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  1. Josh allen struggled a ton when his Wyoming team faced tougher competition. Tua looked great when his bama team faced inferior competition. Tua was passing to wide open NFL talent while facing garbage secondaries. I think the lesson here is that evaluating college QBs is a little more complex and you can't just look at his production vs good teams and then ignore the lopsided lack of talent he was playing with
  2. I agree that Douglas is a build through the draft kind of guy. But that is generally assuming an elite QB at 25 doesn't shake loose from another organization. The only question is the price. We still don't know the true price for Watson. Remember, if the Texans want Zach Wilson, there is only one team that can make that happen for them. 3 1st round picks from the Bears would be pretty close to the value of the Jets pick at #2. Would you even trade the #2 for the Bears 1st this year (#2) and 2 future 1sts? Probably not. So all this talk about the Texans wanting 3/4 1st round picks
  3. How is that a bad thing? Do you honestly think jj watt went to arizona because they were the best team in football?
  4. Was just about to post this.. mcclain is a clown.
  5. You would need to know in advance that one of them would be fine moving to be RT. Otherwise, you can't take Sewell.
  6. There would be nothing more depressing than having the #2 pick, seeing guys like Watson, Wilson, stafford and Wentz available and settling on Teddy bridgewater.
  7. There is no better fraternity than the coaching fraternity where you will always find a landing spot no matter your accomplishments.
  8. I gave russell wilson credit. Let's see Carrol get this crap team to the playoffs without Wilson running for his life and making plays most QBs cannot.
  9. If you select A QB at 2, there is no QB competition. That's the reality.
  10. Yeah, I'm guessing they really want Wilson to replace Watson and therefore will need to deal with the jets. I think the Jets will ultimately be able to pull off a more reasonable deal than some on here think is possible....... Assuming they want Watson over Wilson(factoring in salary and comp)
  11. He's a good WR..... that's had the fortune of playing with Brees, Brady, Watson and in the Rams pass friendly offense. He's fine. Would love to have him on the Jets. But it's also fair to question how good a guy is when teams, especially smart teams, are fine letting him go (even if it's usually for decent comp).
  12. Just make good arguments and you won't get snarky responses. And yeah, you don't need to be a genius to realize that no matter who you have at QB he needs a good supporting cast. Has anyone come in here and said "we just need Watson and we can ignore the rest of the roster and win a super bowl!!!"?
  13. Just an absolutely horrific argument. Aaron Rodgers went 6-9-1 in 2018. I assume you were telling your friends that this Rodgers dude is not that good. And some of you are acting as if Watson has been a numbers guy his entire career but never took his team to the playoffs. The kid is 25 and has made the playoffs 2 out of 4 years. The two times he didn't were his rookie year (where he got hurt) and this year when the Texans literally gave away their best weapon (Hopkins) and had one of the worst defenses including a comically bad secondary, giving up 30TD passes with just 3 INTs.
  14. I don't think anyone has said you can't win without a franchise QB. Just the odds dictate that without one you are likely doomed. For proof, see the new York Jets the last 4 decades. And I never said Eli was a HOF qb. I said he was "pretty good."
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