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  1. They have zero running game and zero WRs.. it's basically just andrews. He's great but the ravens have done a bad job surrounding Lamar with weapons. While I haven't been a fan of Lamar as a passer , he's actually looked better but his receivers get zero separation. In this offense, he would be unstoppable. Crazy that we can say that.
  2. This. There is plenty to worry about but him looking away for a split second is meaningless. He's inactive. I thought there was a good chance he wouldn't even be on the field this week to give him a week to clear his mind. I do wonder when, or if, he comes back as the back up.
  3. Yup, the combo of being disgruntled to start the year, wanting to get paid the big bucks and being unable to stay healthy won't work in his favor.
  4. Right so the people knocking Mike White are simply saying he isn't good enough to be a franchise qb. You seem to agree since you also have no interest in paying him like a franchise QB.
  5. Let's assume he plays well the rest of the year, as a free agent do you give him 28 million a year? Because that is what marginal franchise qbs like cousins get. How much are YOU really in on Mike White?
  6. That makes sense.. the Jets also owe the jags a 5th, instead of a 6th, If Robinson gets over a certain amount of yards. I don't think that would be the main reason but given the special teams issue and the fact that knight looks legit probably all factored into the decision.
  7. Geno is putting up monster numbers this year. Geno was awful and totally lacking any self-awareness..... now he's on pace for like 4000 yards and 30/8 td ratio. Not saying zach will figure out but there is no reason to rush to bury the kid.
  8. Can't wait until sauce is dancing around minnesota with a viking helmet.
  9. I do not fear the vikings. They are good but I think we match up well with them.
  10. Exactly. "Good" NFL QBS like Kirk cousins get 28 million a year. When people here are ready to give him that type of contract I'll believe those that think he's "good."
  11. He wasn't on injury report. Could be jets trying to avoid the 5th round comp pick while also getting knight a shot.
  12. I'm hoping the fact the team moved him ahead of flacco was performance based.
  13. No, but all we needed was average and we'd be 8-2.
  14. You think the jets sign Conklin if they viewed CJ as a pass catcher? He's barely running routes. He's pretty much doing what they signed him to do and Conklin is doing what he was signed to do.
  15. Rex Ryan won 4 playoff games in his first 2 years. It took Bellicheat 7 years before he got to his 4th playoff win. Using your type of ridiculous reasoning, one could argue Rex was a better head coach since he did something even more important in a shorter period of time.
  16. Winning 7 games and doing victory laps? Daboll looks like a good coach. He's also had an incredibly easy schedule and will still have A QB dilemma heading into next year.
  17. Daboll is making jones look mediocre. He is bad. But yeah, we'd be 8-2 with jones. But that's just because of how bad Wilson has been.
  18. Wilson deserved to be benched. Whoever comes in this week better win or look good. The last thing we need is to see geriatric Flacco score 10 points and throw 2 ints in a loss to a terrible team.
  19. It's easy to spot the people who do not follow the nfl outside of the jets. They think other teams have good backups. Flacco and Mike White are not good but they are exactly what other teams have as backups. Trevor semien, colt Mccoy, trubisky, tyrod taylor, keenum, gabbert etc. They are all bad. If they were good, they wouldn't be backups.
  20. Exactly. No one here is rooting for a player to get hurt. But once he's hurt I'm gong to root for him to not play.
  21. Thank you. I hate people that say crap like "I want to beat their best players." These teams aren't facing our best RB or offensive lineman. Why should we want to face their best? A win is a win.
  22. Pretty sure he played through that to win a National Championship and not a meaningless game against the Jets. The kid is definitely tough so he will want to play but I bet the Bears play it safe. Especially since he initiates so much contact running the ball.
  23. I personally wants the Jets to win. No one in Chicago is upset that we are playing without Breece and AVT.
  24. Great press conference. I still think the problem with hiring a guy like Saleh i(who is clearly a good head coach) s that he isn't going to be great at developing a young QB. You see with the giants the difference in Daniel Jones with Daboll around. Jones didn't miraculously get better. Daboll made it work. Lafleur is no Daboll. I think this team should not draft another QB next year, instead they should go all in on the best available vet. Whether that's a trade or free agency. Eliminate that one hole in this regimes resume.
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