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  1. Mark Sanchez is infinitely better than Wilson and I don’t think it’s close to be honest.
  2. Dude trust me. Don’t put any stock into preseason games. You will end up being disappointed
  3. JFM didn’t cost us this game. He had a bad penalty in a game we were already winning at the time. The lack of QB production cost us this game.
  4. He’s bad. We need to be looking for a QB for next year. This team is too good to waste another year on him.
  5. JFM penalty was a penalty but I hate that a penalty that had no bearing on the actual play gets enforced like that. It should’ve been enforced on the extra point or kickoff.
  6. I'm leaving work because of this. Sick to my stomach.
  7. It's only a bruise guys! He's day to day. (Speaking this in to existence)
  8. You don't see much drop off going from Breece Hall to Bam? I think you may need to get your eyes checked. Respectfully.
  9. I don't think it needs to be stated anymore that his production is terrible. I'm just hoping for a miracle turn around at this point.
  10. I'm holding out hope it's not a tear. Since Zach I'm skeptical on the Jets initial prognosis of injuries.
  11. When the most optimistic Jets poster is telling us that the QB is bad then the QB is bad my friends.
  12. Zach throwing for 300 yards is a pipe Dream.
  13. This is just wrong. I said after last year I wouldn’t mind them deciding after 1 year if he’s not the one a la the Cardinals with Rosen. You don’t need to put a timeline or amount of games on whether you decide if a QB has it or not.
  14. I say this because Tannehill is what I consider to be a mediocre QB. I think if average nothing special QB was defined he would be it. Zach is worse than that. I really don’t think it’s even close and anyone watching games and not trying to make excuses should see that. At the end of day I’m behind him but there’s literally nothing from last year to this year to suggest he will become anything more than he is.
  15. To put in perspective. If Ryan Tannehill is the QB we would be in a much better position than we are with Zach.
  16. He’s bad but the are winning for now. However this is not sustainable. I’m convinced that even with an average QB we are playoff team. At this point we have to ride with him. I personally don’t see him getting any better and I hope I’m wrong.
  17. Zach Wilson is bad. I hoped he would turn it around before the year but at this point I think he is who he is. You can’t waste another year on him with this roster if he keeps this up.
  18. Zach Wilson is holding us back. This team is a playoff team with an average QB.
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