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  1. If you watch video of every play of every game Aaron Rodgers/Brady play I am sure you can find times they don't see an open WR. Darnold is 22. He will get better at reading defenses/situations. Some on here are expecting him to play like a 10 year vet and carry a bad team to more wins than are reasonable to expect.
  2. Exactly. Personally, I think he can be great and carry a decent team a long way, but his floor is still MORE than good enough to compete for a championship if he is surrounded with the right talent.
  3. It's NEVER happened. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  4. Some of you guys live in lala-land. Gase is going nowhere. Douglas is the GM. Nothing is happening after the season aside from preparing for the draft with a GM that appears to be the most qualified since Parcells. For all the Gase hate, we have 5 wins despite: 1- No offensive line to start the year and then losing starters to injuries 2- Darnold having mono 3- Never getting Herndon back (losing Griffin) 4- No true edge rusher 5- Questionable CBs 6- Missing Mosley the entire season (followed by Cashman going down for the season) 7- Missing Adams/Poole last couple of weeks 8- Inheriting a bad PK situation Despite all of that, the team hasn't fractured. Gase hasn't proven to me that he is great coach but it would be moronic to fire him after this year.
  5. In a game where the Ravens scored at will early on and the Ravens defense knew we had to pass, Darnold still managed to play well. Sure he had a bad INT and a fumble, but that is going to happen when you give up 42 points and the defense is bringing pressure and playing the pass all game. If Darnold had put up a 14/32 130yrds, 0td/2 INT game I would have come away concerned. But Darnold put up decent numbers against a good defense in a tough road environment with backups on the Oline and with a 3rd string TE.
  6. Anderson has been a really good player these last few weeks. He's been the consummate professional this year. Saying and doing all the right things even when things were at it's lowest early in the season. If the dude wants a Jackson jersey after the game is over, who cares?He did his job when it mattered for 60 minutes.
  7. Came into this thread to talk about this kid. Outside of Ceedee Lamb, who I think is the perfect player for the Jets offense, I think AGG is my 2nd favorite WR in this class. If you stick AGG on Alabama I think he is the #1 WR prospect in this class instead of Jeudy.
  8. QB careers aren't judged by 10-20 game sample sizes. Lamar Jackson as a 2nd year player >>>>>> Tom Brady as a 2nd year player. Who would you rather build your team around? The issue is what happens when he suffers a knee, hamstring, ankle injury and is forced to just be a pocket passer for a few games or a year or the rest of his career? The way he plays, it's only a matter of time before he suffers some sort of a leg injury. If Jackson suffers a minor ankle sprain next week the entire offense may implode. That doesn't happen to Tom Brady, Rodgers, big Ben etc..
  9. I'm sorry these stats make you feel bad. Luckily I'm not that sensitive so I could care less how we look on national TV vs when we play on Sunday at 1pm.
  10. Yeah, so we hate the hate the next guy that gets fired.. Nothing breeds success like constantly firing head coaches....
  11. Darnold has looked really good considering how awful the Offensive line plays and that they are down to a 3rd string tight end and only two decent WRs. Didn't see it until now. That was a whole hell of a lot of nothing.
  12. Heading to my wife's holiday part tonight which I generally dread going to but it may be a blessing in disguise tonight.
  13. Have you watched Brady play the last few weeks? They need to cheat now, more than ever.
  14. What does it tell you when an unemployed former head coach has to "re-invent" himself? Answer: He was not the answer to our, or any other team's, coaching needs last year.
  15. The best part of this post is that it takes you 2 sentences before you start proving my point. Thanks

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