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  1. I'm a big Mims fan and wasn't really concerned about him running with 2s. THIS is definitely concerning. It does seem like jets really like cole, they spent a ton on Davis, love Moore and we all know Crowder is good. So that sort of leaves Mims out of the loop. At least for now.
  2. Looks like he won't get suspended because some random person on Twitter said so? Watson would be lucky to play one game this season let alone every game. And if he isn't suspended it's only because he's put on the exempt list the entire season instead.
  3. Can we at least wait until Zach's mom unfollows the Jets on Instagram before we start to panic?
  4. I think there is little, to no chance, he isn't signed by then. I am getting the feeling we see news that he is signed before Practice is over today.
  5. Well, Lance just signed. So perhaps the Jets were waiting on the Niners. I am guessing we see Wilson today or tomorrow the latest.
  6. Fake Drama are things people get all upset about that have zero impact on the season. Everyone was worried about Becton's weight and foot issue, until suddenly it's no longer a topic on this board anymore. If Wilson signs today or tomorrow, this won't impact our season (let alone Wilson's future) and this thread will be fade away.
  7. Having Jimmy G on the Jets roster wouldn't make me any more or less happy about this situation. Actually, the niners are probably more desperate to get Lance reps given that he only played 1 game last year and only started like 17 games in his entire college career. Either way, I am pretty confident Wilson is signed today or tomorrow and this fake drama is forgotten about as fast as the OMG Becton is severely over weight drama ended.
  8. So you think it's the Owner in SF that is doing the same thing to Trey Lance?
  9. I disagree. First, a good organization doesn't cave in to players demands. See how the Steelers handled Leveon Bell or Antonio Brown and how the Patriots treat everyone? Once a GM shows that he is weak, then every player will try to take advantage of him and start holding out for more money. Second, Zach doesn't need to be elite to keep his job. It would be nice, but building a talented roster year in and year out is what wins games. If Zach is Kirk Cousins and the Jets win 10/11 games a year, they aren't going to fire JD simply because Zach isn't "elite." With all that said, th
  10. Blake Bortles is horrible.....with that said I am OK bringing him in to compete for the backup role.
  11. I highly doubt Woody is forcing JD's hand on the offset language.
  12. Bro, I am seriously worried about what happens after he wins us a Super Bowl and then at 37 he decides to Host Jeopardy and contemplates early retirement. Is all of this even worth it???
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