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  1. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    It completely makes sense. Watson has a higher floor and Jackson has a higher ceiling.
  2. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    I think they are pretty close TBH. Lamar is a better runner and has a better arm. He also turns the ball over a lot less than Watson did (while the latter was surrounded by much better talent). The only areas where Watson is clearly superior are intangibles (and that's not a knock against Jackson) and play on the big stage.
  3. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    Who was the better prospect coming out? Share your rational.
  4. Keeping up with the Tank.

    I agree 100% with the bolded part.
  5. Keeping up with the Tank.

    The only way Cleveland is trading down is if they sign a QB in the offseason (Cousins, Taylor, Smith)
  6. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Why would Cleveland trade out of the top spot when they need a QB themselves?
  7. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    I feel this way at time as well
  8. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    This has definitely been a confusing season for me with this team. Like many, I had primed myself before the season began for a 2-14 season. I cued up all the college QBs I wanted to watch. Then, much like life in general, things didn't quite work out as expected. And that's ok. I think the general frustration is that we have no shot at the playoffs but are successful enough to miss out on the top QBs in the draft, thus continuing the endless cycle of mediocrity. However, after doing mock offseasons and mock drafts for a long time, I know things never work out quite the way everyone expects them to. If the Browns sign Kirk Cousins or Tyrod Taylor, the top pick in the draft opens up. You don't know what is going to happen. I'm going to enjoy a draft class that is producing more, from top to bottom, than any draft class we have had since probably 2006. I'm going to enjoy watching Darron Lee turing into a decent to good player after I thought he was going to be a bust. I'm going to enjoy watching Anderson go from an UDFA to a possible pro bowler. Let the QB situation work itself out, we have a long way to go.
  9. Yup. You are starting to see Hansen flash a little bit too. Nice young WR corps.
  10. I've been keeping my eye on Michel. I think we could get him late 2nd or early 3rd and he could be a feature back. It's a good RB class (again).
  11. I watched the USC game last night. Does anyone else have concerns about Darnold's arm strength? I think he will be fine in warm weather or a dome, but I'm not sure his arm is going to cut it in a windy environment.
  12. I want to learn more about Stidham, what games do you suggest I watch?
  13. I Want Josh Allen

    Josh Allen is a much more talented QB than Hackenberg was coming out, but picking him in the first round scares the crap out of me. I just didn't see the development in him that I expected. His coaching staff doesn't do him any favors. His completion percentage sucks, but if you watch the games, it seems like he throws an unusually high amount of difficult passes. No bubble screens, very short throws. Every thing is deep or on the far hash mark. These are high difficulty throws that are going to make his completion percentage suffer. If Josh Allen goes to the Senior Bowl (he graduates in December), I'm very interested to hear how he does in the practices. All it takes is one staff to fall in love with him.
  14. Huge swing in draft order

    The Broncos are going to be a real threat to choose a QB.
  15. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Manish is a weird dude. Why is he taking such a personal crusade against Lamar Jackson? Aside from his obviously sh*tty scouting on the player, has anyone ever heard any character concerns about Lamar Jackson? I haven't.