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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    It wasn't a Sunday game, but Seattle losing tonight is a serious blow to their playoff chances. They will be battling the Falcons, potentially, for a wild card spot. We can end up with a middle of the 2nd round pick from the Seahawks.
  2. “FrancesaTheFoe”

    I can't wait until altuve starts next year off 2-10 and the fat man says "see, I told you he isn't very good!" My only regret about Mike going off the air is that if the Jets ever win the super bowl he won't be on the air to talk about it.
  3. Broncos make OC change.

    It's far worse because the Broncos actually had a good team but no chance to win because of the QB situation. The Jets weren't winning with anyone short of Rodgers.
  4. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    So it will be because he was arrested for public intoxication this year?
  5. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Mayfield benched for start of game this week against West Virginia (will likely still play most of the game). We can probably get him in the 2nd round at this point. Which is probably the best thing for him. If he is taken in the 1st round it validates his actions. If he drops to the 2nd, maybe it wakes him up a little and puts a chip on his shoulder.
  6. Rich Kotite. Hands down. Anyone around during that time knows he just didn't care. Gholston was just bad. Not his fault. Idzik was just not competent at drafting, but he did leave the team a ton of cap space so it wasn't like he wasn't trying to build a better future. Meanwhile, Kotite was playing golf...
  7. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Some people view the Giants through rose colored glasses. Reese inherited a team with Eli Manning a "HOF" QB and he misses the playoffs 7 out 9 years and Jets fans think he is a great. If we had a GM that missed the playoffs 7 out of 9 years with a "HOF" QB there would be billboards calling for him to be fired (fluky SB win or not).
  8. Broncos make OC change.

    Yup, it's Mccoy's fault Elway thought the three headed monster of Semien/Osweiller/Lynch was good enough to lead the offense...
  9. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    There is nothing wrong with tanking. But you still need to draft well and make some good free agent moves. And you can't tank for 5 years. You can tank for one or two years Max. After that the guys you originally tanked for will be up for big contracts already or worn down.
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    It's just a min-boggling decision. Could you imagine the Jets being 5-4, in playoff position, and the Jets bench Mccown for Hack and this happens? The Board would implode. There was no reason to rush this decision. Let Taylor do his thing the next 2 or 3 weeks. If you are 5-7, no one will care if you bench Taylor. Also, it's not like they are tanking for a top pick. With 5 wins this team is doomed for a middle of the road pick either way. Now you lose the lockerroom and the fan-base.
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    Never so happy to see the Giants right their ship and win a game. If they can win 2 or 3 more games this year they will be in the same sh!tty situation as us.
  12. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Winning games for the Bucs helps the Jets. So GO FITZY!!!
  13. Agreed. And I am not ready to give Macc a ten year extension. The problem is many posters here are impatient and demand success immediately or else they want the GM fired. Sometimes its justified (Idzik) but with macc he has shown enough skill to warrant another year or two. Bringing in a new guy to gut the franchise, start on his own path, learn from his mistakes and eventually figure things out in 3 years isn't exactly a great idea. Macc has made some mistakes, but he has also made some good picks/trades/pickups. Drafting Hack in the 2nd and Wilkersons contracts are the glaring mistakes, but 2nd round picks aren't locks and letting Wilk go would have been a tough decision for any GM. I am willing, and I assume the Jets ownership is also willing, to give Macc another offseason to bring the Jets to the next level and find a franchise QB. If we finish next year with a 6-10 record and no clear franchise QB, then Macc will be fired.
  14. Yeah, we should fire him because there is nothing better for an organization that constantly starting over. It's certainly worked wonders for the this franchise....
  15. Mariota four interceptions last night

    Well they are very good, but they are usually very good because of their legs. That leads to two problems, 1- they get hurt more often, 2- They don't have long careers because once the legs go you realize they aren't great pure pocket passers. With that said, you can win a super bowl with guys like that. Russell Wilson. Cam almost won one. So if we can't sign/trade for a QB and we can't move up to take Darnold/Rosen in the top 5, then a guy like Jackson, while imperfect isn't an awful option.