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  1. Some of us are lucky enough to also be Yankees fans and still with a shot
  2. Hard to get invested when you only play competitive games after you are already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
  3. I can guarantee you he will have great practices all week.
  4. Sooner fans can't wait until he is gone and thy freshman, who is actually good, takes over but you want him at #1? Lol
  5. He just needs to survive 3 more years until he is traded to a real franchise
  6. I want to meet the jets fans that will spend their future Sundays at Metlife stadium to watch this garbage. It's bad enough at home but to commit like 8 hours for this team seems insane.
  7. So you prefer the jets ruling chase Claypool inactive instead??
  8. I said earlier this week that the "great practices" nonsense was all a sham to try and salvage any trade value he may still have.
  9. How can you lose confidence in a player that stacks as many good Wednesday practices as Mims? Actual games are overrated.
  10. If he is inactive again or is active and only plays 5 snaps then you know the "great practice" nonsense is just the Jets trying to boost Mims trade value on the hopes of getting the Vikings to trade for him.
  11. LMAO. So this is the new talking point that all the Darnold haters in this thread will pivot to?
  12. I don't think people would care if the offense was humming along with the guys they are choosing to start instead. Some feel like a lazy Mims couldn't be worse than what Cole and Jeff Smith were last week. Regardless, it's not a great look for our GM that he took a WR in the 2nd round (who is "clearly not bright or lazy"). Fans have a right to be upset in how this Mims situation is playing out, one way or the other.
  13. Pretty sure they brought Bawden in to replace Mims at WR.
  14. So far this year he has played 3 snaps and has 1 target which yielded 1 catch for 40 yards. Meanwhile, Jeff Smith and Cole have combined for 45 offensive snaps which yielded 2 total targets, 1 total catch for 3 yards. The point is not that Mims is great, it's just that he is better than at least 2 of the guys that are playing over him because #practicematters.
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