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  1. Didn't they interview 2 black candidates before Flores? I also hate the Rooney rule so I'm not going to go into that.
  2. Went to the interview even though he had information that he wasn't going to get the job and is upset that he can't work for his childhood team. I know companies that will keep scheduled interviews even though they basically decided on their candidate in case a wow factor come in from another person or something unforeseen happens with chosen candidate. Easy out...RACISM!!
  3. It's because nothing is clear cut in a hiring process. Unless there's some messages or tape of an organization saying we are not hiring Flores because he is black then how can it be clear cut?
  4. Then I see people in this thread and another thread screaming about "the middle aged white man are telling on themselves here" when I agree with those people and I'm about the exact opposite of a middle aged white man. It's bullsh*t virtue signaling.
  5. When someone screams racism when it's not as clear cut as that. There are many things that go into a hiring process and to just say it's racist that someone doesn't hire you bothers me when it's complex.
  6. I feel this type of thing marginalizes black people. It doesn't sit well with me which is why I rail against it. It categorizes a whole race when we are all individuals and skin color is one describing factor of us, not all of it and certainly not the most important part. It really irks me.
  7. Didn't the players come to Kaeps defense? I do feel with the sportsbooks they don't want to go down that rabbit hole but I guess we have to see what evidence Flores has if any.
  8. Any chance they had word this was coming beforehand and started looking into it? I just don't think would dismiss it as without merit without having more information. I read through some of the complaint and was immediately put off by all the grandstanding in it.
  9. No I don't and I don't really care who Malcolm would've ****ed with. That's a meaningless thing to say.
  10. Might be a blessing this story came out now rather than after super bowl though. In a week everyone will be talking about super bowl again. Hopefully a couple more black head coaches will get hired and this will take a back seat I believe.
  11. I’m just saying. He has to have at least 7 Brian’s in his phone. I have 3 and I don’t have nearly the amount of contacts that Bill has. He just so happens to text Flores whos competing with Daboll? My point is not so far fetched to think it was on purpose. Granted it’s more likely to be an accident but I wouldn’t put it past Beli to just be a dick. In the unlikely event he happened to do it on purpose I’m also sure he didn’t realize Flores was about to unleash a bomb on the entire league.
  12. The fact that the NFL came with a statement saying the claims he’s making is “without merit” tells me a lot. Usually they say something like “we will investigate the matter” or “ we take these claims very seriously”. I think Flores received some bad legal advice. Does anyone know anything about the law firm representing him.
  13. I don’t see any motivation on Beli’s part unless he knew the extent of dissatisfaction with the hiring process and Miami that Flores was feeling. Thus Beli in a sinister way decided to shake things up and **** with Flores in a way to appear “accidental”. Let the conspiracy theories begin.
  14. Yes. Maybe bad wording to say all of those but I’m sure Belicheck has other Brian’s in his phone. A man like him has 1000’s of contacts so I’m sure he has his last name attached. You just happen to tell me he texted Brian Flores the man interviewing for the same job by accident? Of course it’s possible but I just find it hard to believe.
  15. The fact that the law firm rushed the complaint to put it out on the first day of black history month also seems a bit like a tacky PR move also.
  16. Believing someone at face value with no proof making all of the allegations Flores is making is generally not smart. What you are saying is all circumstantial and speculative.
  17. Belicheck probably didn’t think Flores would go full scorched earth and try to sue everyone also.
  18. Yeah the name definitely grew on me.
  19. Leftwich will definitely get his chance and I believe Bowles will get a second chance. Bienemy is interesting. He’s very successful as a coordinator but people says he’s a bad interviewer. Keyshawn went on a rant the other day about so what if he’s a bad interviewer and I completely disagree. If you can’t come into an interview with a proper plan and vision on how you are going to build the team and make it a winner why should any ownership take a chance and pay millions for that? I’m not saying that’s what it is but it is what has been reported.
  20. Bill is old but not dumb. I just can’t fathom honestly how he would send that text message to Flores even though they have the same name especially when he’s interviewing for the same job. My grandma wouldn’t make that mistake.
  21. Two things. I find it hard to believe that BB sent all those texts to Flores by accident. I also find it hard to believe he sent all of those texts on purpose. Confusing.
  22. Giants as collateral damage to get Flores ticked off and out Miami. This is just wild speculation by the way lol.
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