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  1. Ha ha At the double murder...oh that's right cause the other 31 teams knew of Hernandez but the Patriots were the only ones who ignored it...lol Right.
  2. I'm not even talking about that stuff cause that stuff makes sense to talk about...I am talking about other trivial b.s. And at the end of the day..I ain't doing that stuff..so I don't give a damn. They win and other fans stay mad..so cool.
  3. Well I can only speak for myself. I am not "worried" what another fan base thinks....i just find it funny when other fans got sh*t to say and their own house is not in order. It more looks like those fans are the "worried " ones, because if such as a fart goes off in New England its talked about immediately. I am also from the mind set...if you can pop sh*t better be able to take the same energy.
  4. No I am actually referencing another jet poster talk about NEPs fan base's "mental state" Thankx.
  5. This fan base talking about another teams fans mental state. THIS fan base...Hi-lar-ious.
  6. Ehh.. jet fans thought they were going to be second best team in the division..So Take it w a grain of salt
  7. Not from where I am sitting..and any team that has actually done something other than pick high in the draft.
  8. Oh no...an error on the internet....and you found it all by yourself!
  9. You guys shouldn't read too much Into this whether true or not. I seen the jets play. They can't generate a pass rush anyways.
  10. Since I gotta be sticking watching the jets and the Bill's game.. These jets unis are kind of crispy...I like the green uniforms
  11. Well dont blame the NEPFL..blame the other 31 teams that cant get their sh** together.. Pitt had all this talent and didnt know how to keep their talent disciplined Falcons were up 28-3 Sean McVay was too busy kissing BB a** than actually try to beat them in the SB. And you guys including the fins and the bills spent the better part of the 20 year reign with you all heads up your a** instead of building a team and a culture to compete. The operations of the nfl have been the same for years/decades...other teams can do it too just haven't figured it out, apparently.

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