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  1. Darnold should get a pass until Perriman/Mims/Bell and Crowder are back in a couple of weeks. But when they are back the pressure will definitely be on for him to produce at a level that convinces people he is the answer.
  2. I hope they give him a shot, but if he isn't given a shot it is probably more of indictment of Cager as a player. If he can't crack this lineup, even as a rookie, that's not a great sign.
  3. For the people likely to show up at a protest like this, 1PM on a work day is the perfect time.
  4. That's a result of a sad combination of an inept offense and a defense that lets the other team possess the ball so long that we don't even get a reasonable amount of chances on offense to fail.
  5. So you are saying that because Darnold hasn't done well in the past he shouldn't want to be a great QB anymore and just wish to one day be Blake Bortles?
  6. The point your missing was the original poster indicated that Darnold wishes he had a year like Bortles where his team won 5 games. I am pretty sure Darnold wishes to be a pro bowl caliber Qb and carry his team to a Super Bowl. Some of you are delirious with frustration that you can't think straight.
  7. Who said Bortles was ever good? No one ever thought Bortles was good even when he put up good numbers 1 year.
  8. Because the Jaguars went 5-11 that year and generally sucked even when putting up fluky TD numbers 1 year
  9. You can tell that Gase has a huge ego and doesn't want anyone else taking credit for a good play. Remember, he has a BRILLIANT offensive mind.
  10. Would you want people to see your face if you were responsible for the product they put on the field every week?
  11. Any team that was willing to give him a big contract would have done so and he was two years younger and before he missed a season with injury and then quit on his team this year.
  12. If this keeps up the rest of the league will suck as much as the Jets.
  13. Gotta give Gase credit, he's the only offensive coordinator that could successfully run a play action on 4th and 7 because he's also the only OC dumb enough to run the ball on 4th and 7.. Gase playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers
  14. You could make the same argument for Gase and his offense without WRs and without Bell, in the end these guys have to get it done the same way the Niners got it done yesterday missing half their players.
  15. Because he didn't have Russell Wilson putting up 35 points to mask the fact that an Adams lead defense couldn't stop a good offense.
  16. LMAO, he wasn't anywhere near the tackle. He was the guy NBC Showed celebrating after, which is probably the part that fooled you into think Adams made the play.
  17. "He" did it? LOL. You clearly didn't watch the game or read the thread.
  18. The niners are not a good offense without Kittle and Deebo? And the Niners lost Jimmy G and still were able to move the ball. If we give Williams a pass because of the "players" we should give Gase the same pass because of no WRs and no Bell. Personally, I don't give either a pass.
  19. Williams has been here two years and the defense is regressing. Is the difference between Gase and Williams the injuries? Because I am pretty sure the offense has had their share of injuries. Both Gase and Williams deserve to be fired at this point.
  20. Agreed. This is New York, You can't just assume the fanbase/media will accept embarrassment for 2-3 years. This isn't the NBA or even MLB where you can get away with tanking for a couple of years. A good coach/GM should be able to turn things around in a year or two. I am not blaming Douglas because he can't completely overhaul a roster with just 1 draft and the Adams trade/Becton pick appear to be great moves, but he has to expect more from his Head Coach. Someone needs to be held accountable.
  21. Somehow a journeyman crappy QB gets more input then our young franchise QB.
  22. So he's fine if he fires Gase today but a fraud if he does it tomorrow?
  23. How can you for your head coach, offensive coordinator an defensive coordinator midseason? Then again, can it get worse?
  24. Despite this game being easy money for people wanting to bet the niners at -7 the Line has dropped to 6.5 (at least at Draftkings).
  25. He's just a better RB than some give him credit for.

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