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  1. Same. I was praying all the rumors were true but until they announced the pick I was expecting to hear Darnold. Again, felt the same. Not because I didn't have faith in macc, it could have been Parcells or any other great football mind and I wouldn't have had confidence mainly because we're the Jets and we find ways to mess up moves like this. When the pick came in, me and my son embraced like we just survived a plane crash.
  2. Not many undrafted free agents produce like Robby Anderson has...
  3. Matt Forte was a washed up relic the last 2 years. Crowell is in his prime and just 25. he has also managed to average over 4 ypc/900ish yds/30ish catches the last 2 years on the worst team in football. He is a nice upgrade at RB. He isn't zeke or Gurley but he is a much better RB than what Forte brought to the table the last 2 years.
  4. JoJoTownsell1

    Rotoworld: NFL's Best GM's 2018

    http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/61907/57/nfls-best-gms-2016 In 2016, Thomas Dimitroff was 27th, now he is 4th. In 2016, the Bengals group was 5th, now they are 15th. These rankings mean nothing.
  5. Good point. I guess Baker Mayfield trumped Jimmy G in SF or Alex Smith replacing Cousins in Washington.
  6. The Browns are the last team that should be doing it this year. But from a fan's perspective this could be great TV. Baker Mayfield drama. Josh Gordon drama. Tyrod Taylor trying to hold off Baker Mayfield. Jarvis Landry loves attention. Carlos Hyde vs. Nick Chubb. Hue Jackson trying to keep things in control. Sprinkle in a bunch of cameras.....
  7. JoJoTownsell1

    Can we talk receivers?

    Anderson is a young player that has gotten better each year. Kearse should be as solid as he was last year Enunwa had 800yds receiving in 2016 and appears to be healthy. Pryor had a 77/1K year receiving in 2016 with Mccown. Things didn't click in Washington and he may have been dealing with a foot injury. Last years rookies could emerge in the same way it took Enunwa a year or 2 to emerge. Unless you are Julio Jones, it usually takes a year or 2 for rookies to acclimate to the NFL (see how the Rookie WRs drafted in the 1st round did last year). Really depends on whether you are a glass half empty or or half full kind of guy.
  8. I think this roster is far better than last years roster that managed to win 5 games. We had a very young team that will likely improve based solely on being a year older and more experienced. The additions also helped solidify some holes. We are improved at RB (Crowell), WR (Enunwa/Pryor), OL (loss of Johnson and addition of Long, healthy Winters, Shell with another year of experience), QB Darnold/Bridgewater over Petty/Hack. On Defense we are significantly better at DB (with Trumaine Johnson and Adams/Mayes no longer rookies), DL (no more Mo Wilk/healthy Williams and additions of Anderson and 2 rookies), LB is pretty much a wash with Williamson replacing Davis. The only area where we MAY take a step back is TE. While I liked ASJ, he only put up 357 yards of receiving and 3 Tds. Those numbers shouldn't be too hard for a combo of Leggett/Herndon/Walford/Tomlinson/Sterling to match. Sterling did manage 5/74 in the final game of the season with Petty at QB. That's more yards than ASJ had in any 1 game last year. I wouldn't bet on us winning the division, but it's not crazy in the NFL to find a young/hungry team take the next step rather quickly. Last year the Jags and Rams O/Us were 6/6.5.
  9. JoJoTownsell1

    OTA Pictures

    I think he is 100% physically and the only question will be whether he can take a big hit without ending his career.
  10. JoJoTownsell1

    Safety Vacarro might meet with Jets.

    Why couldn't Macc use the 3-4 million they will have to spend on Vaccarro to get an elite LT and franchise QB? The reality is that Vaccaro is a talented player that has dissapointed probably due to injuries. But he will come very cheap and is still young enough to surprise. Kind of reminds me of our Claiborne signing from last year. Macc has shown that he likes taking risks on talented players with injury issues if they come at the right price. Guys like Vaccaro, Bridgewater, Garcia, Claiborne all fill that mold.
  11. JoJoTownsell1

    Safety Vacarro might meet with Jets.

    Said someone that doesn't understand how the cap works.
  12. A friend of mine was so excited to hear the news until I broke it to him that any large bet he wins will be taxed.... At least it so be easier for the government to tax because theoretically you had to pay taxes on gambling winnings already, even if the bet was placed illegally.
  13. JoJoTownsell1

    Donahue Instagram post

    I agree to an extent. Anderson was pulled over for doing 105 in a 45. That is potentially putting other people's lives at risk as well. Obviously, drunk driving and going to the wrong way in the lincoln tunnel goes WELL beyond what Anderson did, but they both need help. Either way, as long as they are Jets, I will root for them to get their lives in order and become productive members of the team.
  14. JoJoTownsell1

    Donahue Instagram post

    It's funny how on this forum something like the above needs to be said. This board is filled with Jet hating trolls that root against kids for making mistakes. And these same trolls kill the Jets for drafting a great character kid in Adams. Are Donahue and Anderson dopes? Sure. But if anyone thinks the heroes of our past didn't drive drunk and/or on drugs, you are clueless.