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  1. Does this coaching staff not believe in blitzing a 3rd string QB?
  2. Daboll is making this mediocre giants team really good.
  3. If Russ truly lost it, the Broncos are stuck with him really until the end of 2025 At least. They are ****ed if he doesn’t turn it around.
  4. At this point it’s not even a question. Russell Wilson is looking like the Russell Westbrook of the NFL.
  5. Every time I see this video I laugh hysterically.
  6. That they are. Need to play JJ more. I have a feeling he can breakout if given enough snaps.
  7. You’re right I do champion winning so I’m happy about that. However, Zach was bad for most of that game. Terrible throws the whole game. The same things we seen from him last year we are still seeing from him this year. This is cause for concern.
  8. So wait. We champion 250yds 50% completion and 1 TD 2 INTs? I’m sorry but I’m realistic and he did not play a good game today. He made plays at the end but overall it wasn’t a good performance.
  9. Temper your emotions from the win. Overall Zach still played a bad game. Hopefully he can come out next game and be better.
  10. Wilson is bad and the offensive line is bad. Both can be true.
  11. Zach is bad. You can’t tell me he’s better than Flacco.
  12. The way we are playing they don't need any preparation.
  13. This team is literally the worst team I've ever seen at making a stop on 3rd down and I've seen some pathetic teams in that department mostly from the Jets of recent past.
  14. nothing to do with Sauce or Wilson but I would like to see JJ get more snaps. He seems to be around the ball when he does play.
  15. Not sure I would classify this as a "steal" but it's good that JD is at least taking some action here.
  16. Quinnen is playing well. I also like him showing anger during the game. He's not the problem. Maybe he should shut up but I get him trying to back up his teammates.
  17. Agreed. Pittsburgh will also adjust to this seeing as they have a competent coaching staff. Hopefully Lafleur calls a good game and puts him in the best position to succeed.
  18. "He will be better than Flacco" .... I just don't know this to be true. Nothing about how he performed last year can back this up and his limited action in preseason can't back this up so to say he will be better is just hoping he is. I want him to be better and I want him to succeed but I have to see it first and right now I can't say confidently that he will be better than him.
  19. It will be tough but we aren't the only team who has these problems. I expect Zach to get sacked. I won't be mad at Zach if he gets sacked because of a blown assignment from the LT. However, it's the other plays which will evaluate whether we have a franchise QB or not. Let's see him strive when he does have a clean pocket. When he is under pressure what decisions will he make? Just because the OL has injuries and is bad doesn't mean Zach can't perform up to the standards we expect given the situation.
  20. 27-35 369yds 4TD's 1INT AFC Offensive player of the week. Zach's mom rewards him by offering up her hottest friend to use as he pleases.
  21. so we should only see a few more of them this season.....
  22. I don’t want to give up on JD. He’s put the talent there on this team. I understand the whole mantra of it starts at the top. However, this is the most talented team the Jets have had in a long time and JD is responsible for that. However I do believe Saleh is a fraud. He’s on the same level as Adam Gase in my book and at least Gase had the excuse of not having any talent to work with . It’s honestly pathetic for the defense to be this bad. The scheme is terrible and for Saleh to be a defensive guy is inexcusable. I believe the offense just needs an average QB and it will be fine. Too many weapons like we seen last week to play this bad.
  23. The season isn’t over because I can’t rule out a miracle Zach Wilson becoming Pat Mahomes overnight but it’s definitely on the brink.
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