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  1. Unfortunately, there are people (not me) that will attempt to discount what the defense has been doing because they have faced so many backup QBs (Rodgers being the obvious exception).
  2. I'm mildly confident in this one after seeing the Bears run all over the Pats D. Jets win 20-13.
  3. Yeah, I'm curious about how the Jets D will handle a scrambling QB. Lamar didn't run all too much week 1 and most of the guys faced since then have been fairly immobile.
  4. I think you saw that in action on MNF when Fields repeatedly scrambled to pick up first downs against the Pats. Wilson has the ability to do this, but I'm concerned about him taking so many hits given his injury history.
  5. I remember Josh Allen's second season. There was a whole lotta ugly tape, but there were also a couple of ridiculous plays he made every game. We see Wilson maybe make a couple of nice throws a game, but the high end moments this year has been a couple of competent drives here and there. I'm not seeing the special plays.
  6. Your complete evasion of my question and opinion convinces me even further than I'm right. What saves you is that you seem like a bright guy and you write well, but your ego does not allow you to concede that you were wrong on Wilson with your pre-draft analysis of him so you make further and further incredulous statements. We all guess wrong on prospects. I thought Fields would be much further along than he is and, gun to my head, I'd say Fields has a less than 50% chance of ever being a long term franchise QB, but at least I'm honest about it.
  7. You got me. Every day when I'm tempted to take a Lexapro and a Xanax, I come here to talk about the Jets QB and BAM the mental health issues go away!
  8. Wilson is the Jets all time leader in passing touchdowns for quarterbacks with at least one parent that has Polynesian ethnicity.
  9. Was Fields great? Hell no. Was he the main reason his offense scored 33 points? Yeah, the game plan revolved around him running and throwing. Has any Jets game plan this year focused on Wilson leading the way? No. The Bears ask Fields to do a hell of a lot more than the Jets ask Wilson to do.
  10. Wilson leads the Jets in all time passing yardage by QBs that were drafted from schools that played in the Mountain Time Zone.
  11. He has the best QB head band game since Jim McMahon.
  12. If Wilson doesn't cut it at the NFL level, maybe him and Elijah Moore can star in a remake of White Nights without Barishnykov and Hines
  13. I've had a bad day, so I'm happy to unload on Chris Simms for its cathartic effect. Simms is a smug, arrogant douche whose trying desperately to hang on to his "reputation" as someone that is good at idenifying QB talent because he got lucky on 2 classes by picking the freakiest athletes in each class. His review of Wilson's performance vs GB is BS. His remark that he did not see Wilson miss any open receivers against Denver is a red herring because you can't tell that without looking at the all 22. Simms can kiss my a$$.
  14. He has so many brain farts ... and then he pulls a ridiculous play out of his a$$. If he ever figures it out, he can be a star, but just too many maddening plays.
  15. Let's go Bears!!!! It helps the Jets if they beat team satan.
  16. Nice sidearm throw by Fields there to avoid the defender. Outisde of that boneheaded decision to run out of bounds instead of throwing it away, Fields looks decent so far given that its New England on the road and in the rain.
  17. I have Etienne too, this is great
  18. Assuming this is all true (and I'm skeptical), then the organization was a collection of fools for selecting such a huge project at number 2 overall. Additionally, weren't you the one telling us all prior to the draft that the organization loved Wilson because he was such a custom fit for the offensive scheme? If he was such a custom fit, why is it taking so long to see results from him?
  19. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-2021-starting-qbs-deep-passing-performance-arizona-cardinals-kyler-murray Wilson was the 29th ranked deep passer last season
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