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    2020 WR thread

    Tyler Johnson - Here is a guy that does everything pretty well, but isn't great at anything. Decent size at 6'1"-6'2". Good build. Good, but not great speed. Has the ability to take a slant to the house, but you don't see him make a lot of plays downfield (although that could be attributable to the QB). His releases off the line are the most impressive part of his game as you can see him string multiple moves together. Able to make some contested catches as well. I don't think he is going to be a dynamic player, but he looks like a high floor, solid #2 type receiver.
  2. I'd love to see Logan Ryan in green. He will be relatively inexpensive and has played for some good organizations. Start him outside with Bless, resign Poole, and draft a CB on day 2 or 3 to develop into a starter.
  3. I guess this is as good a place as any for the Jeudy v. Lamb debate. I think Jeudy is a much better prospect than Ridley was coming out. I think Jeudy was more similar to Cooper, but Jeudy is more electric after the catch and in the open field. Additionally, I don't think we should poo poo route running as a trait, it's one of the leading predictors of early success in the NFL. I think Lamb is elite after the catch, but I don't really see anything else that I would deem elite. I don't think he's that big (but he is strong) and I don't see elite speed.
  4. Why Lamb over Jeudy? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 1) Jeudy 2a) Thomas 2b) Wills 4) Wirfs 5) Lamb
  6. He in the OL thread, I analyzed him Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. If Higgins runs under 4.45, he’s going in the top 15. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I'm praying to god that Justin Herbert has a huge week and gets pushed into the top 10. That would be great news for the Jets.
  9. maury77

    2020 WR thread

    KJ Hamler - To start, whoever made these videos could have shown just the Hamler footage and cut the run time by 75%, so that was annoying. Short, slight receiver. He's fast and elusive, showing decent hands. Vanilla releases at the line and tends to round his routes. Not an overly physical player. I'm not a big fan as these slight, quick guys tend to not show well in the pros. I think Hamler is a day 3 pick.
  10. I will post some videos in here as well.
  11. maury77

    2020 WR thread

    Jalen Reagor - Love this guy. Short, looks to be about 5'10"-5'11", but well built. Twitchy as hell, his ability to accelerate in open space and get some YAC is very impressive. Hands catcher who shows good hands, but is prone to drop the ball over the middle when he receives a well placed hit. Has a little Steve Smith to his game where even though he is short, he can elevate and beat the defender on contested catches. Give him the ball in space and watch him create. Also a good returner in the kicking game. A solid second round selection and would make a nice replacement for Robby Anderson if he leaves in free agency. Reagor does need to further refine his releases and routes.
  12. Well, depending on Harris's frame, can't he put on another 10-20lbs in the pros.
  13. Being Mingo isn’t a good thing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Scherff is better, but I'd rather come out with Glasgow & Thuney than just Scherff.
  15. maury77

    2020 WR thread

    Tee Higgins - former basketball player and it shows. Tall, lanky fellow who has deceiving deep speed and can get you some YAC. Very nice releases. Ran the full route tree at Clemson and appears refined in this area. Consistently wins against the defender above the rim, whether it is on a deep shot, middle route or in the end zone. He's 6'4" and can jump out of the gym, so I expect this skill set to translate to the next level. He might have the best ball skills in the class and very good hands as well. If I'm going to nitpick, he is a poor blocker and you can see him quit at times on plays where he is not going to be the target. I have him at WR2 behind Jeudy as I think HIggins' game will translate faster to the pros than Lamb's game.
  16. maury77

    2020 WR thread

    Leviska Shenault - a bit of an unorthodox prospect in some ways. Good size at about 6'2". Runs hard and has very good speed for his size. He has a little Enunwa to his game in that regard (although he isn't as big). Has some nice releases off the line. Ran different routes at CU, so I think he is more refined in that area than some give him credit for. Good hands. Now .... 2 areas that I think he really suffers in. He is poor at going vertical on contested catches. Also, not very good at tracking the deep ball. I think he is a very good #2 WR at the pros, but I don't think you will see as many big plays as you saw in college.
  17. I'm going to throw more center tape in hear. Nick Harris, Ruiz from Michigan, Hennessy from Temple. Anyone else I'm missing?
  18. Why a final one so early into the draft season? Post as often as you want!
  19. Alton Robinson from Syracuse had a down year, but the tools are there.
  20. maury77

    2020 WR thread

    I agree with your scouting report
  21. maury77

    2020 WR thread

    Henry Ruggs- Looks to be right around 6’, maybe a bit shorter. Slight frame, but runs hard and blocks for a thin guy. Doesn’t have to deal with jams often because defenders have to respect his speed. Alabama used him mostly on streaks, but you do see him run different routes at times. His speed and acceleration suggest he may become a very good route runner. Speed is off the charts, Tyreek Hill level speed. He routinely kills angles after the catch because of his speed. There are inevitably going TJ be some John Ross comparisons, which give me some pause. I’d say he is a late 1st rounder, I would not love him at 11. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Do you like him at 11? I think Becton and Jones could both move into the 1st as the draft process progresses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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