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  1. You can't get picked off when you are running the ball.
  2. Were you that clown in 2013 proclaiming RG3 the best QB in the class after 1 year? Because anyone that thinks they have all young QBs figured out after a few games is a fool. Darnold could easily end up being the best, or Lamar or Allen. Maybe Kyler Murray this year will be better or Daniel Jones. No one knows this early. It's clear that Lamar is dynamic but we'll see what happens when he isn't the fastest guy on the field in a couple of years after a bunch of hits and injuries.
  3. Officials say that they look at the play-clock, wait for it to hit zero then look down at the ball (which could be a half second later), if the ball is snapped by then it won't be a penalty so you will often see plays run at 00 NOT be called delay of game. With that said, this definitely seemed to be more than half second. But we're the Jets and bad calls are just something we've always had to deal with.
  4. I get it, but that's just because the media is a clown show these days. If Shurmur was the coach of the Jets and gettleman was the GM they'd have been considered a joke long ago. You draft saquon and suck for his prime years.
  5. Gettleman is too busy scouting for a RB to draft at the top of the draft again.
  6. Why would that be a turn of events? The Giants have a 7-17 record under Shurmur. Before that he was 9-23 in Cleveland. He should have been on the hot seat for a long time. His QB has been a turnover machine and the generational RB they drafted instead of Darnold has been average so far this year.
  7. He almost made 5 nice plays today which brings his career totals to,: 95 almost nice plays 3 actual nice plays
  8. Good luck with that. Maybe fly another banner over the stadium if it makes you feel better.
  9. Players say our season is over: OMG these guys are losers Players say we still have a chance and need to keep fighting: OMG these guys are losers Lesson: SOJFs are the real losers.
  10. Saquon Barkley's running style doesn't work behind a bad oline either. A bad oline with a young QB is never a good thing for a RB whether it's Barkley or Bell.
  11. I hope he turns out to be good, but being the best CB on this team isn't really saying much.
  12. Brady didn't throw for 4000 yards in a season until he was 28. Brady was considered just a game manager his first couple of years. He was lucky not to be a 22 year old in the twitter age where everyone has dumb hot takes and needs instant results. Darnold is accurate. Darnold hits receivers in stride. Darnold has great pocket presence. Darnold is mobile. Darnold has a good arm. Darnold makes dumb mistakes. The dumb mistakes parts bother some of you because you are insecure Jets fans and can't handle "buttfumbles" and "ghosts." Darnold is our franchise QB. Deal with it.
  13. I love Adams. He is a great player. But you can trade a player like Adams if the price is right. There is a price for any player who isn't your franchise QB. If Adams netted us a 10 year starting LT and a 10 year starting Center in next years draft that would be WELL worth it. That is something we could have gotten if we were able to get a 1st plus for Adams.
  14. I just want a guy who has a name that will fit nicely on a banner when the time comes to demand he gets fired after a slow start.
  15. It's a 2pt spread against a 2-7 team with the most turnover prone QB in the league, missing their #1 WR, #1TE and a couple of starting offensive lineman. So yeah, we got a shot. But that's not really saying much.
  16. Hmmm, I've been told by many posters here that McCarthy is unemployed by design and the we should ignore how much better the Packers offense looks since they canned him.
  17. Can it get worse? It can get much worse. Losing to the Giants with Daniel Jones throwing 4 TDs while Darnold stumbles and throws a few bad INTs would pretty much the bottom of the bottom.
  18. He pulled his hamstring. Plenty of players in great shape pull hamstrings. There are plenty of issues with the Jets to complain about there is no reason to make stuff up unless you are just trying to pad your post count.
  19. LMAO It was all reported on and discussed already. The jets were short bodies and he was close to being ready so they activated him with no intent to play barring an emergency. It was stated BEFORE the game.
  20. RELAX! First off, look at the Depth Chart on the Jets own website. https://www.newyorkjets.com/team/depth-chart Herndon listed as #1 TE. Second, Gase sounds excited to have Herndon back. Herndon hasn't played a snap all year thanks to a suspension and now an injury so maybe they want to ease him back in situationally. So they may start Griffen because he's been fine and can block better and then bring Herndon in for passing downs. If Gase started Herndon, played him every snap and he aggravated his hamstring injury blocking for a random running play in the 2nd Qtr you would be the first one starting a thread that Gase was a fool for playing him too much.
  21. I can't imagine how bad your other "takes" have been on this board when you think it's time for an "I told ya so" about a GM that hasn't made his 1st draft pick yet.
  22. I would go best available DT so when we trade Quinnen we have a replacement on the roster.

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