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  1. That's not an attack...that's just me getting into the xmas spirit.
  2. Yea. Stress less. You'll live longer...oh and a healthier diet too.
  3. I been here for how long now? I mean i made one comment that YOU CHOSE TO ADDRESS... You have the floor whenever you like.. but you sure wanna to be fixated on something that really ain't that serious. My comment nor the pat fans. Just saying..
  4. I honestly didnt see it on tv but from my understanding they were booing the ref..but if they were and we know how everything out of new England gets over hyped So the f what..like grow up. Fans boo..they pay money to do and say what they like out there.(to a point).you really give a "F" how a Pats fan act In their stadium...ha ha Same exact crap jets fans would do if the roles of success had switched. Dont even pretend that's not true. And keep that "you" out your post. Cause you damn sure didnt see me out there or known me to irrationally boo sh*t.
  5. So...pats fans cant act.like "fans"? I mean after all, this is the fan base that after a couple bad games talked about trading Sam Darnold.. I mean fans be trippin' what u want from me..ha ha
  6. Pls..pls stop with this false narrative that all Pats fans are bandwagon jumpers. I been a fan before drew Bledsoe got there...
  7. You do realize who their coach is right? Its not Adam Gase..and with you guys in the division....NOTHING will look too bad. I will worry if I have to. After BB retires...but I won't then either.
  8. Ahhh..the sounds of a 5 win team who barely beat a purposely tanking dolphins team... Always fun to read.
  9. What you mean might? What more you need to see?
  10. I think he also had a chance to play for the ravens as well but I think he didnt like the money they were offering him....
  11. I agree w everything Tom said as well..but there is nothing to hate him(kap) for as posters here and football fans alike are doing I myself being black I would say just like Whitlock said of kap..I think he is a fraud to a degree. He started a storm that he was never expecting it to balloon the way it did. He was never equipped to carry that social justice torch but he seems to have seized an opportunity...so I like that he brought awareness but I look to others who are intelligently speaking more to the actual problem than really stressing kap. On the football side I think he was done 3 years ago..teams started figuring him out. He never developed a touch..he just threw fast balls all the time.
  12. But it's the ones who do not like it that are getting all bent out of shape about his opinions....which he has never harmed or killed anyone for or in general..
  13. Ahh one of my favorite topics... Freedom of speech, as long as it's something YOU agree with...
  14. I dont get why do you guys want josh Gordon. a team who needs wide out help let him go. That should tell you something.
  15. He has done nothing for the Pats in the little time he has played. Why would you want him? And if AB didnt want to play for the raiders making 40 mill, why would he want to come to the jets now?

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