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  1. Sure, we will send them Davis Webb and a 5th rounder, I'm sure they will bite.
  2. Nice, this guy coached Dallas's OL from 2013-2017, when it was one of the best units in the league.
  3. Jets are bringing back Gholston to coach strength and conditioning. Lifting weights is the only thing he is good at.
  4. Skip Bayless is close. Maybe its an ESPN thing
  5. maury77

    Kyler Murray

    My dream is that 2 idiot, I mean teams trade up into the top 2 for Murray and Haskins, thus leaving Bosa to us at 3.
  6. maury77

    Your Top 3 - Stack your board as of January 2019

    For the Jets, pending the combine: 1) Bosa 2) Allen 3) Jonah Williams & DK Metcalf
  7. I understand your concern, but the posted video is of him speaking at a Christian conference, so he is obviously going to discuss Christianity. This doesn't mean that he is going to try to shove his religious views don't the throats of professional athletes (if he did, it would not go over too well).
  8. I like Rhule. 2 additional interesting things about him 1) He grew up in NYC as a kid, then moved to PA. He knows the area well. 2) He was Robby Anderson's college coach. I wonder if the team asked Anderson for feedback on Rhule (and would the team even care given Anderson's history).
  9. maury77

    Jonah Williams

    Remember when Joe Thomas was coming out for the draft and people were calling him T Rex because of his arms? @RobR pointed this out in another thread, but Williams is so accurate with his punch that I can deal with his arms being a 1/2" shorter than ideal.
  10. I hope they target that in FA. In 2008-9, we got guys like Faneca, Woody, and Richardson. All those guys were at the end of their careers, but they all came from winning teams and helped improve the team's culture.
  11. maury77

    Scenario for #2 pick

    Of course, the other scenario is a team trades up to 1 for Haskins, thereby dropping Bosa to number 2.
  12. maury77


    Our local UF guys are @JiF and @Paradis . What do you guys say about Allen v. Polite?
  13. Sheppard isn't grading too badly according to PFF. They have him at a 67.4. No impact plays, but he isn't getting blow off the line (as you said). It's interesting that you look at Sheppard as a NT in a 3-4. I always assumed he would be a 5 tech in a 3-4.
  14. Depending on the asking price, sure. I haven't watched a lot of him this year, but PFF is grading him at 79, which would make him the highest graded WR on the Jets. Acquiring him, however, should not mean that the team no longer has to sign any other WRs.
  15. maury77

    Luvu - Pass-rusher in the making?

    I agree with you there, having Luvu on the squad doesn't mean that edge still isn't a huge need for the Jets.

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