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  1. Aside from the fish loss, each of the teams that beat the Jets were more talented top to bottom. Often teams significantly more talented because we were playing with a 3rd string QB.
  2. Bellichick's defenses in Cleveland without Brady didn't win too many games.
  3. Bellichick is a defensive minded head coach and the only reason his team won many games was because of the offense therefore bellichick sucks? Just trying to follow your "logic."
  4. Not sure I care what happens to a teams second best running back. They'll be fine without him.
  5. How many wins do you think a "good" coach gets out of this roster factoring all the injuries? 10-11? I assume you're a mccagnan truther then?
  6. And already at 200 yards passing in the first half with a bunch of nobody's at WR. Jameis gonna Jameis. The only QB capable of putting up 500 yards/5tds in the same game he throws 5ints.
  7. That's not according to joewilly, that's according to common sense. He's a gun slinger on Pace for over 5k yards passing. Sure it comes with a bunch of ugly mistakes but he's far better than many starting NFL QBs. My guess is that they franchise tag him and draft a QB in the mid to late round to groom behind Jameis.
  8. From June 2018: 2018 NFL coach rankings: Bill Belichick and then ... 22) Todd Bowles, New York Jets I was thoroughly impressed with how the Jets competed last season. But still, Bowles' team only won five games. For the second year in a row. Thus, it's challenging placing Bowles higher than 22. Yet, his job should be safe, with a rookie quarterback in Sam Darnold and the feisty nature with which New York competed while Josh McCown was healthy. McCown's back, too, and should be the player-coach to Bowles' coach-coach, providing leadership to his younger teammates in and out of the quarterback room. 23) Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers There are a few head coaches included in this league pecking order who are quite tough to evaluate. Shanahan is front and center in that regard, as he took over a team offering both upside and a host of potential growing pains. The 49ers also had no quarterback until Jimmy Garoppolo came on board. San Francisco started winning at that point. So, was the five-game winning streak all Jimmy G, or does Shanahan deserve praise for catering his system to the young quarterback? Leaning toward the latter, but we need more volume than one third of a season to evaluate. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000938541/2018-nfl-coach-rankings:-bill-belichick-and-then-... Tell me more about the value of coaching rankings.....
  9. They are getting what they deserve. Fans have a right to complain on twitter or on the radio, but putting up billboards to embarrass the franchise would only hurt the Jets organization as a whole and hurt the team down the road. What free agents or coaches would want to play for a fanbase that wants a coach fired after 14 games?
  10. Denver, Oakland, Cards, Chargers scare you? They shouldn't. Seahawks are all Russell Wilson. Rams are good, but Goff is vastly overrated and they have traded away a ton of draft picks to acquire expensive aging vets. Chiefs will be tough, Niners will be tough but even the Niners don't really scare me too much. They've been really hot this year, but I am not sold on them being unbeatable especially if they have to travel East. Not to mention the Fish are terrible and the Pats are looking vulnerable and Brady may retire. Sorry, this schedule doesn't scare me too much.
  11. Bellichick was 36-44 with the Browns. Pete Carroll was 6-10 with the Jets. Safe to assume you would have been chipping in for a banner to get them run out of town also.
  12. Coughlin did not inherit a team with a good record but they had good young talent and it showed in year 1 of his tenure when they won 10 games. Since then things have gotten worse and now they aren't even a talented young team. Nick Foles? Giving that much money to the modern version of Jeff Hostetler was nail in the coffin.
  13. Fournette hasn't missed a game all year and has pretty much played every snap this year. Seems odd to bring this up a year, or more, after it happened as a reason for the firing. Coughlin got fired for one reason, the jags suck and are worse now, as a franchise, then they were when he took over. This firing is well deserved.
  14. The question is, which 2018 would you rather build a team around? You've already admitted that Jackson couldn't do it here or other places and that he would be useless if he hurts his knee. Yet you still draft him over Darnold and to suggest otherwise is nonsense? If the question is who is the better player this year? It's not even close. Jackson is the most dynamic player this year. But if I am building a team, I want a QB that can withstand the test of time. Drew Brees/Brady/Rodgers/Roethlisberger/Brady all are legends because they can be great from the pocket. Any running they do is gravy. Cam Newton was a phenomena for a few years until the beatings finally took it's toll now he looks shot at 30.
  15. Pretty sure you are just pulling this out of your a$$ to make a "clever" post. Since Mahomes won an MVP I have seen ZERO Jets fans say they rather have Adams. I am one of the biggest Adams supporters, but it would be comical to suggest Adams is even remotely as valuable a player as Mahomes. Not even in the same league.
  16. He is almost a lock to finish 1st overall. A testament to how awful Jets QBS have been and the modern pass heavy offenses. Matt Ryan is on pace to break the all time Passing TD record set just last night. 7 of the top 12 Passing TD leaders are active players.
  17. Remember when the Browns were idiots for keeping Hue Jackson too long? Remember when the Browns were idiots for not keeping Bill Belichick longer? Hue Jackson started 0-14 as a coach. The Jets are 5-6 with Darnold at QB. Jackson finished 3-36 as a HC. Gase already has 5 wins this year despite losing his QB, no offensive line, no CBs and many other holes. It's moronic to fire Gase after 1 year. The last thing you want to do to a young QB is give him 3 different HCs his first 3 years.
  18. As much as I hate Eli, he's ahead if Rivers for me because Rivers always found a way to lose big games. I also put Rodgers above Wilson. Wilson is a notch below but has looked better at times thanks to a better supporting cast both on the field and on the coaching staff.
  19. Fast forward a couple of months and Marrone is about to get fired and Frank Reich doesn't look so smart without Luck.
  20. Mark Sanchez. 2 trips to AFC championship games. What's your point?
  21. Where was this thread when they lost 6 games in a row? I'm going to guess this forum wouldn't have loved him while he was losing all those other games.
  22. Bellichick would be calling plays from a secret bunker under Gillette stadium.
  23. Fines for a billion dollar organization are a waste. The only punishment that will act as deterrent is the loss of multiple high draft picks.
  24. You watch the NFL and you honestly think a serious knee/leg injury to Lamar Jackson would have the same effect as a serious knee injury to Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Rodgers or Big Ben? Brady hasn't been able to scramble for years and yet he is winning Super Bowls. If Jackson lost the ability to scramble he would be out of the league.

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