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  1. ghost_in_pads02

    Pats are winning the super bowl

    I think they will be able to hold the pats run game in check. They are a bigger line(Dline) than the chargers were...
  2. ghost_in_pads02

    Pats are winning the super bowl

    As a pats fan, I see the chiefs winning this game... Saints being the SB champs..
  3. ghost_in_pads02

    Does the Patriots dynasty end today?

    Nope he did not. His bonus was performance base..he didnt reach it.
  4. ghost_in_pads02

    Does the Patriots dynasty end today?

    You made a inaccurate statement. No proof what so ever. They cut players they dont want to pay or let go But more importantly, so if you claim the Pats are paying players under the table...you figured that out all by yourself huh.. than why hasn't the NFL figured it out?? What there's a conspiracy..Goodell cheating for the pats?
  5. ghost_in_pads02

    Who is the best quarterback of all time?

    You really trying to debate using "if's" ha ha And your sec time ignoring the falcon superbowl comeback...
  6. ghost_in_pads02

    Who is the best quarterback of all time?

    Wait...wait...soo Pete Carroll had something to do with the Pats putting up the points to comeback right? Oh...let's look pass the 28-3 comeback against the falcons... the greatest comeback in SB history.. Come on....do better.
  7. ghost_in_pads02

    Who is the best quarterback of all time?

    For those that blame the rule changes. You do realize you talking about superior athletes right and you talking about the QB position which you have to be intelligent enough to play.. So a superior QB wouldnt figure out how to play QB in 80s or 90s?? Wow...these kind of threads show you who has no business talking sports.. Remember brady came back twice in his last two SBs 28-3 vs the falcons..that was the same falcon team that beat the sh*t out of Rodgers a few weeks before... Came back against seahawks as well...they also beat the ish out of a.rodgers too Just say U cant leave out rings or superbowl games because it's the highest level a team and or athlete can reach..
  8. ghost_in_pads02

    Who is the best quarterback of all time?

    Montana's 49ers, meanwhile, apparently used to engage in some light rule circumvention of their own. Earlier this offseason, Jerry Rice -- only the best receiver ever -- admitted to using stickum on his hands during his playing career. Rice said he knows that practice was "a little illegal," but also maintained that "all players did it." (A line of defense, it should be noted, that many have criticized Patriots/Brady-backers for using, but that's neither here nor there.) And now, Montana himself has stated that his offensive linemen also broke some NFL rules. "Our offensive linemen used to spray silicone on their shirts until they got caught," Montana said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,
  9. ghost_in_pads02

    Who is the best quarterback of all time?

    Completely laughable thread. Slow day n jet land again.
  10. ghost_in_pads02

    Pats* in for beautiful Kliff?

    Ha ha... They have won SBs before Josh McDaniels even got there..and Brady has played with two other offensive coordinators before and after Josh McDaniels..
  11. The Texans head O'Brien?
  12. Threadstarter is talking about AFC teams..
  13. Oh the AFC will be wide open don't get me wrong..but remind me again how intelligent these other owners, coaches and GMs are again? Just cuz you have QB means nothing..my point How are you the Steelers with all that talent and dont make the playoffs... Yea......... it will be there for anyone to take or regain.
  14. Josh McDaniels is not an important part of what the Pats do. They have had success and won championships without him before. And despite what Brady's number 1 fan thinks. BB is the most important part of keeping that franchise a float. He already had Brady's replacement, was willing to move on from him and Gronk last year... That type of philiosophy is a threat if you're trying to takeover the division and he plans to keep coaching for a little longer after Brady retires.

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