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  1. Rest In Peace to a legend.
  2. Yesterday was Zach Wilson's best game as a pro. Hopefully he can finish the season strong. He needs to show more passing the ball.
  3. Doesn’t matter who’s playing with him. The best he’s done in a game s mediocre and that’s a fact. Average at best. Once a year. One half per game maybe. I’m not trying to pile on but enough with the damn excuses and make the plays. The best QB’s make wide receivers into stars. Not saying Zach is one of the best QB but that’s what we are striving for right?
  4. Just another well below average game from him. Good 1st half and did nothing in the 2nd. Passer rating 80 which will put him in the 27th in the league range if we are going by season statistics and I’m sure he will be the same with QBR. Same completion percentage well below average yardage. Weapons aren’t good but there’s nothing coming from Zach screaming he’s going to be ok.
  5. So I happened to go to the Jaguars message board to see their reactions and what do you know….cookiemonster has took his Schtick over there.
  6. I can’t believe this thread was started right before he was fired. This is awesome!!
  7. This is the thing. We saw more out of Darnold than we see out of Wilson and I would argue with the same quality of weapons. This is a bad omen. This is why I’m firmly off the Zach Wilson train. I will gladly eat crow if he does a complete 180. I want him to succeed. The last thing I want for this team is to waste another 3 years only to see another QB fail however. I get it. He will be here next year even though I think the writing is on the wall now. I’m not a scout and don’t see him in practice so I will let them be the judge.
  8. I’d respect it more if they would just own up to it and say we ****ed this up. it’s a business though so I understand why they are doing what they are but it’s unfair to the fans.
  9. It was thrown by Tom Brady. Of course he caught it. If it was thrown by Wilson it would’ve been a tipped pick six.
  10. He threw for 251 yards still that game. Zach Wilson has only done that once. All im saying is he’s a better option than Wilson if you want to win games. Sorry I want to go with the QB who had the best game in a Jets uniform in decades. I’ve see enough of Wilson and think he’s a bust.
  11. While there may be no Kyler Murray waiting for us it doesn’t mean you can’t move on from a QB that you determine to be a bust. Also after seeing the major struggles of sure thing Trevor Lawrence, who knows what these QBs will actually be once they get into an NFL game.
  12. Worst QB performance you’ve ever seen against the best defense in the league? You must be getting tired of Zach Wilson because according to QB rating, Zach has only played 3 games better than that terrible performance by Mike White. Against the best defense in the league.
  13. A lot of these “analysts” and “experts” voice their opinions and they don’t watch every game or analyze every play. Do I think Chris Simms took a full day + to review Zach Wilson game tape? Absolutely not. I was on board with Zach and thought he would succeed. Others here particularly in the draft forum were not. I never post there but you have guys there who offer really thorough analysis of players and I believe @win4everdid an extensive breakdown of Wilson voicing his concerns. I believe he saw bad pocket presence, locking onto receivers etc.
  14. Zach doesn’t have this swag also. Important stuff here.
  15. Zach Wilson couldn’t pass for 400 playing himself in Madden.
  16. I don’t see the better arm talent or the “rare” ability. When has he showed this in the NFL?
  17. Exposed against the best defense in the league? I guess you can say that. Threw for 251 yards against them still which Zach only has one game above that I believe. Also 2nd highest against the Bills this season. I find it hard to believe a 400 yard passing game is a fluke. He may not be as good as that number suggests but I don’t believe in the NFL you can luck your way to 400 yards.
  18. No he was average. I guess if you’re talking in relative terms since he is a rookie then you can say he was good. The stats say it was mediocre QB play from Zach last week. Middle of the pack.
  19. Zach Wilson is still the 32nd ranked starting QB in the league folks.
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