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  1. What system is going to work when the QB typically only flashes on roll out scramble plays and can’t complete passes under pressure?
  2. I haven’t loved what I’ve seen from Brady this year.
  3. There is no one on that free agent list that really moves the needle. I'm fine with White being resigned, but he's too often hurt for me to be comfortable with no other options. Zach is coming back because ..... cutting him doesn't make financial sense, looks bad for the franchise and they won't get anything of value in return for a trade. They will give him a chance to win the job next year, but I'm extremely confident that you won't ever see any significant improvement from him. Some potential release/cut/trade candidates I'd be interested in: Jared Goff Jordan Love Carr Geno.
  4. Exactly. The Ravens have theoretically designed a great offense for Lamar, but they haven't executed the talent part very well (aside from the OL which I believe is still good).
  5. Let me get this straight ...... After rooting for this team for close to 40 years, spending more $ than I care to calculate on tickets, memorabilia, etc....... I will be an idiot tomorrow if the Jets get shut out and I don't cheer throughout the entire game? Or is Zach the only player I'm not allowed to boo? What if I want to boo another player on offense? How can I communicate that I'm booing, say, Berrios for dropping a pass instead of Zach? I've got a better idea. Zach (who is almost at the end of his second season after being the number 2 overall pick) can play well OR him and his feeling can go f&ck themselves. Seriously, do any of you get as much slack at your own jobs as you want to give Zach? "Sure Dr. Smith has operated on the wrong leg 10 times in a row, but lets not fire him because he went to a good school."
  6. I'm suprised none of you are discussing the Rodon signing yet. I'm very happy as he was one of the guys I targeted at the end of the season. Yankees needed another high end starter for the short playoff series and Rodon being a left hander is a nice bonus.
  7. Unfortunately, I think our imaginations are the only place where Becton actually CAN stay healthy.
  8. Again, its not much, but he looked pretty good in the Eagles game.
  9. Your entitled to say he's horrid, but the extremely small sample size he has is decent. The article didn't say Green Bay gave up on him, it stated Love may ask for a trade next year if Rodgers comes back. Big difference.
  10. Who knows if it worked out or not. Rodgers just put up a few MVP seasons, so its not as if the Packers were going to bench. Additionally, Rodgers himself sat behind a vet (Favre) for years and he turned out ok. I'm not going to guarantee Love will pan out, but he's been decent in very limited action. If the price was a 3rd round pick or later, I'd be intrigued.
  11. What are you basing your opinion on?
  12. https://sports.yahoo.com/jordan-love-request-trade-2023-181500347.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAFjQR7UJlP4reeZa44vdVqM_s5w_aSI4xl82HhYMqIgLH1EV1cYI8ZwK0_lD_lVFsr0uQ1ACETxmGrixahBA7jnDMetj8QC7piOSotNWLZE3M-YfgkKds73dkimv9ZClMv-iagJPkVmqhBo3TRve9b5ynEY_VpSDymSKCMr1nQQa With the Jets QB situation in 2023 still a little murky, what do you guys think about pursuing Love?
  13. I've been happy with Johnson. Its hard for edge defenders to shine as rookies and he's been decent. I think he may start next year (especially if Lawson gets the axe) and you will see him flourish more. Not every rookie is going to be Sauce, Garrett or Breece.
  14. That's a valid argument as well. I didn't say I agreed 100% with Bit's statement, but there is some validity to his argument.
  15. Darrisaw has probably been just as good as AVT has been.
  16. There is an element of truth to this. I know anyone can play Monday morning QB, but some of us (including me) wanted Wirfs instead of Becton in 2020. As good as AVT has been, I though the Jets should have stayed put with their original draft picks and chosen Darrisaw. Had the Jets done that, they would have 2 young studs at tackle along with retaining the picks they used to trade up for AVT.
  17. I've had a 100mg Nerd rope edible (not at once, I wasn't trying to kill myself).
  18. There are some rumors starting to circulate about the Yankees pursuing Tatis, Jr. https://elitesportsny.com/2022/12/12/there-are-rumblings-about-the-yankees-pursuing-fernando-tatis-jr/
  19. I just finished season 1. Its ok I suppose, but I'm annoyed Alexandra Daddario lost so much weight. Stunning girl that was arguably my favorite before they emaciated her.
  20. To those of you that still believe Zach Wilson has a chance of being even an average NFL QB, what cannabis dispenary are you visiting? The ones I visit don't have stuff as good as what you guys are smoking.
  21. If Zach Wilson continues not dressing for games, I can see him demanding a trade in the offseason.
  22. Is Arby's good? I've never had it (I don't think there are any in Northern NJ or NYC).
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