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  1. Unless you're rich. Then they don't care what color you are as long as you can afford to be in the club.
  2. Agreed I'm done talking about race. Let's just sh*t on the Dolphins and hope they get the NFL equivalent of the NCAA death penalty.
  3. Not necessarily. The job wasn't officially taken. I know companies who are enamored with a candidate and will say this is our guy but will continue the scheduled interviews for due diligence. Possibly a wow factor from a candidate coming in or in case the the guy they want somehow falls through.
  4. I really hope the Miami thing is true. If it's true how many draft picks do we think they end up losing? 2 consecutive first rounders? 1 1st and 1 2nd?
  5. We need more disgustingly wealthy black people. The wealthy hang with the wealthy.
  6. In your opinion my brotha just like this is my opinion. Everyone can think for themselves and nobody is going to think the same.
  7. So you're saying the evidence you have is circumstantial and also doesn't take into account personality, relationship with others players, coaches, ownership etc.?
  8. I asked a simple question because he said there isn't enough black coaches in the league. So I asked what the appropriate amount of coaches he feels is needed. I didn't say anything about significant I believe so I'm not sure where that came from. Do I believe there's racism. Sure. It's everywhere and it will never go away as long as people are different from one another because human beings are imperfect. Do I believe racism significant in this day of age. I don't believe that it is significant in the civilized world. I believe any significant racism is confined to a small hick town somewhere in Mississippi who now live on the fringes of society. I can get behind there being black owners in the league. I'm happy to support that and wish one of the 7 black billionaires would take the initiative in buying the Broncos maybe part of a collective minority group. I'm also happy to support more black GM's and coaches but I want that decision to be based on whether they actually earn that position over the others they are going against and not just by the color of their skin. If there's is any actual evidence that someone was not hired based on the color of the skin then I will be in full support of getting that owner the **** out of here. However, i'm not in full support of claiming racism just because there aren't what people feel to be enough black coaches in the league.
  9. IDK about that. As much as people change teams in the league, coaches, gm's etc. I'm sure this thing goes on with every team all the time. Everyone has friends in different organizations.
  10. There's no rule against John Mara getting information from Belicheck I don't think. If they are friends then I would assume they talk about football stuff all the time.
  11. I would love to see the evidence of the tanking offer. If it's true that there's evidence and Ross fired Flores after the season he had then Ross is a moron.
  12. How do you go about proving this or are we just going to assume that this is the way a person thinks now?
  13. In defense here, people here use the excuse how did this (insert white man) get a head coaching job over (insert black coordinator who's been in the league many years coaching). It happens both ways. I'm sure Brian Flores got the job in Miami over many seemingly more qualified candidates he went against.
  14. Well to assume that its based on race is to assume that there needs to be quota of black coaches in the league and the quota of black coaches are actually more qualified/deserving than the white coaches that are in their place. Who knows if that's true or not? But to jump to race just because the equality of the outcome is not what you want is stupid.
  15. BINGO! Which is why I cringed when you said "white men" as if people of the same race or gender can't have differing opinions.
  16. Interesting how white men can tell me a black man about what’s racist. am I doing this right?
  17. I think it’s 26-1 right and now and who knows? To say that it’s based on racism though is simple minded however.
  18. Because I don't put any emphasis on skin color which is why I don't care that it's mostly white coaches. I do not believe owners are not hiring the candidates because they are black. I believe they are hiring the best candidates because they want to win no matter their skin color.
  19. Yeah I think that's crazy. If you want to it to be aligned with the population of the country then the answer should be 4. I don't think it should be aligned with the league because it's not like its a requirement for you to play in the league to become a coach. I disagree with any quota though as once again I believe putting emphasis on skin color is stupid.
  20. Conjured up by white libs and black radicals who shout why my family should feel that calling it "master" bedroom is racist. Craziness I tell you.
  21. Why do the Giants need to have a black coach? This is what I'm talking about. People worry about race too much when it's just a skin color and not indicative of who a person is.
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