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  1. He was the number 2 overall pick in the draft (just like Wilson).
  2. Johnny Lam Jones needs to be at WR over any of the other guys listed. I'd go Kyle Brady over Amaro as well.
  3. Announcers speculated that the Bears thought it was a free play because the DT jumped. Then the slot WR got a step on the CB, Fields threw it deep as the WR slowed down.
  4. Nothing is wrong with Mayfield, sign me up today for him as QB of the Jets.
  5. I'd be ok with that, but even Mayfield level seems like wishful thinking.
  6. Both of these young QBs look good. They are getting the ball out quick in the pocket and are making accurate throws.
  7. @Lith gave me permission to be a bandwagon fan this year, so go Dawgs!
  8. Do you really believe I prefer being proven right on a message board where I will never meet 99% of the people over having the satisfaction of having a team I have followed since I was 8 years old finally winning a Super Bowl? I think you are more upset that your pre draft proclamations that Wilson was some all star prospect are looking pretty bad at this point.
  9. That is legit. Ham was like the original DWC, he literally spent a week talking about how his life had changed because the Jets found a franchise QB in Kellen Clemens.
  10. I started on some site back in 1999 when I was still in the Air Force and had a lot of free time. I think I went over to JI around 2004 for the D'Brick draft. Hung around at JI until the Scout exodus. Went over to the Hampur and had fun in the draft forum with @Lith @sec101row23 @Paradis @RobR and some others, but then no one really posted there anymore and then I came here.
  11. What are you talking about? I had 3 other posters on the board calling me an idiot for suggesting the same thing.
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