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  1. Goodell still has a role in the process but whether there is a suspension or not will first be decided by a disciplinary officer jointly selected by the league and the NFLPA. Goodell could still override via appeal but I highly doubt he would get involved in minor issues like Q.
  2. The bigger question is whether professional leagues will allow some teams to play in front of fans while others cannot.
  3. That's because of contract issues not because of COVID related fears.
  4. I'm fine with keeping Adams, but the the premise of this thread is pretty much out the window once you look at what the Patriots have done the last 15 years. They have made a living off of letting go really good players rather than overpay them.
  5. "Because well, Florida" is an interesting take from someone that doesn't even know where the Fight Island location will be. Regardless, "Lol Florida" has been a safer place to live than New York during this pandemic. New York is the place where the governor ordered Nursing Homes to take Covid patients.
  6. They don't hate the Jets it's always been the cool thing to make bash the Jets. Even when we were making AFC championship games we were never taken seriously. And the last few years have made it easy to pick on the Jets so until we start winning you should expect the lack of respect for any players on this roster.
  7. Given the possible quarantine of players during a season it isn't a terrible idea to have a vet backup at QB. Flacco is not good anymore (don't think he was any good) but as a backup, you aren't going to get much better. He can step in for 3/4 games and not completely kill you which is just about all you can ever ask from your backup QB.
  8. You don't get to decide to keep the ball anymore than when you decide to keep the ball when you attempt an onside kick. It's just replacing the luck of a ball bouncing in the right direction with an offense vs defense talent based outcome.. And you make it seem as if making a4th and 15 is 50/50. Not to mention the huge downside for that team if they don't make it. You are giving the ball to the other team in GREAT field position.
  9. How many wins do the Jets have last year if bellichick was the head coach?
  10. Poster: Thanks macc for giving us the worst offensive line in the NFL! Same poster: Why couldn't Gase more out of Bell and the offense?
  11. Your outcome may have been different if you pulled the "I ain't changing my lifestyle" shtick while living in Brooklyn and needing to use the subway system to get to work.
  12. Do you honestly think this is the first time state/federal governments have fudged numbers? If I had to guess the Covid death toll has been miscounted and mismeasured in both directions. Some of it to fit an agenda and some of it as a product of the chaos. If a person in hospice who is on the verge of death from Cancer gets covid and dies, they aren't doing an autopsy to figure out exactly what killed that person, covid or the cancer. One hospital may list it as a covid death while another lists it as non-covid.
  13. This. With an outside chance Clarke impresses enough to start or at least be next man up.
  14. You realize that Winters is no longer our starting Guard
  15. Yeah, I think people are assuming they will produce these vaccines in the same manner/pace as they normally do. I would bet they mass produce very early on in the process (at the governments expense) and worst case scenario if the vaccine turns out to be a bust they can just toss them in the garbage.

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