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  1. This is why Chad forbes is a moron. Vegas never gets it wrong. They don't predict outcomes, they merely predict betting patterns. And since they set the line at 7, and the line hasn't moved it means they got the line right. For as much money as Vegas is getting on the niners from mouth breathers like forbes they're getting an equal amount of money on the Jets. Jimmy G sucks, likely no kittle, no deebo, no aiyuk, no Sherman. Jets suck but the niners are very flawed coming into this game.
  2. Agreed. I've seen hogan for years in New England do nothing. Montcrief is also a reject. Cager should be playing. If we're going to do nothing on offense I rather the kids be getting a shot.
  3. Honestly, Crowder should probably not practice the rest of the year. We should treat him like the Falcons treat Julio Jones and just stick him out there on Sundays.
  4. It's typical Jets to hit on two great/very good players with their 1st/2nd round picks and yet still have those picks deemed (correctly) a "cluster****"
  5. The only thing worse than the Jets offense this past Sunday was the Jets defense, so no thank you on promoting Williams.
  6. If you want JD to bring a WR this year to help Darnold, that player will almost definitely come with some type of baggage or else his team wouldn't be trading him. Isn't that how we got Brandon Marshall and why we traded away Keyshawn?
  7. Same. He is a stud WR that would make Darnold's life much easier. I just don't know how a team that wants to win now, like the Bears, would be willing to part ways with their best WR.
  8. How many safeties in NFL history were traded for 2 first round picks???
  9. When has a team leaked that they are asking for little? The Browns gave up a ton to get him so they don't want to look stupid trading him for nothing, but the reality is that a guy like Odell either works for a team or he doesn't and once he doesn't you need to cut bait. I would love to bring Odell in, but there is a real chance he isn't the same player, creates tons of drama when we keep on losing and doesn't connect with Gase, Then we will all be asking why we gave up a 2nd or a 3rd or even a 5th for a negative player.
  10. Yup. Jimmy G is not any good and without Kittle and possibly Deebo their weapons don't scare anyone.
  11. It's because teams don't respect Jones and feel that even if Jones makes a few plays he'll eventually turn it over.
  12. I don't entirely agree with this. I think he would definitely sell pieces that he doesn't view as part of the long term plan, but I also think he would buy a player, and even sign that player long term, if he felt he could help this team going forward (aka Juju). It's definitely more likely that we sell players like Maye and there is no way they trade away a 1st for anyone, but rebuilding in the NFL is a 1-2 year process. GMs don't have 5 years to fix things anymore.
  13. Where were all the McCarthy lovers last night when he single-handily cost the Cowboys the game in the 4th quarter when down 3 he: 1- Ran the ball on 3rd and 6 (for minimal gain) despite having Dak/Cooper/Gallup/Lamb 2- Then oddly chose to forgo the game tying FG and went for it 3- Had Lamb running a 2 yard route on 4th and 3. (Yeah, yeah it's possible it was a 3 yard route cut off by a defender or he was the 2nd/3rd option, either way, you can't let that happen). Meanwhile the Packers are 14-3 since he left.

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