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  1. Have you been posting as Leftylarry for a long time? I remember a leftylarry from the message boards about 20 years ago.
  2. The real problem is that I blocked you and your posts are still showing up in my feed. @Maxman, any idea why?
  3. Not for nothing, as much as people worship the opinions of Chris Simms and Daniel Jeremiah, I've never seen either of them break down film the way O'Sullivan, Schofield or even @win4ever do.
  4. Beyond the forum, I'm kind of done with draft coverage in general. 10 years ago it used to be cool because there were a couple of guys on the net that put out good work and on JI we would have good draft discussions (a bunch of those guys are here now). Now, we have a hundred new mock drafts every day, with the proliferation of video on youtube everyone thinks they are Ozzie Newsome breaking down film and 99% of the "draft coverage" we see is gossip and speculation. It's completely oversaturated.
  5. That's what we have Football Guy for.
  6. Personally? I've already checked out since I anticipate Wilson being the pick. I literally threw out all my Jets stuff and opted out of my season tickets for 2020. I seriously doubt that I'll be around here much until the team starts winning. I remember years ago, I went to a seminar that Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts had. One of the Jets attorneys was there (not Hymie, it was someone else). What stood out to me about the Jets lawyer is when he said that the difference between sports and film, art, music etc. is that people will continue to follow a sports team if the team is bad. That
  7. Seriously, we've been breaking down film on the QBs in the draft forum since September.
  8. One of the oldest NFL draft resources available on the internet.
  9. maury77

    Sam Howell

    It looks like he’s shoveling blow into his nose in this picture.
  10. maury77

    Sam Howell

    Does he throw sidearm or wear a headband?
  11. I agree with the caveat that I think Wilson needs to sit for a year. This idea that he is going to come in a blow away defenses is not realistic because the speed of the game from the competition he faced in college to the pros is going to be more drastic than a QB that played against power 5 teams consistently. The only guy I feel comfortable with starting right away is Lawrence.
  12. Justin Fields ..... because I would then feel like an idiot for opting out of season tickets this year when I thought the Jets would pick Wilson.
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