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  1. I disagree with this. If you don’t think Wilson is the guy then admit the mistake and move on rather than waste another year.
  2. I know one thing. I don’t see the progress everyone was telling me about last week. If he plays at this level the rest of the year I wouldn’t mind if they moved away from him after only one year.
  3. There is literally nothing you can point to and back up this claim. I can give you stats from Darnolds rookie year that are light years ahead from any game Wilson has played.
  4. Who’s better than Darnold? I hope you aren’t saying Wilson is.
  5. They leave out the part where Manning threw for almost 4000 yards and 26 TDs
  6. Saints are ranked 14th in defense. It’s an average defense.
  7. He should’ve caught that but every ******* throw is off.
  8. Dude came in and hung 400 yards yet Zach is here struggling at 100 in the 4th quarter. Sorry some are clamoring to see a QB play who made us the most excited in years.
  9. If you think the QB sucking in a very winnable game is the least of our issues then you have the priorities all wrong.
  10. They weren’t accounting for the inevitable Mims penalty that kills a drive.
  11. Wilson is worse than Darnold and that’s super depressing.
  12. "Take your grammatical errors and shove em up your ass."
  13. LMFAO. I thought the bench Wilson this week post was bad but this might take the cake.
  14. Listen I was on the Zach Wilson bandwagon to start the season. Was encouraged by training camp/preseason and thought he would come out strong. I've been disappointed to say the least. I keep hearing words like progress/progressing in this thread and I want to know why we think he's progressing when the Texans game was bad and he had 1 arguably good game after that? I could argue that he progressed when he played good against the Titans and then regressed back to the mean when he went up against the Falcons the next week. For a guy to be progressing you at least need to see 2 games back to back of better QB play. I would argue 3-4 but at least show me 2. Zach has not put together 2 back to back consistent good games yet. I'm a Jet fan so I will root for whoever the QB is on Sunday but I'm super disappointed especially when rookie QB's nowadays are playing much better than what he's shown (except the rookies this year for some reason).
  15. Ohh. These rookies are terrible terrible then. 5 more games at least to right the ship.
  16. Zach has played better than Trevor as of late. For the season as a whole they are around the same which is bottom of the league QB's.
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