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  1. That was so bad. Why didn't he just pick up the first on 4th down instead of trying an insanely hard completion?
  2. Yeah, but in the land of the blind, the one eyed is king.
  3. Neither am I, I'm not really impressed with any of the guys from the class so far. But at least the Bear's offense is now revolving around Fields's running ability and it looks better and better each week. The Bears don't hide him the way the Jets hide Wilson.
  4. I'll respectfully disagree, I think Fields has looked good 3 of the last 4 weeks (including this week). Minnesota, New England and Dallas were good games, Washington was bad (even though he almost won the game on the last drive).
  5. Ok, who do you think looks best out of that class?
  6. I take the guy who took this same New England defense to the woodshed last Monday on the road, in the rain, in prime time. Wilson was supremely overrated coming out.
  7. I was wondering why Bellichick wasn't blitzing so much in the first half. I suspect he didn't want to let the Jets adjust in the half because they brought the pressure in the second half and the results were as expected.
  8. 2 really nice throws by Wilson on that drive, keep it going.
  9. Grab a Fat Rooster sandwhich, it will keep you warm.
  10. Hendon Hooker and the Vols offense with another dominating performance.
  11. When did he "fix it" last year? This has been Wilson's issue since college, he struggles with pressure in the pocket. I don't think he can stay calm if he thinks he's going to get hit and I don't think this is something you can develop, its innate.
  12. I haven't watched a lot of Hyatt, but I've never seen a receiver consistently run away from Alabama defenders the way he did this year. He looked like a young Randy Moss that game. @Lith Tennesse vs. Georgia is going to be a lot of fun.
  13. So I've read all season about Geno playing well, but I hadn't actually watched him. I just watched his video against Denver (who the Jets just played) and Geno makes some ridiculous plays in this game. He's never looked like this, not even at West Virginia.
  14. Stylistically I see it, but as you acknowledged, Gardner is a superior athlete.
  15. Jeez was Devin White overdrafted. 5th overall and not much impact.
  16. I can't make it this Sunday to the stadium, but if any of you are going, give them hell.
  17. I got Succop and Evans on fantasy, so I'm fine either way here.
  18. I think Wilson is also better than Moore at contested catch situations, which are more frequent outside.
  19. I ran a mock draft that i posted in the draft forum where I picked Hooker in the third round for the reasons you stated. I like the way he plays, but I have concerns because he's older and I don't know how he will translate to the pros after playing in the same offensive system that made Bryce Petty look good.
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