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  1. lawyers guns and money

    Cimini podcast

    What’s the podcast called? Not seeing it on my iphone
  2. lawyers guns and money

    After 50 years I’m losing interest in this franchise.

    Ive been a season ticket holder is 99... and I too feel this way. It just isnt fun. Going to games used to be the most fun thing ever. Going to the new stadium is a choir. The place sucks the life out of you. Its a terrible experience in every way.... and when the product on the field is just a disaster... Ill keep going, but as a new dad and my time becoming less my own, i am not sure how much longer I can make it a priority
  3. lawyers guns and money

    Game Observations (DET)

    On a side note, has there been any explanation on the Tate touchdown? I have not seen anything.
  4. lawyers guns and money

    Game Observations (DET)

    Watching it live, you could see it coming because of Anderson's movement. He completely gave it away, his turn was enlongated. I am not sure how much is on the design and what is on the execution by anderson
  5. lawyers guns and money

    Browns cut Mychal Kendricks

    it was the initial underlying investigation. She sold DNDN to avoid losses when a board member told her they failed a trial or something like that. But her attempts to cover it up and lying to the feds is what landed her in jail. Feds made an example of her for the cover up. The amount of money she saved was negligible considering her net worth. If she didnt lie and payed the money back she saved, she likely would have avoided jail.
  6. lawyers guns and money

    Browns cut Mychal Kendricks

    Martha wented updtate cause she lied about it and tampered with evidence
  7. lawyers guns and money

    Antonio Garcia at OTAs??

    Has anyone seen a report if he was at OTAs? If so, anything on how he looked size wise? Where he is health wise? Thanks

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