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  1. Dark horse? He makes The Black Stallion look like a unicorn.
  2. If the Jets are bad enough to be in a position to pick one of the top 2 next year, I don't think Douglas is going to be around to make the pick.
  3. Ironically enough, the team has built enough talent around Wilson that if he busts, the next QB to come in will be (hopefully) surrounded by a turnkey offense that is ready to produce.
  4. PFF had him as the second highest rated rookie QB. Football Outsiders, according to DYAR, had the rookies as follows: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/qb/2021 Mac Jones Davis Mills Justin Fields Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson. Both PFF and Football Outsiders had Fields above Wilson. Neither of them were good under both sites, but Fields was better.
  5. I respect your opinion. I watched some of the games and I came away with a different opinion. Most of the advanced statistics support my opinion more than yours, but to each his own I suppose.
  6. That and the accuracy are my biggest concern and I think the former is something you have to be born with.
  7. That's probably true, but that has more to do with the surrounding team than anything else.
  8. I'm trying to give Douglas a pass for this decision, but I feel like a wife who is trying to be ok with catching her husband cheating "just one time".
  9. There is an argument that Mims is more physically talented than either Moore or Wilson.
  10. Look, as bad as the Jets have been for the last 10 years, I’m enjoying the Yanks and Celtics right now (weird combo, I know). That being said, I really do miss the days when the lead off batter was a fast guy who could get on base and steal.
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