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  1. He took a PED in a sport where PEDs significantly help your performance and it's safe to assume there are a ton of players that do the same, but never get caught. I have nothing wrong with what he did, just that he was dumb enough to get caught. If tiny Julian Edelman is on PEDs what do you think the chances are that these monster safeties/LBers/RBs/WRs etc.. aren't all taking this stuff?
  2. JoJoTownsell1

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    This is the problem with having this discussion in America. That is simply not an accurate representation of the law. A private company is still LEGALLY allowed to fine/suspend/fire an employee for not being "patriotic."
  3. JoJoTownsell1

    Revis officially retires

    For as much as I hated Revis back in the day, at least we knew where he stood. He wasn't a phony or a coward, he simply entered the NFL with one goal in mind, and that was to maximize his earning capacity. It takes a little away from the love, but he is still an all time great Jet. I appreciate him significantly more than a coward like John Tavares who held himself out as captain and the face of the franchise and loyal guy only to be a traitor.
  4. JoJoTownsell1

    Revis officially retires

    Look at the Jersey he is wearing in the background.
  5. JoJoTownsell1

    Is Robby Anderson a One Trick Pony?

    Great article. I have seen steady progress in Anderson's game over his first 2 years. Many WRs take a few years to evolve into great ones. Look at Antonio Brown who didn't do much his first 3 years then exploded in year 4. I'm not comparing the two, but just showing that unlike RBs who generally are at the best as rookies, WRs often take time to develop their route running skills etc.. The only things holding him back, IMO, are his size and his off the field issues. If he could bulk up a little and figure things out off the field he could become a true #1 WR.
  6. "A guy who has (Geno's) skill set is hard to find," praised Ben McAdoo after Smith's signing. "You can't find guys out there that have that type of arm talent, the quick release, the throwing motion and the feet to go with it."
  7. The Browns have won 1 game the last 2 years with QB play that makes Geno Smith look like Aaron Rodgers and Crowell has managed to average over 4 yards per carry both years. He is not a dynamic RB by an stretch, but in the right offense he could easily put up 1200 yards rushing and chip 30-40 catches out of the backfield. He is someone I will be targeting heavily in fantasy leagues.
  8. I could see him playing some H-Back on passing downs considering his unique combo of size and receiving skills. Especially if a guy like Pryor plays up to his ability and Hanson takes the next step in his development. With guys like Kearse and Anderson already locked into PT, they will need to be creative.
  9. Mccown was on pace for 3600 yards last year before getting hurt. The offense is better at just about every position (OL/WR/RB) heading into this year. Crowell is better than Forte. Enunwa is an upgrade and Hanson looks to be better. The OL is better by replacing Wesley Johnson with anyone with a pulse. While I liked ASJ, he only put up 350 yards and I am pretty confident that one of the TEs in camp will emerge to be at least as good.
  10. Yeah, it's a good thing they didn't go out and sign AJ Mccarron, Chris Ivory and Vontae Davis....
  11. I was kind of hoping we'd find a franchise RB, WR, LT and edge rusher in the supplemental draft. Macc was asleep at the wheel again!
  12. JoJoTownsell1

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    And then there's that time Mccoy ALLEGEDLY assaulted two officers.... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17594571/police-officers-sue-buffalo-bills-rb-lesean-mccoy-bar-fight Where there's smoke.....
  13. JoJoTownsell1

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    No one knows for sure what the real truth is, however, it's tough to believe that the entire story is made up. The parties involved had a relationship, apparently they had a court case or something today, she wakes up with a face that looks like she got run over by a truck...do the math. Something happened here. Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty, but in the NFL he can be suspended for a long time, even if found not-guilty based on the beatings of her or the dog or the kid or even based on the allegations of PED use. It will all be thoroughly investigated. Mccoy is pretty shifty, but it will take his greatest moves to dodge all these claims.
  14. JoJoTownsell1

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    You mean by NFL testing? Pretty sure the same way the other 90% of the league find ways to avoid getting caught.
  15. JoJoTownsell1

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    Don't forget the PEDs! Mccoy is either the worst person to ever walk the face of the earth or this girl is flat crazy. If proven true, Mccoy should be out of the league and in jail for a long time, if not true, this girl should be in jail for an equally long period of time.