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  1. Agreed. And I am not ready to give Macc a ten year extension. The problem is many posters here are impatient and demand success immediately or else they want the GM fired. Sometimes its justified (Idzik) but with macc he has shown enough skill to warrant another year or two. Bringing in a new guy to gut the franchise, start on his own path, learn from his mistakes and eventually figure things out in 3 years isn't exactly a great idea. Macc has made some mistakes, but he has also made some good picks/trades/pickups. Drafting Hack in the 2nd and Wilkersons contracts are the glaring mistakes, but 2nd round picks aren't locks and letting Wilk go would have been a tough decision for any GM. I am willing, and I assume the Jets ownership is also willing, to give Macc another offseason to bring the Jets to the next level and find a franchise QB. If we finish next year with a 6-10 record and no clear franchise QB, then Macc will be fired.
  2. Yeah, we should fire him because there is nothing better for an organization that constantly starting over. It's certainly worked wonders for the this franchise....
  3. Mariota four interceptions last night

    Well they are very good, but they are usually very good because of their legs. That leads to two problems, 1- they get hurt more often, 2- They don't have long careers because once the legs go you realize they aren't great pure pocket passers. With that said, you can win a super bowl with guys like that. Russell Wilson. Cam almost won one. So if we can't sign/trade for a QB and we can't move up to take Darnold/Rosen in the top 5, then a guy like Jackson, while imperfect isn't an awful option.
  4. First off they could always trade up using this years first, their 2 seconds, next years 1st etc.. When you have a chance at a franchise QB the price is rarely too high (just ask the Eagles). Second they could have a QB drop to them that they covet more than other teams or they could always sign Cousins and there's an outside the chance the Colts will move on from Luck. I was one of the first ones on this board months ago calling for this team to tank for Darnold. But I am not going to be upset when kids like Adams/Mayes/Anderson/ASJ/Lee/Jenkins play better than expected and we win 6 games this year.
  5. Draft rumors in November are always accurate reflections of how the draft will unfold....
  6. Remember when BIGGG MACCC tried to get Semian?

    We kill Macc for taking Hack, but he has taken Osweiller in the 2nd and Lynch in the 1st. He also has hung on to Trevoer Semien for 2 years as his starter heading into the season. How would you rank his abilities to draft a franchise QB? Granted, he did a great job finding that Peyton Manning kid that no one ever heard about before the Broncos got him....
  7. Remember when BIGGG MACCC tried to get Semian?

    LMAO at judging Elway as GM by including the Super Bowls he won as a player. I guess that makes Tom Brady one of the greatest GMs of all time before he even retires. Sure he won a SB as a GM and deserves credit for that but he also drafted Brock Osweiller, Paxton Lynch and thought Trevor Semien was good enough to be his starting QB for 2 straight years and thereby wasted 2 years of a great defense. His ability to draft players on offense is historically bad. He didn't draft Demayrius. Didn't draft Sanders. All of his RBs have been disappointing. His offensive line is hot garbage. But yeah, he is a genius.....
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I think they would play a young guy that was competent. Maybe bowles is like Jeff Fischer and Petty and hack would blossom with good coaching like Goff and even keenum. That's why I think the bigger issue is with bowles. He hasn't proven to be able to develop a young QB.
  9. Interesting Francessa points

    The fat man is right for once. Our defense is already really solid and going to be great. But it's all for naught if we don't find ourselves a QB. I'm hoping we get cousins or luck ( wishful thinking) and then draft an OL in the first and a legit RB in the second. We can go from bad to really good overnight and not just for a one year fix but for 5-7 years.
  10. Breer On Josh Allen

    Allen is a guy you draft in the third round as a project to sit behind a guy like Brady.
  11. These SOJF circle jerk threads are fun.
  12. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Goodell maximized the owners profits which in turn maximized the players contracts but he did it all at the expense of the game. So in the long run he will be remembered as a bad commish. I really hope he's gone soon.
  13. What some people were and still excited about is that this team was able to win 4 games despite having Mccown. Everyone knows this team is drafting/signing/trading for a QB in the offseason. I am going to assume the coaches know Petty/Hack suck which is why they aren't playing. At least we went into week 10 with SOME hope. I have watched the Jets lose many big games and this game didn't hurt at all because we had two good possible outcomes coming into the game: 1- Win and we still have playoff hopes...albeit very small 2- Lose and we improve our chances at getting a relatively good draft pick. The problem we have is that there are SOO many bad teams this year. Of the bottom 12 or so teams that played this weekend, 10 of them lost. Only the Bucs (thanks to us) and the Niners salvaged wins.
  14. Iowa St put up 42 against Ok State this week also. The Big 12 is a complete joke of a conference when it comes to defense. Everyone puts up big numbers. That's why every casual fan is in love with Mayfield and Rudolph because they put up inflated numbers. It's the same conference that made guys like Geno and Petty look like future HOF QBs. I am not anti-Mayfield and wouldn't be shocked if he was a good pro, but he is far from a slam dunk. There is a reason why teams generally pass on 6'1 QBs at the top of the draft (unless you're an athletic freak like Mike Vick). Personally, I would still prefer Darnold (still my favorite by far) and then Rosen. If we end up with Mayfield at 12, I wouldn't be upset in the least. I just wouldn't trade up to snag a prospect like him.
  15. If Jenkins and Lee continue to develop I think Kevin Greene will turn out to be our best off-season acquisition.