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  1. Fair enough. But how frustrated would you be if we went with the more "accomplished" college player in Mayfield and it turns out that Allen is the far better NFL QB? People are acting like the short QB with off the field issues is the safer bet. I just don't see it. If it's between Allen/Darnold/Rosen, sure I could see the argument for passing on Allen but there is a good chance our choice will be between Allen/Mayfield. To me, that decision is a no brainer.
  2. You're acting like we were the ones that took Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. It's just Hack that fits that mold. List me all the QBs we have taken high that were huge projects like Hack? Pennington? No. Sanchez? No. Even Geno wasn't a project, he was an incredibly accurate and good passer in college. Same with Petty. The Hack selection really scarred a ton of Jets fans.
  3. Giants trade JPP

    Are there teams that would take him? I guess. Are there teams that would give up a 2nd/3rd/4th round type pick to pay Eli Manning 22 million this year and 23 million next year? No, well at least no well run team. He's just a name at this point. No better than the likes of keenum/bradford. The man hasn't won a playoff game since 2011. And now he is 37 coming off a year in which he was awful without Odell. He makes more sense for the Giants at this point since he is a "legend" and can hold down the fort until Webb/Rookie is ready to go. Maybe even make a playoff run if they get Barkley and the line improves.
  4. Giants trade JPP

    I've said for months, they can't trade Eli. He's not good and his contract is atrocious. No one wants him. This wasn't a conscious decision by the Giants. Eli was overrated when he was young, now he's just an old turn over machine. He's basically a high priced version of mccown, tyrod, mccarron, Keenum... The only question that's relevant to us is whether the giants are high on Davis Webb or willing to ride with Eli and try to build an elite team around him with guys like Barkley, Odell, engram, Shepard...
  5. Giants trade JPP

    Now giants need more players. Maybe a sign they are trading down...
  6. Breer's Mock Draft

    Do you think "no personality" bowles who's overseen the signings of high character and bland guys like Fitzpatrick, mccown and Bridgewater and the drafting of clean cut boys like hack and petty will be on board with likes of baker Mayfield? It's possible that he falls in love with him but it's more likely the other guys are more his style.
  7. Dilfer on Rosen

    I'm very happy we moved up to 3. While being a Darnold guy from day 1, I will be more than happy with either Rosen or Allen and would convince myself that I am happy with Mayfield if that happens...which it won't.
  8. Darnold #1 after pro day

    If we had the 2nd overall, the Browns still wouldn't trade with us. No team that wants to take a QB in the top 2 would ever trade down and settle for the leftovers.
  9. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Yup, but the 5 wins did cost us 3 second round picks.
  10. Yup, but he can also do stuff like this: And this: And go through progressions and drill a bullet like this: And make throws like this stepping up in the pocket nicely: but also do stuff like this: Just another 30+ days of this...YAY!!
  11. No because we're guaranteed one of the top guys now. Moving up to one only makes things more painful if we pick the wrong guy.
  12. Yeah, but they have like zero posts on this forum so what do they know?
  13. This should be an interesting race between Allen and Mayfield... I'm going to guess it goes 60/40, with 60pct wanting no part of Allen.
  14. Mercedes Lewis

    He had about as many receiving yards as ASJ in half the receptions and is a very good blocked. If the staff likes our young TEs than Lewis would be a solid 1 year signing. Nothing more.
  15. 2018 Post-Combine SPARQ Rankings by position

    OMG look at how low Jamaal Adams ranked all we care about are #leaders. OMG look at how high Stephen Hill and Vernon Gholston ranked all we care about are stupid combine type skills