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  1. We have not had an offensive minded head coach since Rich Kotite. Yeah yeah, he was a disaster. Herm/Groh/Parcells/Mangini/Rex/Bowles were all defensive minded. Now some of you want Harbaugh, a special teams coach to lead this team. What makes any of you think he can develop Darnold? What makes you think he has the tools to do it? Because his name is Harbaugh and it makes us feel comfortable? We need to finally wake up to the realities of the modern NFL and bring in an offensive minded coach that will let Darnold blossom into a great QB. Recent first time offensive minded Head Coaches with young QBs: Matt Nagy- Dynamic offense with average young QB Sean Mcvay- Top 2 offense with QB that looked awful under "stable" old school Coach. Doug Pederson- has helped Carson Wentz turn into elite QB
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    Macc could have overpaid for Solder, traded away 2 1st round picks for Mack and signed a couple of other overpriced Free agents and been much better this year. Likely not a playoff team with a rookie QB, but better enough to make the season ticket holders happier. Instead, he made the right choices for our long term viability by saving the cap space and the draft picks (which now looks like a top 5 pick) and positioned us to be a good, young cheap team for a couple of more years. I get the frustration. I wanted Bowles fired Sunday evening. I just don't see Macc as the main reason this team is playing below expectations, I blame Bowles. I think this team has more than enough talent on defense to shut down Matt Barkley. Bowles failed in that regard, not Macc.
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    You guys are funny. If he doesn't trade up, he doesn't get Darnold. Did he need the Browns to take Baker and the Giants to take Barkley? Sure. But there was plenty of speculation that the Giants wanted Barkley from day 1. So that wasn't shocking to anyone following the pre-draft process. As for Mayfield, what makes you think he won't be great? Maybe Macc loved Baker and Darnold and knew Barkley would go 2 so was positioning himself to get 1 of them....oh wait, we just lost 41-10 to the Bills so it's time to cry about every Jets coach/Gm/player.... proceed with the madness...
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    I get it .We just had an awful game. Everyone on the team sucks. Cut Adams/Williams/Lee/Williamson/Maye/Anderson/Enunwa/Darnold/Mcguire/Cannon/Herndon etc...
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    Okiedokie....it was miracle from heaven that we managed to go from 6 to 3. Macc had nothing to do with it. Gotcha
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    Like I've said, I won't lose sleep if Macc gets fired. I don't think he has done enough but I also don't think he has been as bad as some have said. If Darnold is our franchise QB for the next 15 years then macc will go down as one of the greatest Jets GMs of all time....which isn't exactly saying much. He didn't fall into Darnold, he traded to get into position to get Darnold. He overpaid early in the process to be in that position. He was mocked on this board by many for making that trade. Looking back I think we are all very happy he did it. Now he has to work on the Oline. find an edge rusher and maybe 1 dynamic piece on offense. Yeah yeah, he's had 4 years to do that. Again, I don't think he is a great GM. I have not seen enough Nick Chubb's, Kareem Hunts, Kerryon Johnsons, Kamaras etc... But he has cap space and I would let him pick his own Head Coach before I would bring in the next guy the entire board will hate after 2 years.
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    in 2016 ,Todd Gurley averaged 3.2ypc. Last year Powell averaged 4.3ypc while Bell averaged 4ypc There is more to a RB than YPC. If you have a weak offensive line and a rookie QB it's tough for any RB. When I see Cannon with the ball in the open field/with space I see a player with plus speed and plus quickness. I don't envision him as an every down RB, but he could be a Tarik Cohen type of RB who can make big plays in the right system.
  8. JoJoTownsell1


    4- Traded Pryor for Demario Davis 5- Upgraded from Davis with Williamson 6- Signed Robby Anderson as a FA 7- Traded Sheldon for a 2nd and Kearse (who was good last year) 8- Drafted Herndon/Mcguire/Cannon who all have shown some flashes. I am not suggesting Mac should be up for GM of the year. He has failed too often in the mid-late rounds. But his trades have been good. He has built a young team and has a ton of cap space. This isn't like Idzik where there was no franchise QB in place and no good young players. We have Adams/Williams/Darnold and a few others to build around. If they fired Macc, I wouldn't lose any sleep, but I don't think that is this team's problem. I think we need an offensive minded, young coach to lead this team into the future...and not some re-tread old school, hard nosed coach that thinks running the ball and defense wins games.
  9. If Rex was coaching this team, it would be a very good defense...maybe top 5. The players are talented enough, but with bowles/rodgers they have no chance. Which is why Bowles is a total failure as a coach. I would understand if the offense struggled since we have kind of neglected the offense in the draft, but the defense has tons of high picks and free agents. It should be getting the job done every single week. Instead we get a great performance against the Fish and then a no-show against the Bills. That tells me all i need to know.
  10. Unless we can somehow sign elite Lineman/edge rushers, the best player we can probably bring in is Bell and we have the cap space to absorb it. But signing Bell comes with great risk. His age for a RB is a problem and his desire to win is a problem. He had a chance to win a Super Bowl this year, while being the highest paid RB and he chose to play Xbox. Part of me is rooting for the Jets to sign him and part of me is rooting for Bell to get a worse deal than the Steelers offered and look like a fool.
  11. Yup, and the main reason why I think this wasn't a well thought out decision by Bell is because he didn't just announce it before the season. He could have just as easily said, 'hey, if you franchise tag me I am out all year." Instead, he said that he was going to break records this year. Why say that if you are planning on holding out? I am pretty sure watching all these other great players get big paydays before the season, even Mack got traded and paid, pissed him off and he acted out of anger, not logic. I also think if Conner had been a bust and the Steelers were struggling at 4-4, he would have come back to save the day. Instead, he realized that he could actually look worse than Conner and hurt his value by playing. If you are a running an NFL franchise and thinking about spending 50-60 million on an aging RB, can you trust Bell? The Steelers got screwed by him. They weren't told of his intentions. They were left trying to figure out his cryptic messages. Tomlin said Bell never responded to his tweets. Is that the kind of player you pay big bucks to? What happens in year 2 or 3 of the deal you sign? Will Bell start flaking out again because he isn't happy with his contract? Sure a team will sign him. It could be the Jets. But I think his antics have cost him a ton of money.
  12. Watering down the impact of a broken leg vs an Achilles tear? Do you have any idea what you're talking about? Recovery from a broken leg is far easier with far less long term impact. It's not going to hurt earl Thomas at all in free agency.
  13. LMAO. Dude, he broke his leg. He will be fine in time for camp. You are acting like he blew out his Achilles, tore his ACL all while getting his 6th concussion of the season. Thomas got paid this year and will get a big contract in free agency. Bell just pissed away 14 million with no guarantee he will get a bigger contract next year if he had played the whole season. Meanwhile James Conner is making Bell look like a product of the system.
  14. It was a dumb move for so many reasons. Look at Trumaine Johnson. He got 13 million and 16 million playing under franchise tag. Then got a huge deal from the Jets. If he had sat out 2017, he wouldn't have gotten a better deal from the Jets this past offseason. Granted, RBs get wear and tear from getting too many carries, but I highly doubt a team will pay him 14 million more over the course of a contract to make up for the lost year. If anything, some teams may be scared to give him a deal knowing that he is capable of sitting out when he doesn't get what he wants. And if you are a GM and watch James Conner step in and play just as good as Bell, don't you question how valuable Bell truly is? If you look back and remember, Deangelo Williams also looked great replacing Bell when he was suspended.
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