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  1. Did you see how amazing tannehill looked on that TD? The way he got completely out of the way so Henry could run it in by himself was incredible. Gase never could have developed tannehill into that type of player!!!
  2. Those that complain about Gase only going 7-9 must think Macc was a good GM. If Gase is truly this horrible, I assume you think a good head coach would have won 3-4 more games with the talent Mac assembled. You can't have it both ways. The reality is that Gase was working with a sick QB week 1, a 3rd string QB for a few weeks and a bad o line the rest of the year. The offense was limited because the talent was limited. If it's 2nd and 20, and you continually call long developing pass plays with this Offensive line you'd have a dead QB or aQB that is forced into bad decisions (turnovers, throwing it away).
  3. You want to compare Mark Sanchez career playoff numbers to what tannehill has done so far in the playoffs? Sanchez averaged almost 200 yards passing a game. Tannehill may reach 200 yards, TOTAL, by halftime of the AFC championship game.
  4. Fun fact: Henry rushed for 580 yards in his last 4 games last year. Including a 238 and 170 yard game. He managed to do that without tannehill even on the roster.
  5. Literally the first QB in NFL history to throw a TD pass.. dude is a legend. I'm sure you're the genius that would give him a Kirk cousins like contract because OMG he won a playoff game handing the ball off too Henry.
  6. Late in the game, needing a first down to ice the game on 3rd and medium they handed the ball off to Henry because he trusts Henry first then his defense. Tannehill is along for the ride like Sanchez was for the AFC championship runs.
  7. Why didn't Gase make Tannehill hand the ball off to derrick Henry 30 times a game in Miami????
  8. You must have missed Tannehill go 8-15 for 72 yards last week....
  9. There is a great clip of gettleman going around where he goes on a rant about how important the running game is. He is completely out of touch.
  10. 17 for Cooper>>>>>>12 million for Anderson. I like Anderson but he's just good and fairly one dimensional. Cooper is elite.
  11. Agreed. Cooper is a special talent. An elite route runner that would make Darnold's life much easier. He is probably the only free agent worth big money this year. We can address the oline via the draft and also sign a couple of average vets as depth.
  12. Have the Giants ever hired a black head coach? Have the Jets ever put a black person in position to be their franchise QB by either drafting one high, trading for one or signing one to be the starter?
  13. Patriots WRs were terrible this year. They ever l even traded a 2nd round pick for Sanu and got nothing out of him.
  14. There would be nothing better than Belichick failing with the Giants.
  15. I think we should assume both are coming back. With that said, Douglas has already made it very clear that if the right deal comes along every player on this team (minus Darnold) can be had if the the price is right.
  16. Yes, but with a cap you can't sign players to big deals because you are afraid they may do well with another team. You need to sign/let players with an ultimate goal for the Jets. If Anderson demands 13-15 million he isn't really worth it imo. And I am a big Robby fan.
  17. He was pretty good doing College Football. He's gotten worse on MNF where he seems to try too hard. Booger was actually pretty good on the SEC network. I thought he was going to be pretty good on MNF, turns out I was way way wrong. He is a trainwreck.
  18. AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Terry mclauren, Marquise Brown all showed that rookie WRs can make an impact day 1. Not something that happened in the past. If we use our 1-2-3-3 picks on OL and WR I think we can be a really dynamic offense next year. Let Greg Williams work his magic with the defense that is getting back Avery Williamson, Mosley and Cashman.
  19. 8/15 and 72 yards passing when a defense is 100% focused on stopping the run is pretty Mark Sanchez-esque.
  20. Like the time the Jets were beating them with a QB playing with Mono until Mosley got hurt and the defense imploded?
  21. Very good defense. Some talent on offense. Yes. But with Allen at QB the team will always be limited.
  22. Could you imagine if Gase/Darnold put on that kind of performance tonight? Allen looked lost unless he was running gimmicky plays. And he was facing a pretty bad defense/secondary. If not for a couple of dropped INTs Allen's day would have looked even worse. 24-46 and 0TD passes against this defense is criminal. McDermott up 16-0 with a great defense and can't find a way to close it out.
  23. LMAO. Unless you drafted Allen to be a RB he is an unmitigated disaster. Remember when you were loving Allen a couple of hours ago? How's that looking now? Zero TD passes Bad fumble Taking awful sacks Multiple near turnovers Some horrible looking throws Total implosion late He definitely seems like the kind of QB you would want.

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