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  1. Don't forget "Zach is prepared to excel in this offense right away". I have a different definition of "right away" or "excel".
  2. So who is Zach's real dad? His mom's twin brother? I never thought of it, but I can see a little Joffrey in Zach. Now this (incest) is the type of inside information I come to this site for.
  3. He's either Zach's dad or Chris Simms.
  4. He's Zach Wilson's dad, I'm convinced. I already told @Paradis
  5. Seriously, how are some of you still falling for this schtick? I'm going to spill the beans. I deliver the toilet paper to Joe Douglas's favorite Mexican restaurant. Whenever I make a delivery, he tells me what he's planning to do in the offseason. If you want more info, hit me up with a DM.
  6. Well, you got me there (hating him as a player, I have no legitimate opinion of him as a person). My opinion was based upon everything I saw about Cobra Kai at BYU and literally NOTHING he has done as a pro has made me doubt my original evaluation. Listen Mr. Wilson, I know as parents we all have to defend our children, but I don't think its going to work out for your son in New York. You and your wife should start demanding trades.
  7. I'm a "Facebook Friend" of Abraham's and I don't see anything about it on his page. IMO, its impossible to make out the person's face on that TikTok video. Abraham often posts about not drinking alcohol anymore and staying away from the nightlife, so it would be sad to hear about him having a relapse, but I have no reason to believe the person in that TIkTok video is Abraham aside from the fact they are both black and tall.
  8. I’m OK with DJ there, I just don’t know what his availability is going to be because of the injuries
  9. How would you guys feel about this starting infield next year (assuming Judge re-signs): IKF (3rd) Peraza (SS) Volpe (2nd) Rizzo (1st)? At a minimum, I think its a very strong defensive infield.
  10. He now hangs with Brett Ratcliffe and Mike Simms at the "Odd JN QB Infatuation" club
  11. A gut call, are you friggin serious? You act as if @Warfish doesn't have a literal mountain of statistical evidence to support his position. For Zach Wilson to "turn it around" on the Jets at this point would be unprecedented (I believe) as far as recent history goes. Even beyond the statistics at this stage of his career, I don't remember a lot of young guys coming back from last week's press conference fiasco.
  12. Honest question: what would you need to see to decide "Zach isn't going to be a franchise QB"?
  13. 12/4 through 12/7. Some rumors circulating that the Yankees are looking at adding a top end starting pitcher and I fully support this.
  14. Hey Chris, if it makes you feel better, some of us hate you even more than we hate Zach (as a player, no opinion of him one way or another as a person).
  15. Justin Jefferson is on my fantasy team, so I think Saleh should let Jefferson get his yards and just focus on stopping everyone else.
  16. This is the tape to the Houston game. I thought this was a pretty overrated game for Wilson given the number of times his WRs bailed him out and the near picks he threw and I'm honestly concerned about Douglas's ability to scout QBs if this is the game that enamored him.
  17. These are the Glazer comments https://www.foxsports.com/watch/play-60df4e75900004b
  18. If Zach's camp requests a trade, he's going to look terrible around the league.
  19. Yeah, all kidding aside if the last game of the season is meaningless because the Jets are already locked into a playoff spot, I could see Wilson starting.
  20. I like Bryce Huff as well, but I wonder if he would lose effectiveness if he was utilized as more of an every down player. His best fit may always just be what he is now. As excited as a I am about the team, I really wish Breece Hall and AVT were still healthy.
  21. I have no idea if he has any level of anxiety and this entire conversation is wildly speculative, I just felt you were being a little dismissive about people that need help dealing with their anxiety.
  22. If my relatively benign statement triggers you so much, you should probably just put me on ignore, I won’t miss our interactions.
  23. I’ve had a generalized anxiety diagnosis for over 10 years. Everyone deals with some level of anxiety but not everyone allows it to affect their lives to the point it needs to be treated medically. Re Zach, if his anxiety is that crippling, then he shouldn’t be playing pro sports the same way that anyone that deals with severe anxiety should avoid activities that exacerbate the condition.
  24. Somebody mentioned Tyler Huntley on one of the 20 other threads discussing this topic and I’m intrigued
  25. This isn’t comforting news
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