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  1. JoJoTownsell1

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    You don't know football
  2. JoJoTownsell1

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    Good questions and until those questions are answered we aren't cutting Crowell for one infraction, no matter how dumb. If this becomes a pattern and the kids emerge then sure, cut away.
  3. JoJoTownsell1

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    You mean like the Pats that just signed Josh "I am always stoned and suspended" Gordon or the team with Gronk who did this last year:
  4. JoJoTownsell1

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    Yeah, let's cut crowell and then wait until Powell gets hurt and watch Darnold get mauled because we have no running game. Any more brilliant suggestions?
  5. It did. That was my point. Bowles should have pulled him off the field for the rest of the half at that point to teach every player a lesson. Instead he let Johnson stay in the game and commit a second big penalty that offset a holding penalty.
  6. He lost the benefit of the doubt after that unsportsmanlike penalty that extended the drive.
  7. JoJoTownsell1

    McCown anyone?

    There was a time in the game when I thought it would be classic Bowles if at the Half the Browns went to Baker and the Jets reverted back to Mccown.
  8. Agreed. Especially when Johnson committed that first dumb penalty and was allowed to stay on the field to whack Taylor in the head.
  9. JoJoTownsell1

    serious question

    The team had more than enough talent to dominate the Lions. The team had more than enough talent to dominate the Browns for a half. The issue with this team is Bowles. Hue Jackson finally found the one Head Coach he can outsmart.
  10. On quick screens, you generally don't max protect because you know the QB doesn't need much time. There were times when they protected him relatively well, and the play call was for a quick 5-10 yard pass to a WR. Let's not act as if he had zero seconds on every drop back. He's also pretty mobile and can avoid the rush if the pressure gets to him. In the end, if you voluntarily take away the deep ball you make the defenses job much much easier since they only have to cover a small area of the field. We were all up in Tyrod Taylor's face early yet he had time to air it out to Callaway on a deep ball. How did that magically happen?
  11. So you want Anderson to catch the ball AND hold on to it until the play is over????
  12. Crowell is a good player. Good players don't get cut for one stupid penalty. Like JBT said, they both should have been benched (Johnson for a series or two).
  13. JoJoTownsell1

    Game Observations (CLE)

    Actually, he does. You can't have defensive players going off script. If he has a job in a defensive play call, he can't just do something else. As for the Lbers, they played great early. I think the issue is, and always has been, the halftime adjustments. We had a rookie QB come into a game and we did nothing to expose him.
  14. True, but there are quick deep routes that can be run. It's not like he is getting pressured that quickly. You have to send Anderson deep and just air it out a couple of times early to keep the safeties honest.
  15. Early in the game the coaching staff realized that Tyrod was lost and that our defense could contain him so once they got up 14-0 they went into a shell to protect Darnold. Once you do that, it's nearly impossible, on the road, to regain the offensive momentum for a QB. When they tried to turn Darnold back on late in the game it was too late. You need to come out every game with game plan to allow Darnold to succeed. They failed to do so. The players deserve blame, including Darnold, but this is a coaching failure more than a player failure.

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