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  1. This is what the jets traded 2 3rd round picks for.
  2. Or people in high positions are sometimes just dumb. @southparkcpa I think has posted that he has worked with people in the Carolina organization and commented on how unremarkable, not smart they are once you meet them. I run into politicans frequently in my line of work and, for the most part, I have generally found them to be a lot less remarkable than I expected them to be (aside from their desire to get people to like them).
  3. I'm sorry you are offended by what I decide to do with my money and my free time.
  4. If this is about those nude pics you keep IMing me, I'm flattered but I'm married.
  5. truth be told, I'm still in a feeling out stage in which direction I'm going, I posted the Giants to (successfully) troll some of you. I remember when the Eagles won the super bowl a few years ago. I was pretty drunk and when I squinted the Eagles kind of looked like the Jets, but the Eagles also suck now so I can't go in that direction. Maybe the Chargers? I like their uniforms.
  6. So basically your reason for optimism is that fat Idzik isn’t Maccagnan. Ok, you are entitled to be optimistic.
  7. I’m not sure, I may be back in 3 years after the Jets fire fat Idzik, Lebanese Herm and trade Zach Manziel for a couple of 2nd day picks.
  8. I'm so confident that Wilson will be the pick that I: a. Cancelled my season tickets; b. threw out all my Jets gear; and c. I'm actively seeking a new team to start following as of Friday
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