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  1. Ha ha..yea thats it..like BB has ever been the coach to care or let his team care about "outside" noise.
  2. It shouldn't. You aint playing. Your team is.
  3. I think its not other members in this thread that need educating.... And to your week 1 post..i am still trying to wonder...will your clicker not being working that day?
  4. You just seem like a person who wanna bark at something just to bark at something. If you truly don't like to watch anyone kneeling. You can always not watch or change the channel. Problem solved. And I have an aunt, nephew and a uncle serving in the Navy. They are not offended. Plus you're missing the whole entire point. But whatever.
  5. ha ha Normal life?? Peyton is still doing commercials? What are you talking about. He is doing a golf outing w Brady that is being promoted like crazy...ha ha ESPN promotes athletes they just got done w a 10 part doc on Jordan, how long ago since Jordan's been retired... This board..i tell you..ha ha
  6. Ha ha I say...You guys should just make a citizen's arrest of Brady and boom, problem solved!
  7. Emmm...i will have to ask. i'll get back to you on that and while i am at it,, I will ask if they can run really fast too.
  8. Or..or..you can stop running to reply to everyone of my post and ignore me. Hop off/stop thirsting for my attention already.
  9. Scorn away...same breathe others can come in here and say don't be a dumb consumer... So you guys can continue on with your torch carrying mob scene.... that "meeeaaaan man Tom brady....booo booo"
  10. Me too!! That Carnevale dance did nothing for the stereotype that "white people can't dance"
  11. Tom Brady had to have stolen your bike or pist in your cheerios or something..lol I can't help but to cry laughing everytime you complain about this awful guy tom brady...lol pure comedy!
  12. Does not really need one..but I guess common sense isn't all that common.
  13. Seems some people need to smart up...point blank outbreak or not. If someone sends you an email saying they need you to send them money, they are in Africa do you do it? You are in need of a car, you need to be able to get to work to provide food for your family do you just go to anyone selling a car and buy it just cause. This whole thing is just stupid. I wanna know are someone of you just as "outraged" at people trying to profit off of selling mask or vendors hiking up their prices on products just to make even more of a profit off this ppandemic outbreak?

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