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  1. It's that or bashing him for caving in on a players demands.
  2. With Bosa at 2 and Quinnen at 3 both unsigned I could see both waiting to see what the other gets. The question is which one will cave first.
  3. Yup and that's why he had a monster season. 1400 total yards and 14tds in 12 games is a great season. And while they were 24th last year in pass attempts, they were 2nd, 15th and 8th his first 3 years.
  4. I don't think they mind giving them a 2nd contract, it's the $$$ amount that is the problem. These RBs aren't worth as much as they think. They are big names, sell jerseys, but they are generally pretty easy to replace. Leveon Bell is a HOF RB in his prime and there wasn't a very big market for his services.
  5. He's really really good. Some injury issues but some of his numbers don't look so good because he has had a pass happy offense and weak o-line the early part of his career. Last year when they started to feature him more (had a better o-line and defense) he had about 1400 yards of offense and 14 TDs in 12 games. That's elite level production. But he will find, like Leveon, that the RB market just isn't what they think it will be.
  6. Because what is obvious to you, may not be obvious to me.
  7. It sounds crazy coming from a Jets fan, but only going to and winning 1 Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers is not exactly a great accomplishment. Mark Sanchez almost made it to 2....
  8. Why can't he be more depressingly pessimistic like you?
  9. I have a feeling that if/when Darnold gets inducted into the Hall of Fame one of the names he mentions as the reasons is McCown. The money he was paid was either going into the pocket of the Johnson's or to help Darnold. Money well spent if you ask me.
  10. Humbled to to take on his new role? There was a ton of Jets pictures in that article. Would be very happy for him to join the Jets staff.
  11. A bad, wasted pick is no different if it was wasted on a Tackle/Kicker/QB. And we didn't pass on Mahomes because we had Hack. We already knew he was horrible by then. We passed on Mahomes because the plan was to tank for one of the QBs in the Darnold class. Again, I am not upset about ending up with Darnold at the end of this process.
  12. The question wasn't whether it was the worst Jets draft pick of all time (which it wasn't) it was whether it was one of the worst moves by a Front office, which it wasn't in the top 100. The Bucs took a kicker in the 2nd round a couple of years ago who is now out of the league because he was so awful. There are hundreds of other examples. Hack was awful. I am not defending him, but to suggest that a bad 2nd round pick is somehow worse than bad picks in the 5-10 picks of the draft is stupid.
  13. So if he played one snap and threw an int it would have made it a better pick? A crap player is a crap player.
  14. There is a long list of QB busts from the first round so there is zero chance a QB bust in the second round ranks high on the list of embarrassing FO decisions. Guys like Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Heath Shuler and many more are far bigger busts considering where they were drafted. Hack was an awful pick, but every year there are 2nd round picks that turn out to be complete zeros in the NFL just look at every other 2nd round pick of the Jets the last 20 years.

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