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  1. Hill wasn't a first rounder for a few reasons, namely his off the field issues and also the league hadn't yet caught on to the value of super quick WRs in the modern NFL regardless of their lack of "prototypical" #1 WR Height.
  2. He seems like the kind of guy we would get after trading down from 23 or 34 to the middle/end of the 2nd and steal Moore to compliment the bigger Davis/Mims.
  3. He was given zero talent and awful coaching and then traded away. I respect the fact that he chose not to post a fake "OMG i loved you guys" instagram post.
  4. It's amazing that people get upset over depth signings. If JD came out and said that we are not drafting OL in the draft because of this signing I could see the issue but the team needs X amount of bodies for camp and in case of a rash of injuries.
  5. Alex Smith likely wants to go somewhere he can beat out an incumbent or have a chance to win a SB. Coming here to mentor Wilson is not going to be high on his list of choices imo. The Texans are a reported landing spot for Smith which makes sense for him since he can beat out Taylor.
  6. Every reporter is building an "I told you so" database just in case Sam figures things out in Carolina and Wilson is a bust. If Sam is terrible, they will bash the Jets for drafting him. If Sam is great, they will bash them for trading him. It's a win/win situation for them now.
  7. Agreed. We should definitely fire every GM after they miss on one draft pick because we know that other teams usually draft all starters with their draft picks.
  8. I won't be happy either but it would be understandable given the likely talent available at 23 and our serious need. Guys like Samuel/Farley/Newsome could easily fall to us and with Farley I could definitely see JD looking at him as a long term stud and not as concerned about his availability week 1.
  9. Agreed. My only concern is that there should be a couple of really solid CB prospects available at 23 that will tempt us into going that direction because we REALLY need help at CB. But you are right, it would be a mistake to do anything but draft offense at 23 and 34..... and probably 66. Let Saleh work his magic on the defensive side of the ball.
  10. Pretty much what I was saying. It's an unhealthy environment. Especially in NY. You start Wilson and after his first bad game there are calls for Darnold to start. Sure, the Coach SHOULD be able to deal with it, by why CREATE that environment?
  11. If Jets keep Darnold and pass on Wilson "This could be an epic disaster that costs JD his job." If Jets let Darnold go and go with Wilson "This could be an epic disaster that costs JD his job." If Jets let Darnold and Wilson battle it out "This could be an epic disaster that costs JD his job." There were literally zero choices JD could have made that wouldn't allow you to make that post. It all comes down to how Wilson and Darnold play going forward.
  12. Flacco was terrible. Darnold was terrible. Flacco was 0-4 with a worse completion pct than Darnold. The big difference was that Flacco's career was done before he got to the Jets while Darnold's career was done because he was drafted by the Jets.
  13. All good. The reality is the Jets recent first round picks have been great. Williams and Adams may be playing for other teams but they are pro bowl caliber players. Quinnen and Becton are likely the same. The problem has been drafting players at non-premium positions (the reason why some of these studs "fall" to us) and the rest of our drafts sucking.
  14. Quinnen Williams is probably our best player and a first round pick. This is why I don't watch ESPN.
  15. Is there anything from that article that you couldn't have figured out yourself? Darnold going to more talented offense. Good for him. No kidding. Bridgewater now out of a job.. Bad for him. No kidding. Watson has one less place to go.. Bad for him. No kidding Jets need to be right with Wilson. No kidding.
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