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  1. Am I allowed to upvote this news or is that considered celebrating an injury to a player?
  2. I’ve finally achieved my goals of being the Justin Fields representative on the board, eat it @JiFapono
  3. Even if its only 4 weeks, that puts him at the Bengals at home, then the Steelers on the road with Watt coming to decapitate him. He's also going to be missing weeks of practice, so the team may elect to have him wait an extra week or 2 just to get him in full shape because the injury prevented him from finishing camp. Really rough way to start the season after many thought the team caught a break in Cleveland with the Watson suspension.
  4. Maybe, but I don't feel like beating that drum tonight. I feel bad for the kid, his teammates and the fanbase in general. A lot of people were high on Wilson and felt good about him going into this season. I don't feel like dumping on them.
  5. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. You are the starting QB and you have to be very concsious about when you should expose yourself to injury. Its a preseason game and you should know better than to try to juke out a defender and risk taking a shot. Its just not worth it.
  6. I don't know what will ultimately happen but losing Becton and Wilson this week is absolutely devastating to Douglas's tenure here as GM.
  7. Its only 1 preseason game, but if this continues and Saleh is gone, I don't care if Woody has to tattoo Payton's face on Woody's ass cheek, get Payton signed.
  8. I only went with guys that played while I was alive 1. Munoz 2. Ogden 3. Jones 4. Pace 5. Zimmerman.
  9. It is a little odd to find such joy in the physique and play of a rookie on a team not in the Jets division who they won't play this year.
  10. Re Wilson: 1. It is really hard for me to evaluate where he is right now because I have not seen him play this year. 2. Even if he plays well in the preseason, he was considered by some to be the best rookie QB last year during the preseason and that did not mean anything once the real games started. 3. The general impression that I've had from readings the TC reports is that he has looked solid, probably comparable to how he was playing at the end of last season. If the Jets are going to improve off of last year, they will need more than that out of Wilson. 4. Good play in the preseason and TC does not guarantee that you will play well during the regular season; however, if you play poorly during TC and the preseason you almost always will not play well during the regular season. On that end, it is good to hear that Wilson appears to be playing at least solidly. 5. Just like you, I need to see Wilson playing better during the regular season than he did at the end of last season before I can buy in; however, up until now, he has done everything I can reasonably ask of him so far this camp.
  11. Insecurity about the Giants being good and about the Jets passing on a good pass rusher I suppose. I would not worry, Daniel Jones will not be a good QB no matter what happens with Thibs.
  12. It’s a legit quote and he should not have made it, but context is key. It was a practice day when all the first and second string WRs were out, so he was describing what is was like throwing to guys that were probably not going to make the team.
  13. I almost quit after the first 2 episodes this season, but decided to stick it out. The season got a lot better.
  14. I agree, Jets should send them Zach Wilson for Justin Fields (I kid, I kid ….)
  15. I had a high placed judge in one of the family divisions tell me that the cases might be starting to move back to pre covid speed. That could be good news for you as far as wrapping things up faster.
  16. God bless you bro. For about 15 years now, I've seen you (quickly) appear out of nowhere once the Raiders are mentioned. That's a lot of work, do you just pop on the sight and search for "Raiders" to see if there is anything you have to respond to? (Not being sarcastic)
  17. I hated the Giants until 2007 when they ruined the Patriot's perfect season. After that, the Giants earned a permanent reprieve in my book. I have to go Raiders (old school), Cowboys (because its the Cowboys) and the Steelers (most insufferable fan base). Re the Packers, I had a great time at Lambeau and it was a good fanbase. Best gameday experience ever.
  18. I watched Prey on Hulu last night and I really enjoyed it. Its arguably the second best Predator movie after the original and having the setting with the Comanche really added a fresh take to the franchise that was really badly needed. For a TV movie, there were some really beautiful shots.
  19. I'm in the minority, but I thought they should have recast T'Challa. Boseman was great in the role, but it just feels weird having a BP movie without T'Challa. That being said ..... we got Namor!
  20. @TomShane Oh, I absolutely agree. I didn't like Davis in the top 10 of the 2017 draft and I've never been a big fan (I had him on my fantasy team a few times). Hopefully Davis is the 4th or 5th on team receptions this year because I don't think you can have a successful offense if he is your primary weapon in the passing game. Jets need to primarily run the offense through the backs, Moore and the TEs to be successful this year (I think Garrett Wilson will need a year or so because he's a rookie).
  21. What bat did you want them to get?
  22. That's fair Slats and I do apologize to you and the other board members (but not that guy).
  23. Stop yoru video at 5 seconds. IMO, that is when the ball is supposed to be coming out to Davis. AGAIN, Davis should have caught it anyway, my point is that Wilson's anticipation and timing were a hair off on the throw. Also, if this were a real game, Whitehead would have blown up the WR even with that particular ball location on the throw.
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