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  1. I stand with Joe Douglas and I'm pretty sure Douglas won't over pay for Adams.. Adams is great but as you've noted once or twice, a safety isn't worth the big bucks.
  2. How incredible of a coach must Gase be to intentionally sabotage his running game, inherit an awful roster from Mac and still finish 6-2? Thanks for proving how brilliant Gase is as a coach!
  3. Jason Myers had a bad year kicking in warm Jacksonville. Came to cold, windy new Jersey and was a pro bowler for us.
  4. Maher was at 80% in 2018. With a big leg, he was a very good kicker. Obviously terrible this year but Ficken isn't that accurate and he doesn't have as strong a leg. Simply good competition.
  5. I want less access and less info about the teams future plans. I want more winning.
  6. Have you heard of any team asking to interview Williams? We've seen a ton of candidates get interviews for various teams yet none for Williams. You have any explanation for that? You seem to know the value of coaches better than the rest of us so waiting for your detailed response.
  7. In defense of all the guys fired from the bears, trubisky is hot garbage.
  8. Lol, so you think a Jets PR person set up a burner account using the name of Adam Gase's son? Not surprised you'd convince yourself of something that stupid.
  9. If the Daily News won't fire him for setting up a burner account to frame gase do you think lying about it will make a difference?
  10. Says the guy with 6 thousand posts in the last year....
  11. And every mouth-breathing poster in this forum that thought it was gase should be banned from this forum. Going to see which one of you thought it was gase. Should be fun....
  12. We need an elite edge rusher BADLY. Even a guy that is just a pass rush specialist. Getting Mosley/Williamson/Cashman back will also help. But yeah, we should be using just about every draft pick on offense. OL/WR/RB
  13. Bell was definitely a disappointment this year. Oline sucked but he has no burst. Whenever he tried to bounce it outside the LBer would track him down pretty easily. Perhaps with a better oline he can still do some damage running between the tackles and he is still an asset out of the backfield and as a pass blocker.
  14. I think people are reacting to the contract demand and that Connor Hughes is simply spewing his agents crap. Does anyone think that Hughes is hearing from GMs that they are lining up to give Robby 15 mill a year?
  15. Not a cap guy, but hopefully if his career is over we can get some cap relief.
  16. Barkley was decent this year. Nothing special. CMC/Henry/Cook were clearly better. Guys like Chubb/Mixon are just as good and also played on bad offenses. Despite how "great" he is, was supposed to be, the team and the offense have been bad the last 2 years. RBs don't age well. By the time the Giants figure this thing out how good will Barkley be? Barkley is the guy you draft at 2 when you are already a great team and RB is the missing piece, he is not the guy you draft at the start of a rebuild.
  17. Oh yeah, there was also this doozy of a trade. Gettleman also gave Odell a big contract but was then lucky the Browns bailed him out. Gettleman also drafted CB in the 1st that was a bust this year.
  18. 2 really good drafts? They were awful this year in a trash division.. Defense was horrible. The offensive line wasn't very good. Barkley was pedestrian. Jones had more fumbles than any QB I can remember. If a Jets GM built the same roster half this board would want him fired.
  19. Just keep firing head coaches every year so that future coaching prospects want no part of an organization that won't give a head coach more than one year to prove themselves.
  20. I tend to agree unless Douglas sees an elite Offensive lineman on the board at 8-9. Getting the next dbrick is well worth a 3rd..
  21. Exactly. That doesn't mean I think gase did a great job, I just think he has earned year 2. Things could have gotten ugly and he righted the ship.
  22. We "could" go from 12 to as high as 8th. Giants pick is worth about 260 points. 12th pick is worth 1200 8th pick is worth 1400

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