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  1. Not a jet fan...And this sh*t is disgusting because its really blatant and embarrassing.. The franchise screwed up the 3rd pick now wanna another chance to fix their shortcomings..AGAIN!
  2. You are Somehow trying to say the pats are trying to tank? At 5-6...? Do better.
  3. I agree....wish the NFL would call them out on their bullsh*t or Lawrence truly ghost them....
  4. Where ever he goes. I hope he has the jets on his schedule. He is owed one big one.
  5. Force Awakens should be added to that list. That was pretty good too.
  6. Ha ha how? Did the jets moved to the arena league? Thought they were in the NFL just like the Pats....
  7. Funny because I see the jets are so putrid draft picks are trying to dodge them..... *quit trying to swing when you know you ain’t equipped*
  8. They weren't though. That's a rumor....name has never been mentioned by anyone in NE...name was just "rumored" just like every other name was around draft time.
  9. ha ha after only 6 games. The debate is settle! Brady is the sole mastermind behind the patriot success... The pig! That damn pig has finally come home to roost.. Thread is too funny.
  10. Two different offensives and Its only been half a season and the debate is over in Week 7...like we aren't even waiting to they both retire first..just go game by game.huh..
  11. Ha ha jet fans misinformed again. That's their show. Their Schtick is to be contrarians, be opposite of boston sports and their fans... Most of their show they purposely look for stuff to act... like you know jet fans. Miserable.
  12. Gregg Williams ain't the defensive coach for the Jets either...
  13. Jets are in an interesting situation. I dont think Darnold was/is your problem although I understand you don't pass up on someone like Lawrence but sh*t..if you can't build around Darnold..will you be able to for Lawrence?
  14. What am I watching...I been hearing how Cam Newton was done....emm.
  15. Darnold ain't ripping anything up in jet land either...
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