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  1. I have a couple years to think about whether I want to pay $15K a year to send my daughter to a much better but not great private school then to send her to public school in a sh*tty district. I live in a nice neighborhood also it's just the school district borders suck ass. There has to be a better way.
  2. Imagine is Flores has a text from Ross: "Yo bro. Brady just landed. Meet you at the boat. -SR P.S. 100K on the table"
  3. I can get behind that. Like I said this thread has gone off-topic which is bound to happen whenever race is brought up because of the differing opinions everyone has. But I can get behind the time will tell whether he is right or not.
  4. This is a great point. Blacks who immigrate from other countries do particularly much better than blacks who are already here for some reason. I can imagine it's cultural but I don't want to dive too deep into that.
  5. There's a difference in talking about a complex subject like we are than whether Joe Biden, Trump or Reagan said something before a SC appointment. If you don't understand that then I don't know what to say.
  6. Do you have a problem or something? I said you may have a point on that and race may play a factor in it yet you keep with your passive aggressive comments. I didn't say I doubt I said i would need to look more into research papers on the subject. Am I supposed to just take you on your word?
  7. There is a great black conservative economist Glenn Loury. Hes older now in his 70's but still hosts a regular show on youtube. Writes articles and is highly published for his work. I suggest taking a listen to him as he discusses these subjects in detail and has great insight.
  8. So the question is. Why is that? Have to dig a little deeper to understand why that is. Any social scientist would be looking at the data in this group and dissecting it to understand exactly what that problem is. I would need to look at some actual research papers and not a New York Times article to make any conclusions about that. But I can say that you may be making a point about that. It doesn't refute the fact that black kids from rich families will have more success than poor or middle class kids from white families so in fact it's more about wealth than race even though race may play a role.
  9. I don't subscribe to the NY Times and cant read that article. How does it refute what I said though. You think a rich black kid isn't miles ahead of a poor/middle class white kid in being successful?
  10. The playing field is based off how much your family has. A well off kid no matter the color is going to miles ahead to their poor or middle class counterpart.
  11. I think in the NBA at least 50% of the coaches are black or at least close to it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Sure I was. Why am I to assume he was lying? Could've possibly been an oversight on his part. Either way it was corrected and I updated my take. The fact that you would think that says a lot about me says more about you.
  13. I didn't know what either of them said. I'm going by what was said here from Peace Frog. I'm not super into politics. Don't make assumptions.
  14. Absolutely if that happened. I think everyone qualified should be considered and you choose the best person no matter skin color or gender.
  15. It's ok to want to choose a black supreme court nominee. But to outright say that you're only going to consider a black woman and not include everyone qualified of all races and gender is just downright wrong.
  16. There is a difference when saying you're only going to consider black supreme court justice than just picking one. Biden shouldn't have said anything and just picked one but now you have the prospect of someone more qualified being shut out because they don't fit that certain identity.
  17. So what he is white? This is divisive. He can't have a valid opinion because of his skin color?
  18. I'm not in favor of a lottery simply because I don't believe ownership/GM's have the true capability to pull it off. Usually coaches and players won't get behind it because it reflects poorly on their future. Case and point when the Miami Dolphins unloaded all their good players and still won 5 games. Then the case where you may have a horrible team trying hard to win that doesn't get one of the top picks in the next draft. It may create a perpetual cycle of terrible teams.
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