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  1. Did BB just win a SB with Brady and the offense being virtually nonexistent.
  2. I dont get it w you. You recognize him as the GOAT or close to it but go out of your way to claim he is nothing w out brady.. He is universally thought as such and nobody not his fellow coaches or players claim it's only cause of Brady but YOU. Wow man, wow..
  3. I like to think if I wanted my account deleted I would of done it myself.
  4. If this Brady magic you trying to imply is what took place, then he would of never have been a 6 round pick.... you better than this man.....
  5. Ha ha @ at they humiliated themselves... Cause a jet fan said it on the net then you know it has to be true. How dare a team move to the suburb of a city and change their name... Shame! Shame!
  6. Wow!! What makes up the states of New England boys n girls...with Massachusetts and Connecticut being a part of that. About 20 mins from Boston is Foxboro. Foxboro is a part of Mass and Mass. is a part of N.E. so I will let you figure the rest out.. And unpopular to the uninformed here in this thread Connecticut was never made up of 100 percent giant fans and definitely not 80 percent giants with a tiny..tiny...little bit being jet fans ...Connecticut has always been split geographically from Boston to n.y. in terms of any sport..fact not opinion And nor did they strategically change their name to lore away any n.y. fan for any reasons.....it just made sense to call themselves N.E. I know...I know we all cant be as intelligent as you.... U do momma "jet nut" so proud everytime you log on... Still waiting on my Easter dinner invite..well now it would just have to be a summer time BBQ...
  7. What team are you talking about here? You mentioned the celtics now your back to the Patriots?? I didnt mentioned any Boston team moving to the same area but still changed their name.. I know foxboro is not boston..so why continue to be called boston... Your last paragraph makes no sense...the name change has nothing to do with n.y...let me know when did v.t., n.h, Maine, Connecticut started a pro team that the Patriots were trying to steal away their fans.. like why are you even debating this crap that happened in the 70s ...to another franchise..?? why did the jets experienced some type of success around then that the record books missed or something? reaching hard
  8. I know...I actually was given it the benefit of the doubt.... I should of known..empty victory, ok got it. Also never said the NFL had the ray rice tape..I said "if"
  9. First off it's a business...they could of destroyed the tapes so the footage doesn't get shown over and over again...that looks bad for the business.. You think the NFL wanted the ray rice video footage out to the public, if they could of gotten that destroyed they would of too.. Again...there was no hard evidence(facts). It was stated as such...The owners control the nfl...if something that scandalous had gone on..the owners would of made more of an issue out of it, reporters would of kept digging and digging to unearth this major cover up...(i.e. the NBA and their ref scandal) Letting players play with Domestic abuse charges, the flag issue, etc is/was more damaging to this billionaire business than this belief from a minority of people who believe the Patriots taped a walk through and the owners allow the NFL to cover it up. Those players have nothing but opinions...that's why they get ask the question, because it makes for good t.v.
  10. And about the field goal theory..this works against your sour grapes... Cause if the Pats had "cheated" why only win by 3 points? And if you watched the game earlier that season between the two. The game was close to the fact Mike Martz didnt want to play them again cause of how tough they play them Defense wins championships.. Same story played out during the 07 Pats run vs the giants...played in the reg season was a tough game, played in the superbowl and lost a very tough game where Brady got beat up. Defense always kicks a good offenses ass.. Happened to Manning n the Broncos as well... Pats vs the chiefs in the AFC this past year
  11. So let me get this right..I'm suppose to ask M.Faulk, I.Bruce and even E.Dickerson if they were taped? eventhough them themselves have no hard evidence even when asked they can't pull up any hard evidence.. They just cant get over the fact that they were upset by the underdog But we aren't going to take the word of the NFL who already came out and said after looking at the tapes, there was no evidence of a walk through being taped (ESPN showed some of those tapes during that time as well..) Again...Goodell works for the owners, why would the owners cover up or allow the NFL to cover up such a "big scandal" if it's not beneficial them? The owners care about themselves and their bottomline.... To keep this up is asinine and not too far from claiming some type of conspiracy theory.. Again just sour grapes...
  12. I apologize for misunderstanding your post.
  13. You mentioned the 85 bears like that was the type of defense that was played continuously in that era. It wasn't, especially with every team (talking from a talent level), that is why they are considered all team greats and to say Brady doesn't play with tough competition, is invalid. He had "the Manning in his prime" colts (despite how many times Manning would choke in the playoffs), the steelers, the ravens and then the broncos with Manning (Brady's SBs werent easy). He has had some walls to go through. Really, so QBs were laughed out the league because they would duck from hits? That is not true. Picture a coach telling his GM we can't use him anymore because although he is talented he ducks from being sacked??? huh..what? Brady would go against the 85 bears the same way he had to deal with the ravens and the giants...again...these QBs take hits...it's completely asinine to claim they aren't tough now because of the rule changes....they play professional football and fast forward to today's game the Bradys, The Brees, Rodgers have seen that 85 bears defensive scheme before.
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