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  1. Speak for yourself and don’t speak for all black people please. I have my own thoughts about this subject which I’m not going to share but don’t want to be categorized based off the color of my skin. Thanks.
  2. This story will die down as does everything. In a year we will hear that Flores settled with the parties for an undisclosed amount. Flores will never coach in the league again. Simple!
  3. That's really the only thing that concerns me with Davis. He doesn't wrap up to make a tackle. He did start making plays and creating turnovers towards the end of the season so he is definitely someone you can work with to see if he can take that next step. I believe he can be a starter for sure.
  4. Definitely going to be an average safety in the league and that's fine for where you got him. He was better as the season progressed.
  5. Statement is compleyely false.. who is our chase ?? I said we knew Burrow was special his rookie year. Chase wasn’t in the league then.
  6. We already knew franchise QB is everything. Unfortunately for the Jets, Zach Wilson has not shown he’s half the QB Joe Burrow is. So we need a complete team around him at the moment to accomplish that. It can change sure but we knew Joe Burrow was special in his rookie year before he got injured. I can’t say the same for Wilson.
  7. It sucks that Josh Allen is really really good.
  8. Never said that. I just said it's not right to use points as a comparison in the different eras. I know one thing for sure and that's Gretzky would not put up those type of numbers in today's NHL. Would he still be the best? We will never know.
  9. This doesn't prove anything. Gretzky played in an era where the defense was crap and goalie pads were thin. You can watch old games where the defense is practically standing around not doing anything but watching him score. Not to take anything away from Gretzky but the talent level of the league as a whole is much much better.
  10. Yeah no. Gretzky played in an era with no defense and goalies with smaller pads. While he was "The Great One" and clearly the best of his time, I'd make an argument that McDavid today is a much better athlete than him.
  11. Jordan still the GOAT out of every sport.
  12. Imagine saying this about the only All-Pro player on this roster.
  13. I live in Rockland County NY and the stadium is a nice 40 minute drive. It is very accessible from everywhere except probably Long Island and that's the problem since a lot of fans live out there.
  14. The last month of Sam Darnolds rookie season was easily top 10 QB in the league. I don't get excited about a few games. Show me over the course of the entire season. I'm not encouraged by a good game or two from Zach Wilson. Only thing that will encourage me is seeing it next year starting from the beginning of the season.
  15. You’re not going to hear it because I pulled that number out my ass. Lol. But my point being was don’t let a mildly above average game cloud your take on where this game stands overall.
  16. Need more production out of him. No way you can be great with only 200 yards week in and out. Hopefully that changes with the addition of better playmakers next year. Good game from him today. Encouraged by his lack of turnovers recently and today by his ability to fit the ball into the tight windows. This is a definite moving in the right direction game.
  17. Bengals Easily a more exciting game and a win. Now Zach Wilson had a good game but if 220 yards and 1TD is getting you excited enough to call this the best game in 6 years then your expectations are set low. Definitely Zach’s best pro game but Darnold still had better games his rookie year than Wilson. In particular I remember a game against the Packers where Darnold threw for 350 And 3TDs. Hindsight is always 20/20. Just saying.
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