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  1. If Zach is done then I’m all in. Boom or bust.
  2. I'm most excited about Mims tbh. An injury will happen during the season where he'll be able to step in to a more important role. It sounds like he was really working this offseason and I believe his potential is off the charts.
  3. I avoided reading this thread because of title until today. I missed out on this glorious conversation. Grown men (some women I'm assuming) getting upset over what a stranger posts. Click the ignore button and move on. It's the internet baby. I just assume most of you are bots.
  4. Let's trade Mims to the Chiefs for Mahomes and a 1st. It would be a steal for the Chiefs.
  5. I don't hate the team. I'm quite optimistic about this season. When you've witnessed consecutive crap seasons like we have the past decade, I don't blame some fans for being pessimistic. It's a show me/prove it attitude. I love the moves that Joe Douglas has made but nothing has been translated on the football field as of yet.
  6. 6 losing seasons in a row. Over a decade out of the playoffs. Fans have every right not to see this.
  7. Which is why I said to see if we can drum up in interest in the main forums for new players. If it's dead then it's dead.
  8. Someone should run a vanilla game and see if you can drum up interest in the main forums for new players to come. Possibly get a couple games in before the start of the season.
  9. I'm ready to provide minimal participation to a game.
  10. I think the fact they are all represented by the same lawyer raises doubt. Doesn't change the fact that you can't defend him. When you seek out massage therapists in the way he does as a professional athlete, it immediately raises red flags. I'm not a pro athlete obviously but I can imagine that once one finds a massage therapist they like and are comfortable with that they stick with them. Let alone the fact that I'm sure the team provides them. Deshaun just needed to hit up instagram girls I guess to find his perfect one.
  11. At best, Deshaun Watson is a sexual deviant. I can't see him playing this season at this point. He should be focusing on settling his cases and getting some help for some obvious perverted practices that he's into.
  12. I was completely caught off guard with this move. What the hell is Lou thinking here?
  13. Hey Mike- wondering what you think the Yankees chances of finishing the season 156-6? I'll hang up and listen.
  14. Woody Johnson the comedian:
  15. I knew this was going to happen when he declined to join the board. Says he would reconsider his stake in twitter also if it doesn't go through. Puts twitter in a hardball position.
  16. I'm up in the air. If the product is good I'll watch.
  17. Wish I can but definitely don't have the time for it.
  18. I was probably way too drunk at a local bar to even remember half the game. That halftime show however was great! The only one that rivals imo was Bruno Mars.
  19. Where's Jetsfanshawn to bring life back to this forum?
  20. Special teams we excel at though. However one day.....
  21. 26th ranked offense and 32nd ranked defense in yards. The whole team needs weapons!
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