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  1. This. He is no longer the player that made that one handed catch. If he was, he would be getting 25 million a year. Instead he'll get a few million on a 1/2 year deal to be a compliment to Garrett Wilson.
  2. He should be in the XFL proving himself and not hanging out with kids in college if he wants back in the NFL. Not posting conspiracy theories on Twitter would also help.
  3. We need to stop believing everything we read in the papers or on twitter. We have no idea if Saleh or JD wanted Carr more and I am going to go out on a limb and say his former OC likely preferred Rodgers over Carr. Hearing that "people in the front office" wanted Carr from a random source is just the media trying to generate clicks just like when we heard "the deal is already in place between the jets and packers, we are just waiting on Rodgers to decide..."
  4. Many are speculating Corey Davis won't be on the team much longer....
  5. OBJ was in the locker room of the rams when they won a super bowl. He isn't someone you want on a young team, with a young QB, but this isn't a young rebuilding team anymore with Rodgers.
  6. Pretty sure lazard fills the corey Davis role. Obj would likely mean elijah is gone also. If elijah didn't like his role last year he isn't going to like being the #4.....
  7. Given the uncertainty of how Hall will look early in the season, I would bet a guy like Rodgers would love a guy like Fournette or Zeke in the backfield. I don't think these guys are anything close to what they used to be but just being reliable picking up tur blitz and knowing where to be coming out of the backfield would make them intriguing. It would have to be for cheap because they'd be cut candidates if hall is 100pct healthy and one of Carter or know look good with Rodgers.
  8. Beningo is the worst thing that happened to the Jets fan base. He's worse than Woody, worse than Belicheat going to the patriots. He's a cancer that feeds off jets fans frustration and would even find negativity in a Super Bowl win.
  9. I don't see the rush to bring him in. He's already said where he wants to go and the packers HAVE to trade him so he'll be here. No need to give up more draft capital to get him in the room in March. JD needs to win this game of chicken and not back down. Especially in the modern sports world where a team holding a HOF veteran player hostage doesn't look great especially when you're trying to sign free agents.
  10. Gutekunst and Lafleur are the Woody johnson's of coaching/player personnel. They were born on 2nd base and think they hit a double. Building a "winning" team that can't do anything in the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers is an absolute failure.
  11. Jets are also in a tough spot but theoretically we could just move on and trade for stafford. That would leave the packers with zero picks, potentially a cap disaster and training camp chaos if Rodgers shows up.
  12. We just gained a ton of leverage. Packers can't force him to retire and can't force him to accept a trade to a different team and the packers can't afford to pay Rodgers this year to back up Love. He left bo doubt that he's ONLY playing for the jets.
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