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  1. Injured last year, injured this year. I don't really care about how the organization may have ****ed this up. Wilson has now shown to be a crappy player and now injury prone. If he doesn't at least play like a top 20 QB when he returns then we should be looking to draft a QB next year. At the very least top 20 but I'm looking for him to be top half. We are currently wasting our best all around roster in years.
  2. This team may have flashes but the pessimistic side of me says that we still have a big question mark at QB and I have no real confidence in the defense even though talent wise "on paper" it has been upgraded. We can only wait and find out but I'm thinking realistically 6-7 wins and hoping that I'm wrong and we can get more.
  3. I would really hate to trade Mims only to find out he was just adjusting his first two years and goes off. I would just keep him and he will get the opportunity at some point to prove himself this year. Trading him for anything less than a 3rd would not be good IMO being as more than likely that mid to late round pick we use will not work out.
  4. Saleh said we have 3 starting caliber QBs and I’m not sure we even have one at this point.
  5. I grudgingly put Brady 1. Followed by Rice, LT, Sanders and Manning.
  6. Bryce hall has been abused. Terrible game I know he’s better than this.
  7. I'd recognize him and most of you here would also so I don't know how this is unbelievable.
  8. Let me know when he lights it up when the game count.
  9. Actually I just realized the other thread was about the QB Pickett. Either way I think people are overreacting to 1 preseason game.
  10. I don't think we needed another thread about this guy.
  11. Sure. They meant Streveler. A guy who showed up in preseason game against backups over a guy who had the best game a Jets QB has had in 20 years against the AFC champions. I think you have it right.
  12. If Zach is done then I’m all in. Boom or bust.
  13. I'm most excited about Mims tbh. An injury will happen during the season where he'll be able to step in to a more important role. It sounds like he was really working this offseason and I believe his potential is off the charts.
  14. I avoided reading this thread because of title until today. I missed out on this glorious conversation. Grown men (some women I'm assuming) getting upset over what a stranger posts. Click the ignore button and move on. It's the internet baby. I just assume most of you are bots.
  15. Let's trade Mims to the Chiefs for Mahomes and a 1st. It would be a steal for the Chiefs.
  16. I don't hate the team. I'm quite optimistic about this season. When you've witnessed consecutive crap seasons like we have the past decade, I don't blame some fans for being pessimistic. It's a show me/prove it attitude. I love the moves that Joe Douglas has made but nothing has been translated on the football field as of yet.
  17. 6 losing seasons in a row. Over a decade out of the playoffs. Fans have every right not to see this.
  18. Which is why I said to see if we can drum up in interest in the main forums for new players. If it's dead then it's dead.
  19. Someone should run a vanilla game and see if you can drum up interest in the main forums for new players to come. Possibly get a couple games in before the start of the season.
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