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  1. There was a video of Leveon Bell playing basketball during the season. He didn't look fat or out of shape: It's possible he added a couple of pounds, but he also could have bulked up (muscles) and not get all that fat. This feels like someone is trying to depress Bell's free agent value so they leaked this "info"
  2. So therefore it makes sense to bring in a WR he doesn't like because you once heard good things about him before the draft and are willing to ignore years of NFL failures? I have no problem bringing him in as depth, IF Gase wants to give him another shot. But if you think he is any better than Anderson/Enunwa you haven't watch much football (outside of the Jets bubble many here live in).
  3. You know what's sad? When fans think the organization is obligated to clarify every stupid thought that runs through sojf heads. They knew there was no issue and that's all that matters. Whether you lost sleep about it or not is of no moment to them.
  4. It's great when SOJFs think they are smarter than everyone else and assumed the Jets would hire people that hate each other on day 1.
  5. A guy like Keenum likely wants to land on a team where he has a fighting chance to win the starting job. The Jets are not that destination. I would love to get him, but I don't see him wanting to come here.
  6. Let's be honest, the Jets could win a super bowl and you would call the Jets a loser organization and demand Macc to be fired.
  7. If the choice in Free agency is: 1- Karlos Williams/high end Guard or edge rusher 2- Leveon Bell/low end Guard or edge rusher Give me Williams and the high end Guard/Edge rusher. We have plenty of cap space, but it's not unlimited. I think our main focus should be on OL/edge rushers. If signing Bell could impact our chances of filling a hole on the OL I rather take fliers on guys like Karlos Williams or a draft pick.
  8. Just look at what the Bears/Rams/Jets gave up to move to the top 3 to get Trubisky/Goff/Darnold. Why would the Jets consider a trade down to 15 for less than value when those other teams had to give up WAY more than value to move up? And to trade down to 15 where we have NO idea who will fall to us? I saw someone last night saying we could get Metcalf at 15. Really? We know he will fall to 15? So we take the 3rd best OL instead? Now all of a sudden we are in the Darron Lee range of players who COULD be really good or could be a bust. Meanwhile, Quinnen Williams or Bosa or Allen are far more likely to become impact players.
  9. Some are concerned that we are ignoring offense once again. But I think we can do a ton to address our needs on offense via free agency or trades with teams looking to unload high priced offensive talent.
  10. Yup. And with teams like the Giants/Jags/Skins/Fish/Broncos (I can't imagine Elway thinks Flacco is their long term answer) in desperate need of a franchise QB you know one or two of those GMs will "panic" and try to jump the other to get in position to take the guy they fall in love with. The main problem is that these teams may want to jump to 1-2. If that happens and Bosa falls into our laps I can't see the justification for trading down for less than value.
  11. I really want the Jets to trade down also. We need to stockpile picks. But I don't think any GM, in the same situation, would take less than value to move down from 3-15. Either way, if there are 1-2 QBs that teams love there will be a team that will overpay to move up to 3.
  12. We need to address the offense. Thankfully there is free agency and we have a ton of cap space. We could fix the oline and pick up a high end offensive weapon in free agency/trade thereby allowing us to make the smart move on draft day (offense or defense, trade down or not) instead of the desperation move some of you are advocating.
  13. In a draft with three elite players at the top, at least by most accounts, you don't trade down for the sake of trading down. If you can get an Aaron Donald/Mack/Watt with the third pick you make that pick unless someone makes it worth your while to do otherwise. If it was a weak top 3 then I could see trading down for less.. Not this year.
  14. Agreed. I've heard some suggest that Collins could move to some sort of hybrid LBer. But I am not spending a dime on him until we fill out the rest of our roster. If he's rejecting a franchise tag number of 11 million a year, then he will likely want a deal that will make zero sense for the Jets.
  15. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/draft/draft-trade-chart/ The 3rd pick is worth 2200 points for Washington 1st (1050), 46 (440) 77 (205) which equals 1695. Washington 2020 2nd equals about 200 and their 4th equals about 36. So that's a grand total of about 1930. So we'd be giving up 2200 in value for 1930. No GM would ever do that. Especially when teams trading up for QBs (Bears with Trubisky, Rams with Goff, Jets with Darnold) all vastly OVERPAID. So we would need Redskins 2019 1st, 2nd, 3rd plus next years 1st to start. It is true that the Draft Trade Chart is NOT an exact science. But based on that chart, every team trading down with a team looking to get a QB has gotten WAY more in value. So should we.
  16. This is the time of year where you really can't believe what anyone says. It could be true, it could also be the Jets trying to hide their free agent/draft plans.
  17. There isn't much not to like about him. He is a very good prospect at RB. But he is no Saquon and if I am drafting a RB in the top 10, he better be the next Saquon or something close because as much as I like Jacobs, there is a good chance you will find a RB who will have as good of a career in the later rounds. It wouldn't shock me if kids like Elijah Holyfield/Devin Singletary/Darrel Henderson/David Montgomery and 5-6 others emerge as a better RB than Jacobs. And those guys may go anywhere from the 2nd to the 5th rounds depending on combine etc... This is a very deep RB draft class, but there is no one that jumps off the screen like Barkley did. If Jacobs comes out and blows everyone away at the Combine, I could see him jump into the top 10, but I just don't see the value in taking him that high.
  18. No idea, but I am sure Osweiler's PFF grade was higher in 2018 than it was in years past. Again, if Tannehill is so good, then why are the fish looking to move on from him?
  19. If you watch/listen to PFF shows, they all agree Darnold is the way better QB and way better QB prospect.
  20. By all accounts the Dolphins are either looking to draft a QB this year or are tanking for a QB next year. You think that's because they think he is any good?
  21. Mccown/Darnold >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Brock Osweiller.
  22. I think we will much improved this coming year. Darnold will take a big step forward and the talent around him will be much better. Equally important is the upgrade in our coaching staff. You can say what you want about Gase vs. McCarthy vs. Kingsbury, but there is no question Gase>>>>>>>Bowles
  23. Brown is probably a better player than Bell and WRs have longer careers than RBs. However, Brown seems a little nutty and will require draft pick compensation. So my pick is Bell, but I wouldn't be upset if we landed 1, both or none. There is a good case for either option.
  24. The funny thing is that I really like both players, but to suggest that we should take them in the top 10 is a little nutty.

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