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  1. If you select A QB at 2, there is no QB competition. That's the reality.
  2. Yeah, I'm guessing they really want Wilson to replace Watson and therefore will need to deal with the jets. I think the Jets will ultimately be able to pull off a more reasonable deal than some on here think is possible....... Assuming they want Watson over Wilson(factoring in salary and comp)
  3. He's a good WR..... that's had the fortune of playing with Brees, Brady, Watson and in the Rams pass friendly offense. He's fine. Would love to have him on the Jets. But it's also fair to question how good a guy is when teams, especially smart teams, are fine letting him go (even if it's usually for decent comp).
  4. Just make good arguments and you won't get snarky responses. And yeah, you don't need to be a genius to realize that no matter who you have at QB he needs a good supporting cast. Has anyone come in here and said "we just need Watson and we can ignore the rest of the roster and win a super bowl!!!"?
  5. Just an absolutely horrific argument. Aaron Rodgers went 6-9-1 in 2018. I assume you were telling your friends that this Rodgers dude is not that good. And some of you are acting as if Watson has been a numbers guy his entire career but never took his team to the playoffs. The kid is 25 and has made the playoffs 2 out of 4 years. The two times he didn't were his rookie year (where he got hurt) and this year when the Texans literally gave away their best weapon (Hopkins) and had one of the worst defenses including a comically bad secondary, giving up 30TD passes with just 3 INTs.
  6. I don't think anyone has said you can't win without a franchise QB. Just the odds dictate that without one you are likely doomed. For proof, see the new York Jets the last 4 decades. And I never said Eli was a HOF qb. I said he was "pretty good."
  7. Lol, balance wins? You mean a balance of players like tom brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, peyton and big Ben? How many teams have won super bowls the last 17 years without a really really good QB? The Giants, Ravens and eagles. And even Eli and flacco were pretty good when they won. You need a franchise QB.
  8. We've drafted QBs for 4 decades and not one has been even half as good as Watson so let's not act like it's easy to find a guy that can throw for 4800 yards with below average supporting cast or something "potentially similar."
  9. What many in the media aren't considering is that there is a very good chance the Texans really want Zach Wilson. He's pretty much turned into the consensus number 2 QB and#2 pick overall. If that's the case, the Texans have no choice but to trade with the Jets. That gives Douglas significantly more leverage than many in the media want to acknowledge.
  10. So you think the GM that traded Jamal Adams for 2 first round picks will turn around and trade quinnen for the equivalent of 1 first round pick????
  11. • “The Jets are in a position to deal their #2 but are more likely than not to stay put.” I assume this is where it came from. Obviously, the Jets could stay put at 2 and take an OL/WR but given all the interest in Wilson, there is no chance the Jets stay put and do anything else besides take Wilson. If they don't like him, they would just trade down.
  12. Last year Jefferson at 22, Aiyuk at 25 and Claypool at 49 were already better than Crowder in year 1. And there were guys like Shenault, Higgins, Pittman and even our own Mims that showed flashes and a couple will likely be better than Crowder this year. This WR draft class isn't as good as last years, but it's still very good and you can likely find a WR at 23 that fits the new offensive scheme better than Crowder.
  13. I think everyone would agree that upgrading Herndon makes more sense in a vacuum. But when one players makes 1 million and the other 10 million, you are having two different conversations. You don't need to cut Herndon to find the money to replace him. The Jets may simply rather use that 10 million to sign Samuel for 12 million. Again, I am a fan of Crowder but there are factors like scheme/salary cap that make decisions like this more complicated.
  14. I think the NFL is smarter than the media/twitter. I don't think Juju gets the money many think is coming his way. Cooper just got 20million a year. Kupp got 15 million a year Crowder gets 10 million a year. GIven that the cap has shrunk this year, I think Juju will fall somewhere in the 14-16 range at best. I think Kupp is his best comp, he has baggage and the cap situation hurts his chances of doing better imo. Then again, it only takes 1 desperate/dumb GM...
  15. Agreed unless the Jets decide to go all out at the WR position in Free Agency/Draft and think the combo of Allen Robinson/Mims/1st round rookie/Curtis Samuel renders Crowder and his contract expendable.
  16. Would this video be posted here if he said that Lawrence is the best QB in the draft? Let's not be suckers to the clickbait world.
  17. You know a QB is really in demand when teams drafting lower start spreading crap like this.
  18. Here I was thinking that C on his Jersey was for Cocky.
  19. He's also passing the ball to BYU WRs who don't exactly have a talent advantage over mountain west DBs. Regardless, I'm not suggesting Wilson is a no brainier pick at 2. Just saying this is the time of year where you hear trumped up stories about players that are meant to impact draft decisions. I rather look at tape of a player and evaluate his play versus make decisions based on innuendo.
  20. And this isn't new. It's been discussed back in December and there were many who defended him: One of Wilson’s offensive linemen, Chandon Herring, tweeted: “I played with Zach for several years & have nothing but respect for the dude. He is entitled to nothing and works longer and harder than most to reach his goals. Don’t listen to people who haven’t trained, worked, or played with him to tell you about his character.” Wide receiver coach Fesi Sitake added the tweet: “Someone clearly had a plan to damage Zach’s reputation. But as you look around, everyone & the
  21. 33tds and 3ints last year. Could you imagine how good he would have been if the players respected him???
  22. Trade him. Rebuild. Don't worry that the Jets have your #1 next year.
  23. Would Watson or Wilson do any worse than the last 3 GMs we had?
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