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  1. As long as he is getting the ball and they are winning it will go well. If they start losing, that locker room will implode.
  2. JoJoTownsell1

    OTA Thread

    This is as close as Gase will let Manish to OTAs
  3. JoJoTownsell1

    Gase not done yet: Adds WR Deonte Thompson

    I don't think Manish's actions are the best way to get in tight with the new regime.
  4. JoJoTownsell1

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    What exactly is your point then?
  5. JoJoTownsell1

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    No one has said the deal is done. There are just reports that lead many to think it is close. So until it is done, there is nothing for the Jets to announce. Let the process play out.
  6. JoJoTownsell1

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Maybe they are still be negotiating terms. Maybe they want to do it on their terms. Maybe the report is false. Have some patience.
  7. We need an organization where everyone can work together. If Gase had an issue with this guy, I have no issue getting rid of him. Have our drafts been that good that any scout should feel safe?
  8. True, but who cares? We complain about our scouting department all the time, not sure we should care if one of them got fired. Manish is just pushing an anti Jets narrative now because he was made to look like a fool.
  9. JoJoTownsell1

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Surprising with Herndon facing a likely suspension. They must have serious issues with Leggett or really like Wesco
  10. Kyler Murray could have gone first overall if he had just listened to Casserly...oh wait.
  11. JoJoTownsell1

    2020 Free Agent Class

    Spoiler Alert!
  12. JoJoTownsell1

    One or more of these players may be moved..

    Gase will not be happy that Gase leaked this.
  13. Actually, these writers were all told the reports of Macc/Gase fighting were bogus and reported as such. When Macc got fired they hot upset and are lashing out at the organization. From what we know of these reporters it shouldn't be a shocking response.
  14. JoJoTownsell1

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Yeah, the guy is currently tied for last in Jets history for wins by a Jets head coach. You want to guess who he's tied with?

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