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  1. Yeah, because Mo is the first player in sports history to get a big contract and suck. It has to be the jets fault.
  2. You've been defending him the last couple of seasons? I'm curious what you've seen to defend him.
  3. He will be Bellicheat's problem next year.
  4. Playoff team next year?

    What do you think this year was? We gutted all our high priced vets. Kept all our draft picks. Traded for an extra 2nd. Have tons of cap space heading into next year. You want to be the Browns and rebuild for a decade and end up with Deshone Kizer as our QB?
  5. That could be part of it. I just think they saw how the game was going and thought, decided it was better to re-group. If the Jets were 9-7 battling for a playoff spot, I am sure they would have let Petty air it out.
  6. Teams come out flat all the time. You are acting as if every NFL game is 21-20. Sometimes teams, especially young teams come out flat. I am not a fan of Bowles. If he gets fired I won't be upset. But Morton has done a good job. Not exposing Petty to a beating/INTs in a meaningless game is a defensible decision.
  7. Sorry to break the news to you, but the season is over. The players had mailed it in for that game. Having Petty (who didn't prep for the game) come in late and air it out would have exposed Petty/WRs to risk of injury for no reason. If it was the 1st half and it was a close game, I guarantee you the mindset would have been different. If Mccown was still in the game, the mindset would have been different. It was justifiable to just accept the loss and get Petty ready for this week.
  8. Keeping up with the Tank.

    5 isn't that far off, but not that likely. I don't care about finishing ahead of the Giants. I care about a team like the Colts or Niners, who already have QBs, finishing at 2 and then trading that pick to us since they already have Jimmy G and Luck (assuming we don't sign Cousins or even trade for Luck)
  9. The outrage over every action and inaction is hilarious. If we fire every coach, GM, equipment manager over every mistake they make, we will have a new staff every single year. This forum is filled with a bunch of drama queens. Well, not completely filled, mostly just what's left over during a bad season. I am hopeful some of the voices of reason will be back next year when things turn around.
  10. The Twitter generation. Just fire everyone every season because that's how you build a stable organization!!
  11. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    No offense, but what are you talking about? If Petty looks bad, the team will lose. If the team loses games, his chances of keeping his job drops. You honestly think he is rooting for the team he is coaching to lose? If Petty plays well he can just say that mccown was better and that the time Petty was on the bench allowed him to develop or some other BS.
  12. If he plays great against the Saints, Chargers and Pats then yeah, that is a good enough sample to convince me he is a quality NFL QB. Those are 3 of the best teams in the NFL, all desperate to win games to either make the playoffs or get a bye. Petty has all the same weapons Mccown had. But it's more than just going 15/20 for 200 yards, 2tds/1int. There are other things I need to see from him before I am ready to abandon my desire for Cousins/Darnold/Rosen/Mayfield etc... I want to see him go through progressions, dominate a game, I want to see him lead us on a great 4th quarter comeback etc..
  13. Marrone

    Not saying he won't turn into a SB winning coach, but lets see him win a playoff game (Rex won 4.. all on the road) before we anoint him. In this forum, the grass is always greener... Here's an interesting fact for the marrone fans out there: 1. Here’s an amazing fact for you: When Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith went down and into the concussion protocol, then missed the game Sunday against Seattle, it marked the first starter game lost to injury by a Jacksonville defender all season. The Jags have been pretty damn good for most of the season. But being lucky doesn’t hurt. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/12/14/jerry-jones-roger-goodell-nfl-league-meeting
  14. Marrone

    I remember people calling Mangini, ManGENIUS. I remember people praising Todd Bowles after his first year with the Jets. I remember people think Mcadoo was great after his first year. Let's all take a deep breath and realize that Marrone inherited a very talented and has managed to win some games with a garbage QB. Let's not get carried away here and think the Jags are going to be a super bowl contender for the next 5 years with Marrone at the healm. They play in a division with Savage/Yates, Brissett and Marriota. Tyrod Taylor would be the best QB in that division.
  15. Playoff team next year?

    With Kirk Cousins, some money spent on the OL/CB and 3 picks in the first 2 rounds this team would be expected to make the playoffs. Hopefully we lose out which gets us a high 1st, high 2nd round picks and a last place schedule. That last place schedule could be as important as the high draft pick for our chances of success next year.