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  1. It's possible he prefers the saints or Steelers or Tampa or another team outside the top 5-7 picks. And since the Texans would likely never trade with a team that low in the draft the Jets are by default his favorite team that can realistically make a trade happen.
  2. I'm going to guess that the agreement to part ways would include a provision that would allow stafford to nix a trade to a team with zero offensive talent like the Patriots.
  3. I like the part where you think a rookie GM has any control over a star QB and his demands. If Watson wants only wants to play for the jets, a big if, that is where he is going. The GM can play chicken until April when the draft happens and now the GM is stuck without the#2 and with a QB that still wants out. This is a horrible position for the GM.
  4. Houston had Watson throwing for 4900 yards, 33tds/7 Ints and had pretty much the same record as the Jets. How anyone can think both teams were equally bad is comical unless you think Watson is about as valuable as Darnold.....
  5. No idea why anyone would think they would want another teams reject at QB.
  6. Texans are completely starting over if they are trading away Watson, why would the Texans want a high priced 27 year old CB? All they will want are picks and maybe a player on their rookie contract and even that is unlikely to be a big part of the deal.
  7. No idea why people are fighting between Sam and tua when the big news is that the fish's theoretical advantage of having tua to trade is now out the window.
  8. Agreed, the last 40 years of Jets football has proven that draft picks win super bowls not a franchise QB in his prime. Hopefully we turn some of these picks into the next Geno Smith, Nagle, Hack etc..
  9. Sherman was actually pretty solid this year and he will likely come very cheap. And who else would you want teaching/developing young CBs than a guy like Sherman? Either way, it's great to see guys like Sherman wanting to come here as opposed to players treating this place like football purgatory.
  10. I chose the Watson option but I don't think there is a really bad choice. They are all worse than taking trevor lawrence at 1 but since that is awful the table it's still great to see the we have many solid paths to success.
  11. You are still missing the point if you think the "Trade chart" is the standard for trades that involve the #2 pick and possible franchise QBs/LTs. When the 2nd best player in the draft is a safety, you get 1 type of trade up but in a year like this with Fields/Wilson/Sewell available the cost to move up to 2 will be steep. So yeah,, we "overcompensated" to move up to 3, just like a team will have to "overcompensate" to move from 12 to 2 this year or from 12 to 3. Trades involving moves in the middle of the 2nd/3rd/4th rounds are the ones that routinely go by the trade chart.
  12. There is no comparison between dropping 11 spots in the 2nd round to dropping from 2nd overall to 6th or 10th. Every spot you drop in the first is worth a fortune. Dropping in later rounds is worth peanuts.
  13. The Jets gave up 3 2nd round picks to move up 4 spots in 2018. Ten spots is a huge jump in this draft.

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