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  1. If you watch Tua play you can see pretty quickly that he has a subpar arm and isn't particularly fast or elusive. There are no redeeming traits that lead anyone to believe that greatness is around the corner. So I don't blame the fish for looking to bring in a great young QB to replace him. With that said, no one is kicking him out of the league. He will get his Darnold/trubusky style chance around the league. It's possible that with the right team and coach he can be a winning qb but he is no deshaun Watson
  2. Correct. Although the Dolphins are 1-5 so I assume any trade they make is with the future in mind. Watson is good, but with zero practice he isn't going to win them enough games to make the playoffs this year anyway.
  3. Miami may not be that good, but Watson is infinitely better than Tua. That is not a good thing, long term, for the Jets.
  4. The question is whether Watson would be allowed to play this year with the legal issues hanging over his head.
  5. Agreed. People are confusing great performances with great moments. Sure Sanchez had some great moments in some big games but there were never really games where he put on a great overall performance.
  6. Great and I will start scouting the 2023 draft class to find the guy to replace Caleb after he struggles his first few weeks with the Jets.
  7. I'm old enough to remember when Spencer Rattler was the Sooner QB ready to replace Wilson.
  8. He's been fortunate to play for QBs that never get hurt so he doesn't get exposed as often as other bad QBs. He has started 3 NFL games the last 6 years.
  9. The weak arm thing wasn't a narrative. He had a relatively weak arm coming out of college and then injuries to his shoulder made it impossible for him to really succeed. It's why he only started 20 games (with only 20 TD passes) the rest of his post-Jets career.
  10. I can't wait to get 3 1st round picks for Hamilton from a senile 75 year old Pete Carroll in 5 years.
  11. Do you think Cavs fans were rooting for LeBron in Miami? Do you think giants fans are rooting for odell? Players like Adams and Williams seemed happy to leave so why would I root for them to do well? Darnold is a different story and I kind of hope he does well..... but not too well. It's not a jets fan thing.
  12. They were giving the Rams a game also until the opening kickoff.
  13. I'm old enough to remember when people here were saying that JD would be lucky to get one 1st for Adams. Some of you value Maye based on your own personal views on Maye and the safety position. The Bucs, and hopefully at least one other team, view Maye as significantly better than their current safety and the difference in a close playoff game. Remember, the Bucs don't care about whether they 10 games or 17 games of Maye. If he is starting for them in an NFC Championship game and better than the scrubs they currently have he becomes incredibly valuably.
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