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  1. Looking again. Stafford also sprinkled in a 422 yard 5 TD game in his rookie season. I can't even dream about Zach doing that right now.
  2. I did it for you guys. Matthew Stafford. 1st season was a bad 10 games. Injured 2nd season. Broke out 3rd season.
  3. Offense was a 34 year old Reggie Wayne, a young TY and that's it. Nothing else.
  4. Andrew Luck. His OLine was abysmal and not even close to the level of the Jets. Even though it might've also forced him into an early retirement LOL.
  5. You made the point to say "lots" who start this way and can't name one to back up that point.
  6. I'm not sure that's the case in the last 20 years where the the rules have been tailored to favorite passing. That's why 80 is asking for examples because I can't remember a QB having as bad a rookie season and actually becoming successful. I'm sure there's one out there but don't know off the top of my head.
  7. Wait what? LOL. Aaron Rodgers had 59 attempts during his first 3 years. This is a bad person to compare to because he was a backup for 3 years. Do you have anyone else?
  8. Can you name a good QB in the league right now or recently that started as terrible as Wilson has?
  9. Sam Darnold's last 4 games of his rookie season were really good. Let's see if Zach can finish up strong like he did. Hopefully not start year 2 like he did however.
  10. This is a big loss. Despite what others may say, Wilson's best game of the year was thanks to big catches by Corey Davis.
  11. Good rookie QB's can look good on bad teams. Andrew Luck came in playing with the worst offensive line that might've been assembled in history and still looked good. Granted he did have Wayne and a young Hilton but everything else in that offense was terrible. I'm not saying these guys are Andrew Luck or should be but I would think the goal is for them to be able to play well despite not having everything around them be ideal.
  12. I still think the Titans game is the best of his career. I don't think any progress was made unless he puts up a similar or better performance next week. He has to show some consistency.
  13. Zach's best game of the season was against the Titans. I'm not sure if we are even seeing progress.
  14. Trevor Lawrence is playing like crap. We don't need to compare the two just because they are the #1 and #2 pick. They both suck right now.
  15. Mike White will remain a thing here until another Jet QB puts up 400 yds with 3 TD's. Actually give us 300 yards and Mike White may go away.
  16. If you see the writing on the wall now then in theory you should make a move after this season rather than wasting another one. This is for the coaching staff and front office to determine. If the CS and FO don't believe he will take that next step then the worst thing you can do is trot him out for another wasted year because at the end there will not be another chance for JD and Saleh. If yesterday was Zach Wilson's best game then news flash. This game was equal to Josh Rosens best game as a rookie. Need to see more and if you don't, I rather the Jets make the tough decision to move on then trot this crap out again next year.
  17. I'm ready to see a 300 yard 3TD game from Zach. That's a breakout game and honestly need to see this before the end of the year.
  18. The excuse that can justify his second half performance is lack of opportunity especially in the 3rd quarter. The bar is so low here. At this point I'm not looking just for progress. I'm looking for good QB play. The he's a rookie, no weapons etc excuses are just that. Excuses. At some point the QB has to perform in spite of the underwhelming circumstances he's in.
  19. The last 5 weeks will be telling. Every QB progresses differently but I remember the last 4 weeks of Sam Darnolds rookie season where he was playing at a top 10 QB level. He was throwing to Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa and Herndon. He also missed time due to injury. You can't tell me the receivers we have are not better that what he had. We need to see something to end this season to make us optimistic. Obviously Darnold didn't pan out but if he could play that well with his supporting cast then there's no reason Zach can't with his.
  20. Got it! I'm guessing he's the worst at both either way.
  21. Interception percentage which is based among interceptions per game played. Wilson is the worst in the league.
  22. Well at least there is a formula available for how they measure QBR whether it's understood or not. I still don't understand how the hell PFF comes with with their ratings.
  23. I'm going by what's available to the common person. Other than QBR there's no other stat that tells a more full story of how well a QB played that game. QBR is a stat that's not understood by many and even myself to the full extent but when you look week in and out at the QBs that perform well in this and watch how they perform during certain game situations I believe it to be the best barometer. We can talk about the eye test but that is subjective to the person. My eye test shows me Zach was inconsistent and played average yesterday while others here are saying it was "breakout".
  24. Just to put this in context also. Mac Jones has had at least 5 top 10 QBR performances this year. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields have had 2 each. I think QBR is a good stat to base the overall play of a QB off of so I don't think it's too much to ask for Zach to give us a good game in this aspect.
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