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  1. You conveniently left off Ruggs who is faster than Anderson and probably a better all around talent than Robby. And Jeudy will likely be a sub 4.4 guy. Either way, while it's nice to have a burner like Robby, not all great passing attacks have a burner. Dak had almost 5k passing yards and Cooper/Gallup are not sub 4.4 burners and Witten runs slower than some offensive lineman. Speed is great, but I rather have a great route runner than a pure burner like Anderson.
  2. They went to the AFC championship game with Henry.. tannehill was along for the ride. Sanchez did more on the Jets runs to two AFC championship games.
  3. Again, if we gave up 2 first round picks and gave him a massive contract this fanbase would be in an uproar if he only got 8.5 sacks this past year.
  4. 8.5 sacks in 16 games last year. I'm sure there's an excuse or two but if we had traded 2 first round picks for him and he did that in year 2 for us jetnation would need to create a sub-forum for all the threads started about how much he sucks..
  5. Rivers looked awful playing with far better talent than what is on the bears roster. Brady isn't going to Chicago. What's left? Maybe Jameis. Mariotta who sucks? Bears know they need a long term answer at QB and trubisky isn't that guy.
  6. In a draft filled with high end talent at WR, Laviska just doesn't do it for me. I was intrigued at first but the more I saw of him the less I liked him.
  7. I'm curious to see what Netane Muti does at the combine. He absolutely annihilates defenders...... when healthy. If he looks good at the combine I could see he jumping up some boards. He's the rare offensive lineman with an exciting highlight video
  8. Why do you worry so much about what random people say about our QB? Would you feel better if Matt Bowen, whoever that is, picked Darnold?
  9. A guy that couldn't do much with Mahomes is not a guy I want to replace Anderson.
  10. A couple of those defensive players would be solid depth and maybe could catch lightning in a bottle. The offensive guys look old and slow.
  11. Eric bienemy? Because he was a glorified intern for Andy Reid? Unless someone can show that it was bienemy that pushed for the chiefs to draft Mahomes and Hill, there is no reason to think he has had anything to do with the Chiefs success.
  12. Burrow is also 23. Darnold, by comparison, is still just 22. Burrow looked great but the talent he played with and his age are good reasons to be wary.
  13. What makes him talented? 5 years in the league.. Never broke 800 yards receiving. Nothing but a depth option for teams.
  14. 2nd/3rd round offensive lineman usually don't look great year 1. He played well at times, poorly at other times. Pretty much like 90% of all offensive tackles taken in the 2nd/3rd round. His PFF score was 49, which is bad, but some of the other OTs taken in the second and third round scored about the same. Cody Ford 52, Greg little 52 Bobby Evans 49, Trey pipkins 63 (played only 250 snaps). That's actually the fear I have about everyone focusing on the draft this year to fix the oline. I think it's the way to go long term but let's not kid ourselves into thinking a bunch of rookie offensive lineman will walk in here and be very good year 1.
  15. Don't forget to trade Darnold also then wait two years and trade away whatever good players we drafted this year so you can continue whining about why we have no good players.
  16. Most SOJFs will ignore this. Gase coached Tannehill to an 8-5 record in 2016. The Fish went on to go 10-6 that year. And let's be real, guys like Tannehill, Damien Williams aren't anything special. Sure, Tannehill did an incredible job handing the ball off to Henry this year and Damien Williams can do some things with Mahomes at QB, but let's not act as if these guys are studs in any way shape or form. I am not ready to lock Gase up to a 10 year contract. Far from it. But he deserves some more time to prove himself with the Jets. With that said, this is mostly a product of sensitive Jets fan who can't handle the fact that their Head Coach had goofy eyes during an interview. SOJFs are just easily triggered.
  17. So why do you need our help? You're clearly in the right and you said you have pro Bono legal assistance. Sounds like you have this all wrapped up.
  18. It's also possible that we use that 12 million on a player or two that turn out to be nothing special and we get to watch Adams to to pro bowl after pro bowl with another team. As for Darnold, there is always enough money to pay a franchise QB. It's the other positions that may, or may not suffer. Making this a choice between Adams and Darnold is extremely misleading.
  19. How would you like it if I took that design you created and generated a bunch of merchandise using the exact design and made a fortune off of it? Pretty sure you would sue me.
  20. It would look like a regular season NBA game.
  21. I have not been impressed with him. With that said, coaches can prop up guys like Trubisky/Josh Allen/Tannehill/Brissett these days. I think Herbert has enough talent to be as good as those guys. In the right system, with the right supporting cast, who knows? Either way, I am rooting for as many QBs to go in the top 10 as possible. With QB needy teams like the Bengals/Fish/Chargers/Panthers drafting ahead of us and teams like Colts/Bucs drafting behind us who may also be looking to trade up for a new QB there is a good chance 4 QBs go in the top 10. If that happens we are a lock to either get an elite OL or the best WR in the class.
  22. You lack basic reading comprehension skills. I never said I wished an injury on him. You want to hear the negative so you created your own little conversation in your head. Not the first time I've seen you do that on this board. The point was that running QBs tend to suffer ankle/knee/hamstring/quad injuries (whether I want it to happen or not) and WHEN that happens his production will fall off a cliff versus the same injury happening to your standard pocket passer that doesn't rely as much on their legs. Going forward it will be helpful if you respond to my post and not the voices in your head.
  23. I never said missed games. I said limited by an ankle/knee/hamstring injury that most QBs can play through because they are competent passers. Lamar can throw from the pocket as long as teams fear his ability to run. If they can play him straight up he will fall apart.

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