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  1. Being a Jets fan is one of the "co-morbidities", surprised we haven't lost more of us
  2. Trevor bauer's case was thrown out and he got 324 games.....
  3. Ravens defense was pretty bad last year and Lamar wasn't particularly effective before he got hurt. So maybe this Ravens team isn't as bad of a matchup as you would have expected from them in the past. Still, a very tough week 1 matchup. Was kind of hoping for Tua week 1.
  4. Dolphins social media parsed through hours of practice film and that underthrow was the best throw from Tua. Why couldn't we play them Week 1??
  5. Imagine waking up and telling a fanbase before the season and after a highly regarded draft class that they are idiots for having hope that a team will play well.
  6. It's almost as if teams tend to lose more than they win during a rebuild.
  7. You know times are getting good when the complainers resort to whining about back ups.
  8. After lasts years drawn out process, it's great to see our top pick signed very early. Hopefully the other 2 will follow in short order
  9. We should have held Carl Lawson out of all pre-season activities last year.
  10. Many of those "drops" weren't exactly easy catches. Guys draped all over them, trying to get 2 feet down at the same time. The good news is that many of those throws by Wilson were under pressure and still extremely accurate and often showed off his excellent pocket presence/mobility. There is a lot to be excited about heading into 2022.
  11. 3 more months of scrolling through camp updates just hoping not to see a serious injury from one of our key players.
  12. It is extremely hard for many massive players, like BEcton to stay in shape. Every year there are reports of DT, OL players that come to camp out of shape because they spent the offseason eating fast food. At the very least, it is great news that Becton will be reporting to camp in great shape. Does it mean he will stay healthy or even play good enough to justify his high pick? No. But this is a huge first step for a player who's top question mark was always "Will this guy stay in shape?"
  13. There is a universe of "know it alls" in the analytics world that absolutely hate trading up and think you should ALWAYS be trading down. They look at players as numbers (not talent) and therefore the more players you draft, technically you increase your chances of hitting on 1. People act as if Mims busting was a big miss by JD, but the reality is that is far more common than finding Davante Adams or DK Metcalf. PFF bros think that if you simply accumulate picks and just draft more players, you end up taking 2 WRs (instead of 1) and therefore increase your chances of 1 of them hitting. But these guys take it way too far and don't factor in team needs and the fact that the Jets increased their chances of succeeding in this draft by taking 4 1st round talents. Not to mention, the Jets VASTLY increase their chances of succeeding in this draft when they got premium picks for Adams/Darnold.
  14. All the analytics guys will say that CB is now a premium position (along with Tackles/Edge/WR and obviously QB). No idea why you think it stopped being a premium position. The whole "decade ago" shtick is reserved for idiots that draft RBs or Safeties early.
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