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  1. Not a jet fan...And this sh*t is disgusting because its really blatant and embarrassing.. The franchise screwed up the 3rd pick now wanna another chance to fix their shortcomings..AGAIN!
  2. You are Somehow trying to say the pats are trying to tank? At 5-6...? Do better.
  3. I agree....wish the NFL would call them out on their bullsh*t or Lawrence truly ghost them....
  4. Where ever he goes. I hope he has the jets on his schedule. He is owed one big one.
  5. Force Awakens should be added to that list. That was pretty good too.
  6. Ha ha how? Did the jets moved to the arena league? Thought they were in the NFL just like the Pats....
  7. Funny because I see the jets are so putrid draft picks are trying to dodge them..... *quit trying to swing when you know you ain’t equipped*
  8. They weren't though. That's a rumor....name has never been mentioned by anyone in NE...name was just "rumored" just like every other name was around draft time.
  9. ha ha after only 6 games. The debate is settle! Brady is the sole mastermind behind the patriot success... The pig! That damn pig has finally come home to roost.. Thread is too funny.
  10. Two different offensives and Its only been half a season and the debate is over in Week 7...like we aren't even waiting to they both retire first..just go game by game.huh..
  11. Ha ha jet fans misinformed again. That's their show. Their Schtick is to be contrarians, be opposite of boston sports and their fans... Most of their show they purposely look for stuff to act... like you know jet fans. Miserable.
  12. Gregg Williams ain't the defensive coach for the Jets either...
  13. Jets are in an interesting situation. I dont think Darnold was/is your problem although I understand you don't pass up on someone like Lawrence but sh*t..if you can't build around Darnold..will you be able to for Lawrence?
  14. What am I watching...I been hearing how Cam Newton was done....emm.
  15. Darnold ain't ripping anything up in jet land either...
  16. Soo he isn't producing for the Browns, Mayfield and that organization but somehow he will come n produce for the Darnold, Gase and the jets organization?
  17. You sat there said there is no winning with someone who thinks along my lines?? I clearly said what I and who I was criticizing. I wasn't blaming all cops. Ok the kid walked toward the cops with his hands up, you are right. As i said before that scenario does not always work out for all citizens of the United States going back to my main point. All killings of unarmed Americans are not just.
  18. Well you seem to be able to tell me what I am thinking...so i thought I could do the same to you. Got it. Someone like George Floyd didn't put his hands up...ok cool.
  19. So in your eyes all cops have done everything correctly?? There is no such thing as a bad cop? We the public have no rights to judge a police officer? I guess the cops who killed George Floyd was correct in their actions.... And my last question to you. And to all your points..please explain to me why was the 17 year old carring a AR-15 not shot dead running toward the cops? They didn't know what was going on with him at the time. Mind you it was during a riot a very high intense time....
  20. I watched the video and fully understand the video. You do not fully understand the other side of it and the points that are being made. Again BEFORE jacob got to his car door. He POSE NO IMMEDIATE threat. If you watched the video. The cops had plenty of time to tackle and subdued jacob. again cops tackle and subdued suspects without drawing any weapons all the time! When COPS was on TV(should of never taken it off) they did that all the time! How was this situation any different.
  21. How was it spent not trying to escalate the situation? Obviously it was not since jacob was walking on his own free will. Its his job to protect the public, hisself and the person he is trying to capture...That's part of the crucial thinking too. Thats why not everyone could be a cop. Jacob should of complied, i agree. But that's not call for him to be shot in his back 7 or 8 time if he pose no immediate threat. And as I said there are planty other cases that people have complied and still end up paying a heavy price Also look at the 17 year old carrying a AR15 walking toward a fleet of officers. He got a water....you think a black man would of been able to do that?
  22. I did watch the video Jacob was walking from one side of his car to the other with the cop walking right behind him. He couldn't tackle him w help from his fellow officers? We see cops tackling suspects all the time. Compare to the demo video..less time was displayed and the guy was standing in front of him...had that scenario played out in the jacob case...i would not fault the cops My only point. There was time before than to prevent anyone from being harmed. The cop was in the right position to tackle. Jacob at that moment was not a threat to assault anyone.
  23. Out of respect for this site. You gotta chill the political talk. I fore one am not criticizing all police. I am only criticizing the ones who abuse their power and the ones who don't view everyone as people And that thought goes to all governors of power and legislatures
  24. Thats where you are wrong. I am not asking to defund the police. That thought is stupid. I clearly understand how dangerous their job is. But their job is not decide who lives or dies. Again jacob posed no immediate threat. If he had a knife, he did not swing it at any officer while he was walking to the car...if that was the case I could see shooting him. If Jacob was walking to the car with the intent to harm any of the police officers on the scene..the cops job is to deescalate the situation before it gets out of hand..tackling him to the ground before he got to the car would of done just that. My wife's cousins is a cop and he has told me good cops rather not draw their guns. They want to be able to go home to their families. So they are suppose to do everything in their power and in hopes not have to shoot anyone.
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