  6. It’s the way they did it. Daboll played for the win with the two point conversion call. That’s a winning mentality. It could’ve gone wrong but the fact that he put his trust in his offense and took that chance is something I can’t see Saleh ever doing.
  7. Daboll has balls. He coached them to that win. Saleh doesn’t even compare.
  8. His drop was bad but still easily our most productive receiver until Wilson develops more. I’m not upset with him as he still had 77 yards with Flaccid as QB.
  9. Honestly who cares when we don’t have a QB. Davis isn’t the problem.
  10. The point is just because you may think or the Jets say they are high on Wilson doesn't mean they are actually high on him.
  11. Injured last year, injured this year. I don't really care about how the organization may have ****ed this up. Wilson has now shown to be a crappy player and now injury prone. If he doesn't at least play like a top 20 QB when he returns then we should be looking to draft a QB next year. At the very least top 20 but I'm looking for him to be top half. We are currently wasting our best all around roster in years.
  12. This team may have flashes but the pessimistic side of me says that we still have a big question mark at QB and I have no real confidence in the defense even though talent wise "on paper" it has been upgraded. We can only wait and find out but I'm thinking realistically 6-7 wins and hoping that I'm wrong and we can get more.
  13. I would really hate to trade Mims only to find out he was just adjusting his first two years and goes off. I would just keep him and he will get the opportunity at some point to prove himself this year. Trading him for anything less than a 3rd would not be good IMO being as more than likely that mid to late round pick we use will not work out.
  14. Saleh said we have 3 starting caliber QBs and I’m not sure we even have one at this point.
  15. I grudgingly put Brady 1. Followed by Rice, LT, Sanders and Manning.
  16. Bryce hall has been abused. Terrible game I know he’s better than this.
  17. I'd recognize him and most of you here would also so I don't know how this is unbelievable.
  18. Let me know when he lights it up when the game count.
  19. Actually I just realized the other thread was about the QB Pickett. Either way I think people are overreacting to 1 preseason game.
  20. I don't think we needed another thread about this guy.
  21. Sure. They meant Streveler. A guy who showed up in preseason game against backups over a guy who had the best game a Jets QB has had in 20 years against the AFC champions. I think you have it right.
  22. If Zach is done then I’m all in. Boom or bust.
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