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  1. 20 hours ago, RobR said:

    Saahdiq Charles is another Olineman that I'm liking but I see more of a guard. Here he is against Bama and he looks even bigger than he's listed at. He needs some hand work because he lets the defender get in on him and does a ton of holding but overall he looks the part.


    My concern with Charles is the off field stuff. 

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  2. 19 hours ago, RobR said:

    Fair statement but what I said has merit. This kid was jerked all over the place as a late 3rd round rookie and was forced to play one of the hardest positions in the NFL, not by choice but by necessity. After Beachum got injured I mentioned that Edoga would get the start at LT with Shell going back to RT and that is exactly what happened.

    As you know I loved him coming out, so I'm sticking to my guns but this coaching staff and GM definitely believe in him and it shows in tangible ways, not wordspeak. Next year will be all that I will need too see. I think he ends up playing great and becomes a building block of the line. If he fails I will have no problem admitting it and taking one on the chin. He already has one strike against him just for the fact Mac drafted him.

    Any chance they could move him inside to G? For example, if the Jets sign Conklin and draft, say, Thomas at 11, I'd like the option of being able to move Chuma inside. His athleticism may be useful considering how the Jets run a zone blocking scheme. 

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  3. 33 minutes ago, BCJet said:

    I admittedly knew nothing about McFarland and looked up his stats. Does anyone have insight into why he was used so sparingly?  This kid finished 2018 with a 21-298-2td line vs Ohio State and yet only had one game in all of 2019 with 20 carries?

    Seems like he was able to handle the workload against Big Ten teams but was never given a real shot?

    He did go from 7 to 17 catches from 2018-19 so there is some improvement there. 

    I'm taking a guess, but he is relatively small, so Maryland may not have wanted to burn him out with a ton of carries. He seems like a change of pace back. 

  4. 7 hours ago, KRL said:

    Based on the list of their free agents:


    I would expect Douglas to go after Ronald Darby (CB) and Halapoulivaati
    Vaitai (OL) both young and in positions of need:           



    Halapoulivaati is a guy I really hope they go after. Solid, young tackle that didn't start because he was behind Peters and Johnson. Halapoulivaati also has experience playing guard. Very versatile, young piece that should come reasonably priced. 

  5. 3 hours ago, nycdan said:

    Let's say we get our OT in the first.

    Jeudy, Lamb and some of Ruggs, Higgins and Raenor are also off the board when we pick at #2.  For reasons like what you stated, teams swerved to avoid Shenault.  Do you like him at our pick in round 2 or do you go for another more traditional guy who's ranked a bit lower on most big boards (i.e. Jefferson, Aiyuk)?

    I'd go Aiyuk and LSU Jefferson before Shenault. 

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  6. On 1/1/2020 at 11:17 AM, maury77 said:



    Where is @Paradis with his evaluations on some of the WRs? :)

    Brandon Aiyuk - Aiyuk reminds me of Desean Jackson. Both are 5'11" and have similar builds. Aiyuk looks like he is going to run under 4.4. On tape, you see him regularly eat up the cushion the CBs give him. At the same time, he isn't as straight lineish as Ruggs is. Aiyuk has some wiggle to him and you see him regularly set up CBs with jukes and fakes. For a thin guy, he has some strength as you see him frequently run through contact on his routes. Will occasionally have issues tracking the ball in the air if it is not a perfect throw. Also a game breaker as a punt returner. 

    Aiyuk should be a first rounder, but with this loaded class, he may drop to the Jets pick in the second round. 

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  7. In the draft forum, we did some analysis on the Alabama duo of Wills/Leatherwood. Wills can definitely play either tackle spot in the NFL. His body looks sloppier than Thomas or Wirfs, but Wills can move and he is excellent in pass protection. 



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  8. 6 hours ago, David Harris said:

    Nice 👍 


    if this is true and it seems like Becton is REALLY picking up steam then this is down right fantastic news almost guaranteeing a top tier OT falls in the Jets lap at 11.   

    there will be great options at WR or OL in the 2nd round. Take the OT at 11.

    Honestly even the Jets can’t **** this up 

    I don't guarantee anything, but I think it is safe to say Burrow, Chase Young, Okudah, Tua and Justin Herbert go top 10 (if Daniel Jones can go top 10, Herbert can definitely go top 10). That's 5 picks right there. 4 of the remaining 5 picks would have to be OTs for the Jets to miss out on the top tier of tackles. 

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  9. Tua and Herbert are both big X factors in this Draft.  There will be a team that simply can't watch Tua slide towards 10.  They'll move up to get him.  My assumption here, of course, is that all of his medicals come out okay and that he runs and throws at some point prior to the Draft.  That may not be the Combine (I think he's skipping that but might go for the measurements?) but he'll need to run and throw at a Pro Day or something no later than late March / early April so that teams have enough time to evaluate and decide just where they'd be comfortable taking him.
    If Burrow, Herbert, Tua all go in the Top 10, along with Chase Young and Jeffrey Okudah then that right there leaves potentially 6 guys (all of whom could be a fit for both value and need with the Jets) of which at least one is mathematically guaranteed to be there at #11.  I'd put up Wills, Wirfs, Thomas, Becton, Jeudy and Lamb as those 6 right now.

    Exactly. Let the Herbert hype train begin!

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  10. With the week Herbert is having at the Senior Bowl, he’s playing his way into the top 10 (good for us). Remember, Daniel Jones went top 10 in part because he was the Senior Bowl MVP

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  11. As much as I LOVE this OT class, even I can't see four going Top 10 because it would be unprecedented. I also can't see 3QB's going that early because after Burrow you only have one deserving QB in Tua and he is held together with chicken wire and mortar. Herbert is fools gold.
    Did you see that kid from S. Carolona St., Alex Taylor? 6084 with 36 1/8" arms at 308 lbs which is super light for that frame. I watched a bit of his tape and wasn't very impressed but as a developmental guy he's huge with a giant wingspan. I wouldn't mind gambling a 5th or 6th on him depending what we do earlier.

    I haven’t watched Taylor yet. I also haven’t watched Herbert, but we have all seen this show before. Huge kid, huge arm, good intangibles. If he has a good week in Mobile, he’s going top 10 (whether he deserves to or not)

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