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  1. Honestly, whoever gets the job, it would be interesting to offer a position to one of Clemson's staff (maybe like a QB coach) to assist with running plays and concepts that Lawrence is comfortable with.
  2. maury77

    Mock Off Season

    You love the defense and you know it actually, I’m slightly encouraged by Huff and JFM. If Zuniga can flash, I may only pick 1 edge rusher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Russ is my starter in Fantasy, so I usually make out well win or lose Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. As sh!tty as this season has been and with so many other things to quibble about, the Q attacks are amusing (and I wanted Allen over Q last year ). Let's set aside that Allen's position produces more sacks than Williams' position. They both have the same # of sacks this year PFF in 2020 Allen: 72.5 Q: 71.2
  5. Good comps (although I think Harris is a better receiver than Henry).
  6. Good, short video. Doesn't address Darnold specifically, but it shows the importance of good coaching https://twitter.com/danorlovsky7/status/1318903660097712129?s=20
  7. This is 1 of the reasons I think Joe Douglas has to really nail his head coaching selection. He has to get a guy that is going to have to be able to talk to players (whether its Trevor Lawrence or a potential FA) and have them buy into his vision of the team. I hate to admit it, but the cupboard of talent on this team is pretty bare right now.
  8. maury77

    The QB Thread

    I'm fine with this approach as well and I originally advocated for it. I just don't think the franchise has any interest in Darnold anymore. They can say whatever they want to in public, but all their actions show that they have moved on from Sam.
  9. maury77

    The QB Thread

    The strip is becoming unbearable.
  10. Have been terrible this year. All grade very poorly on tv and PFF. As much as we crap on Gase, how about Gregg Williams starts playing Ashtyn Davis, Zuniga (now that's he's back), start John Franklin Myers, let's see more Kyle Phillips, etc.
  11. Lawrence, on his own, won't turn this franchise around. Mahomes wouldn't be able to. That being said, what Jets fans have to absolutely pray for is that: a) ownership gives Douglas free rein to choose the coach and doesn't force a "budget" on him. b) hope that the prospect of having Lawrence entices a legitimate coach to come here (no coordinators) c) Hope that Mims hits d) Hope that you hit on the other 4 first rounders over the next 2 years (if the Jets pick 1st overall, pick 33 is almost like having another 1st rounder)
  12. The problem with this scenario is, what happens if you bring back Darnold and Lawrence beats him out? Darnold's value tanks even worse than it already has.
  13. Thanks, I’m sure Sam will sleep better at night knowing that my 43 year old ass that hasn’t played football since high school gave him a pass [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. To post on a message board? I just registered my name, same as you did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. maury77

    The QB Thread

    That being said, Lawrence looks better this year.

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